Dreamwear Nasal CPAP Mask

Dreamwear Nasal CPAP Mask

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Philips Respironics


This new DreamWear 'Under-the-Nose' Nasal Mask is a unique design, and the first mask to also introduce the innovative way the air is pushed directly into the cushion via the tubular mask frame. Early reviews are very positive and the mask is sure to be welcomed by people who like to wear as minimal a mask as possible on the face.  In fact Philips Respironics have described it 'like wearing nothing at all' and comments from some of the users are endorsing this statement - certainly in comparison to other masks they've used!

Hope2Sleep's Observations:-

  • This mask really does feel so light and almost as if nothing is on the face!  
  • The way the nasal cushion seals under the nose is a real bonus and will be a relief to many people who like using nasal pillows styles of mask, but struggle with the seal or get irritated nasal passages from the mask nasal pillows.
  • Nasal bridge sores will not be a problem either!
  • The fact that all sizes of nasal cushions are included in the pack means that selecting the wrong size won't be an issue!
  • Amazed at the way that when lying on the side the air is simply directed through the tubular frame on the opposite side.
  • Due to the hose connecting directly onto the mask frame at the top of the head, the hose is unobtrusive, and especially if used with the Hose Lift which angles the hose tube from above the head too.
  • Easy to clean and re-assemble.

Philips Respironics say.....

"Like Wearing Nothing At All...

...and designed to provide many of the benefits of nasal and pillows masks, DreamWear allows patients to have the best of both mask types.  Its remarkable design directs airflow through the frame so patients can sleep comfortably.  The minimal contact, under-the-nose cushion prevents red marks, discomfort or irritation in the nostrils or on the nose bridge.

Freedom Of Movement

DreamWear users experienced more freedom of movement throughout the night than with their current prescribed mask. Unrestricted by cumbersome tubing, patients can sleep in any position they desire – on their stomach, side, or back.

Exceptional Fit And Comfort

Users stated that DreamWear was more comfortable, appealing and had a better fit than their prescribed mask.  DreamWear’s soft, flexible silicone frame and fabric wraps provide a soft touch on the patient’s cheek."


Included in the pack is:

  • Medium Mask Frame which fits most people.
  • All Cushion Sizes - Small, Medium, Medium-wide and Large). 
  • Pair of Fabric Wraps.

For people who need a smaller or larger frame, this is available as an optional extra.  

Additional replacement Headgear, Fabric Frame Wraps and the Nasal Cushion can also be purchased separately.


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the most comfortable mask I ever had
Tuesday, 8 November 2016  | 

Mask stays still no matter how much I move, I can sleep without a problem even on my stomach

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Full marks for this mask
Thursday, 13 October 2016  | 

This review is on behalf of my husband. He has used a variety of crap masks, nose and full face, he has never really complained about wearing them, he just appreciates they give him a healthy nights sleep but as the person who lays next to him they clearly had their flaws.. Ie some sound like I am sleeping next to Darth Vader, then there the noisy air leaks where I had to try and adjust the mask on his face in the middle of the night, and those nose indentations he has on face in the morning. Recently his mask broke so had to buy a new one asap. We saw this dreamwear mask and wasn't sure if it was a risk or a brilliant purchase. The previous reviews helped in deciding to go ahead and buy. we are so glad we bought this mask, I can confirm despite doubts it was a brilliant purchase. After wearing the mask my husband could not praise it enough, despite never complaining before he said he couldn't believe they difference, it was so comfortable and he had the best nights sleep. His face was also free from indentations. I liked it too, unlike other masks this mask had little to no noise ( no more Darth Vader), There was no air leaks either. My husband did say however that for him it was a little more noisy. I believe this is because unlike other masks this mask travels up closer to the ears. I should add this noise did not bother him in any way. He has been using the mask for approximately 4 weeks and still praises it and stating he is getting better sleeps. He said now he has this mask he wouldn't go back to wearing other masks. To add we found the instructions easy to follow to insure a good fit. It is very easy to dismantled and clean too. Another bonus is it's easier to pack away for travel. My husband has to frequently stay in hospital and it was a bit of an annoyance trying to fit all the gear into it's carry bag. This is far easier to pack. We would highly recommend this mask,. It gets full marks from us.

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What a fabulous review thanks Jane - told also from the partner's perspective, and so glad the DreamWear is working well for you both. Kath

Hope at last
Monday, 12 September 2016  | 

I received the nasal mask this morning at 11am, I set it up straight away,btw, very easy to do!....I laid down to try it out, and here I am now it's 14.45, I woke up to the phone ringing.....didn't realise I had fallen asleep, I feel refreshed and more focused than usual, and I am looking forward to bedtime, the mask didn't feel like I was wearing anything and my nose is not sore like usual from my other nasal mask.

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Love the title of your review Anna 'hope at last' and 'hope' the mask is still proving successful.

Kudos to the Inventor!!!
Thursday, 1 September 2016  | 

This mask really is the Dream (I see I'm not the first reviewer to use a pun ha ha). I'm amazed I can still sleep on my side too - the inventor deserves an award.

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Sleeping Better + No Nasal Bridge Sores
Friday, 1 July 2016  | 

I've had this mask for a little while now - took a little adjusting to, and still get a few hiccups, but I have eliminated nasal bridge sores, and I sleep better and longer than I have with any other mask. All in all it was a worthwhile investment.

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Wearing my Dream!
Thursday, 30 June 2016  | 

When I bought this mask there was only 1 review and sorry it's taken me a while to leave mine but I kept forgetting. This mask is worth leaving a review to help others though cos as long as you can breathe through your nose its a superb mask. Only thing is I got some water in the side pieces from my humidifier. It didn't bother me as the water never came near my nostrils but I decided to try the mask without the humidifier and so far I haven't missed it even though with previous masks I need the humidifier. I don't know what that's about but aren't complaining as I no longer have to mess about with the water anymore. Comfy mask and no humidifier - the only thing to top that would be no Cpap machine but I doubt that's going to happen anytime soon. Dream on Paul and for now I'm 'Wearing My Dream'

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It's truly comfortable to wear
Saturday, 18 June 2016  | 

I took one look at this mask and wondered what the heck made me buy it as I was sure it wouldn't work. How wrong I was and it's the most comfortable mask I have ever had. The headstrap slips a little but I can put up with that. I have observed it slips less when I wash my hair in a morning instead of night time.

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Comfortable 'Mask'
Wednesday, 1 June 2016  | 

This 'mask' is genuinely possible to live with longer term. Its truly comfortable to wear and I move around, changing sides on which to sleep, quite a lot. I took a little while getting the velcro straps tension set for my comfort level (and my tip here is to keep it looser not tighter). Its great! Well done Philips.

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Best Mask in 9 Years.
Friday, 29 April 2016  | 

I have been wearing masks for 9 yrs now and a quick guess is I have had about 15 different ones. I thought I had found the best mask in the Nuance but Respironics have even topped that one now. Was good to find this out seeing as I had taken a risk buying it instead of a new Nuance. I'm glad the risk paid off. Thanks for supplying these and I wish my own clinic would.

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I've been on CPAP for 8 years
Friday, 19 February 2016  | 

I am not one for writing reviews but am making an exception here because I've been on CPAP for 8 years and have never had such good sleep since I purchased this mask last week. If anyone is looking for a comfortable mask - this is it. Full 5*****'s from me - awesome!

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