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Cleaning Products

Cleaning the mask and equipment is very important for our health, comfort and longetivity of the equipment, and unclean CPAP equipment can be a prime breeding ground for bacteria.  Every one of us have facial oils that will cling to the mask cushion, and apart from anything else will start to cause mask leaks, which both disturb sleep and cause inefficient therapy as the air escapes.  Many people also 'drool' during their sleep which again will dry onto the mask.  Both these issues can cause skin irritations and can also damage the mask seal.

We supply both the quick and efficient famous 'Beaumont' cleaning wipes and sprays, as well as the SoClean branded wipes and washing solution.  (SoClean also offer our customers a discount voucher on the SoClean CPAP Sanitiser).

Please never use any cleaning method containing bleach, alcohol, moisturisers, disinfectants and other additives which apart from damaging the mask cushion, can be dangerous if inhaled through the mask.  The manufacturers also warn against products like Baby Wipes which usually contain alcohol or moisturisers, and the ones that claim to be additive-free are normally not strong enough to cut through grease and oil on the masks, as they usually contain little more than just 99% of water!

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Page 1 of 1:    14 Items