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36_golife in use
36_golife in use
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Golife men


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I have been reviewing this mask for our local hospital for some days now. Once you have set it up, it is very comfortable indeed, and does not seem to spring leaks and need adjusting every time you toss and turn at night. It even stays put without leaking whilst you get out of bed! It has not left any marks on my face either. It is now my mask of choice, and I recommend it very highly. Darryl


This is the Recently Released GoLife CPAP Nasal Mask which comes in 2 different versions for Men and Women, and the masks are as unique in shape and structure as the men and women who wear them.

GoLife is Philips Respironics' first Nasal Pillows Mask to be built around the unique features of men and women.  The result is a gender-specific fit that provides tremendous stability.  At first glance it’s clear these two masks share a common platform, yet they’re quite different.

The most obvious distinctions are the attractive colours that differentiate GoLife for Men and GoLife for Women, but the real beauty is more than skin deep.

Hope2Sleep's personal evaluation is:-

  • The super lightweight 15mm tubing is of enormous benefit to prevent drag and loss of seal.
  •  Unique vertical angle on the pillow means superior fit which gives improved sleep. 
  • Head gear is very soft and the great variety of pillows which come in the pack, ensure this mask will fit perfectly first time.  (Once you have determined the correct size for you, then further Pillow Cushions can be ordered separately in individual sizes).

A closer look reveals the true design advantages of each:

  • The GoLife platform is built around a simple concept with few parts.
  • GoLife mask frames and headgear are designed differently to fit men and women.
  • Diffused airflow for quiet exhalation.
  • Long, multi-directional 18 inch/45.7 cm tube with 360 degree swivel maintains seal during patient movement.
  • Soft facial contour arms embrace the face with stability by hugging the cheekbones.
  • Self-adjusting, optimally angled nasal pillows eliminate the need for manual adjustment and provide a seal that’s flexible.
  • Comfortable, straightforward headgear comes in two sizes – one for men, the other for women.
Each 'GoLife for Men' mask contains:

1 x nasal pillow set: S, M, L*

1 x Men mask frame

1 x smaller Men mask frame**

1 x Men headgear

1 x integrated 15 mm tube with swivel

1 x tubing management clip

Colours: maroon, grey

Each 'GoLife for Women' mask contains:

1 x nasal pillow set: P, S, M*

1 x Women mask frame

1 x Women headgear

1 x integrated 15 mm tube with swivel

1 x tubing management clip

Colours: purple, lavender


* Cushions are interchangeable and same sizing as the Philips Respironics OptiLife minimal contact mask

** Smaller Men frame is the same size as the Women frame in a Men colour (a significant proportion of the male population may use it rather than the standard mask frame)

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