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Our Story

Hope2Sleep is now a Registered Charity which started out as an 'unofficial' non-profit company by Kath Hope (Founder and CEO of the Hope2Sleep Charity) back in 2009, in the days when Sleep Apnoea was often wrongly assumed to only affect overweight people with thick necks!  

Whilst many people take to CPAP therapy like 'ducks to water' there are also just as many people who struggle at first.  Kath was one of those, despite the fact she was desperate to make her treatment work, due to the fact that her own mother's life was cut short at the young age of 49 - most likely due to having had no treatment.  There was no way she was going to let history repeat itself and leave her own young children without their mother!  

Back in those days there was little ongoing support here in the UK and hardly any comfort products - yet good support in the early days can be crucial for achieving successful therapy, and especially from other CPAP and Ventilation users.  Kath, with the help of her husband John, started supplying comfort accessories, with no profit ever being made, to her fellow sufferers so that they too could reap the benefits of comfortable sleep with a mask on, and Kath, as well as passionately raising awareness of Sleep Apnoea, set up much-needed free support  - hence, the start of Hope2Sleep.  Bearing in mind Kath 'Hope' longed for safe sleep once diagnosed, the name Hope2Sleep made perfect sense!  

Over the years Kath has worked with sleep clinics looking for advice to help their own patients with their therapy, she has been the 'Expert Patient' at Guy's & St Thomas' Sleep Clinic since 2012, and was also on the Advisory Panel during the British Lung Foundation's 3-year Sleep Apnoea Campaign, where great work was achieved to bring powerful awareness to the UK of how common Sleep Apnoea really is.  This included a ground-breaking event of Kath being a speaker at the British Lung Foundation's Parliamentary Reception in the Houses of Commons to bring much-needed awareness to our MP's.

Fast forward to July 2016 and the fact that Kath was running the Public Hope2Sleep Awareness + Information Facebook Page which has now has over 5,000 followers, a Private Facebook Support Group with over 8,000 members, the Hope2leepGuide Support Forum and a huge Newsletter List - plus a presence on most other social media platforms, it was no longer possible to go it alone.  Thus, Hope2Sleep has now was registered as an Official CIO Charity with a marvellous team of trustees and volunteers, who are as passionate as Kath in raising awareness and supporting others and our 'hope' and determination is that this good work will continue for many years to come so that people get the safe comfortable sleep they deserve!