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DreamWear Full Face CPAP Mask

DreamWear Full Face CPAP Mask£130.00  -  £150.00


Hybrid Full Face Mask

Hybrid Full Face Mask£130.00




Anaesthetics with Sleep Apnoea - Webinar Playback

Hope2Sleep is a Registered Charity (No 1168089) run by Sleep Apnoea Sufferers, CPAP & Non-Invasive Ventilator Users and Sleep Professionals - all of whom are passionate and committed in volunteering to support people to get the safe restful sleep they deserve!  We are a unique Charity, in that we support patients with all kinds of sleep disordered breathing, find out more by clicking here

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Hope2Sleep Support Group for Sleep Apnoea, UARS 
+ CPAP/Ventilator Users

Private Support Group - 10,400+ Members

Click Here to Request to Join our Support Group

This is Hope2Sleep Charity's Private Support Group run by Sleep Apnoea Sufferers, CPAP + Ventilator Users and Sleep Professionals, whose passion is to support patients and raise awareness.  Nothing posted in this group can be shared elsewhere on Facebook, so it is a safe place to share your images and requests for help - plus make friends. 

Admission to the group is by request and our admins ensure our members comprise of  genuine suspected or diagnosed sufferers of sleep apnoea, UARS and people on non-invasive ventilation for other disorders, carers, parents of children with sleep disordered breathing and clinicians only.


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