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Snoring + Sleep Apnoea Comfort Solutions

This website is primarily for people who have the 'condition' Sleep Apnoea (spelt Apnea in some countries) and is the place to get support and buy comfort accessories and masks for CPAP, BIPAP or APAP Treatment.   Some of the products available are from the USA, and you can buy them here to save on high postage and other Import Duty/Taxes often incurred.

You may have stumbled across this site as you, or someone you know, is troubled by a Snoring problem.  Kath Hope, the owner of Hope2Sleep, has Sleep Apnoea herself.  Bearing in mind that a fairly high percentage of snorers are undiagnosed sufferers of Sleep Apnoea, which is a serious condition, please have a look around this website.  If you suspect you may be a sufferer of this 'condition' for your sake TAKE ACTION NOW!! 

Sleep Strips can be bought on this website too for testing for the likelihood of the presence of Sleep Apnoea, and we also provide a Sleep Apnoea Screening Service which will prove if you have Sleep Apnoea and Oxygen Desaturations.  There is a link to the Epworth Sleepiness Scale and a Sleep Quiz on the 'Sleep Apnoea Info' page of this website.  Also, please do not hesitate to contact us for further advice and support.

Our 'Hope' is that you will find help here in sleeping more comfortably with your 'condition', and get the restful sleep and good health you deserve!

New products will be added continuously, so keep checking back, and Register on this site, which will ensure you'll be kept up to date of new products, plus other sleep apnoea news.  You can also sign up for monthly newsletter here -  Subscribe to our newsletter.   We'd also love to hear of any problems you may be having with the 'hope' of helping you find a solution, so  please don't hesitate to drop us an email at or call us on Freephone 0800 002 9711.

We also have a Sleep Apnoea Forum where you can discuss all things regarding Sleep Apnoea, CPAP + Snoring etc., and share advice/information with others.  Please Join us at the Hope2SleepGuide Forum.


Freephone: 0800 002 9711



Nuance front

This Nuance is the first mask to hit the market with Gel Nasal Pillows, which early feedback is showing the gel offers a more secure fit, and this is probably also due to the fact that the pillows seal around the edge of the nostrils rather than inside!


Hybrid Mask Accessories Now Available


The headgear, oral cushions and nasal pillows are now available to purchase on the website.


Hope 2 Sleep Guide

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