DreamWear Full Face CPAP Mask
DreamWear Full Face CPAP MaskDreamWear Full Face CPAP MaskDreamWear Full Face CPAP MaskDreamWear Full Face CPAP MaskDreamWear Full Face CPAP Mask

DreamWear Full Face CPAP Mask

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Part Number:  1133375
Brand:  Philips Respironics

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Philips Respironics

The long-awaited version of the DreamWear Mask is now available for mouth breathers, and there is also some compatibility with the parts of the DreamWear Nasal Mask, should a person occasionally need to switch over from nasal to full face and vice versa.

This is a brand new mask so we eagerly await reviews, but after trials ourselves, we're expecting them to be positive. Time will tell......

It's worth knowing that people who have a Paypal account, can apply for Paypal Credit for purchases over £99.00 to spread the payments over 4 months with no added interest (0%).  The agreement is via yourself and Paypal who will pay our charity the full amount upon purchase, and more details can be found here

This is the new version of the DreamWear Mask which is suitable for mouth breathers, who can now benefit from the great features the original DreamWear brought to the market, such has having the hose connected at the top of the head rather than hanging below the mask.  Philips Respironics describe it as "like wearing nothing at all" and certainly compared to full face masks in general, it really is a light-weight mask.

Hope2Sleep's Observations:-

  • Amazed at how quiet the mask is when a good seal is achieved, even at higher pressures on non-invasive ventilators.
  • Love the way the hose connects at the top of the head, and is a perfect match for people who use the popular Hose Lift as it allows most of the hose tubing to be completely out of the way.
  • There are 3 sizes of mask frames and 4 sizes of cushions, so it is expected a combination of these should fit most people - if not all.
  • A good choice for people who struggle with nasal bridge sores, as this mask goes nowhere near that area.  Also this style of mask can help people with a receding jaw as it can often be difficult getting a traditional full face mask to fit correctly both at the nose bridge area and the chin.
  • The magnetic fasteners work well, but please read the 'Important Notes' at the bottom if you have any devices such as a pacemaker or cochlear implants etc.
  • A huge benefit for some people is that the frame of this mask can be used with the nasal cushions of the original DreamWear Nasal mask, so for people who don't need a full face mask all the time it is easy to detach the mouth cushion and replace it with the new gel nasal pillows or the nasal cushion.  However, the headgear is not the same on both masks, so a separate DreamWear Nasal Headgear will be needed for using it with the pillows or nasal cushion, but this will still make it cheaper than purchasing a separate mask.
  • The cushion is very soft, both around the mouth and where the nose inserts into the hole.  However, for people who still like or need a mask liner, there is now a version of the Silent Night Liners that fits both the DreamWear Full Face and the Amara View Full Face masks.
  • This is another welcome full face mask for people who like to wear reading  glasses in bed, which is impossible with some of the traditional styles.

Philips Respironics say:-

"Like wearing nothing at all.

  • Freedom of movement

    Freedom of movement

    By moving the tube location to the top of the head, DreamWear Full Face offers more freedom of movement during the night. Users stated they didn't need to choose a sleeping position when wearing DreamWear Full Face.

  • Under-the-nose full face cushion

    Under-the-nose full face cushion

    The under-the-nose, innovative design of the cushion means no more red marks, discomfort and irritation on the nose bridge.

  • Open design offers a wide field of vision

    Open design offers a wide field of vision

    Open design makes it easy to wear glasses, read, watch TV and use a computer or tablet before falling asleep.

  • Soft, flexible frame

    Soft, flexible frame

    The soft, flexible frame is comfortable to wear at night. Users have said that it feels like wearing nothing at all.

  • A modular design for more options

    A modular design for more options

    The modular design allows users to choose the cushion that works best for them, all on one frame.

  • Easy to use

    Easy to use

    Only a few parts for easy assembly, disassembly and cleaning.

  • The headgear clips and mask cushion contain magnets" (please see 'Important Notes' below).

Pack Contents:-

There are 2 options for purchase - you can either select the FitPack which contains all the mask cushions to ensure you obtain the correct size, or if you're confident of what size you require you can simply purchase the size of cushion you require.

Purchase Options
FITPACK Medium Frame

Small, Medium, Medium-Wide + Large Cushions

Standard Headgear 1133400
SMALL Small + Medium Frames Small Cushion Standard Headgear 1133375
MEDIUM      Small + Medium Frames Medium Cushion Standard Headgear 1133376
MEDIUM-WIDE Small + Medium Frames    Medium-Wide Cushion Standard Headgear 1133378
LARGE                 Small + Medium Frames Large Cushion Standard Headgear 1133377

Important Notes:-

The headgear clips and mask cushion contain magnets

Some medical devices may be affected by magnetic fields. The magnetic clips in this mask should be kept at least 50 mm (2 inches) away from any active medical device with special attention to implanted devices, such as pacemakers, defibrillators and cochlear implants.

It is VERY important to have the correct frame size and here's an image to help show how it should look:-

DreamWear Frame

If a different size of Mask Frame is needed, these can be purchased separately by clicking on THIS LINK and just like the headgear, over time it will stretch and a new frame can make a huge difference without the need to purchase the full mask. In fact all parts of the mask can be purchased only as and when required.

Some Common Questions answered by Philips Respironics:-

If a person lays on their side and closes off one side of the tubing, will the mask still provide therapy? Will it create a pressure spike? 

The mask will continue to provide the prescribed therapy. Every other mask on the market operates with one tube running to the cushion and this mask operates in the same way.  No increase of pressure or noise will occur. 

With the tubing right next to the ear, will DreamWear Full Face be noisier than other masks? 

From a sound level perspective, the DreamWear Full Face mask is a quiet full face mask. However, since the airflow is located closer to the ears with this design and not routing downward in front of the patient, some people may notice the airflow noise more than a traditional mask.  For most patients the experience is quiet and comfortable with the unique design offering more freedom of movement. However, since this is such a different design, it may take some people some time to get use to the difference in the noise. It’s not louder - simply different.  (We at Hope2Sleep noticed the 1st night of use the mask did sound louder, but after a few nights the noise seemed to disappear!).

There are 3 sizes of frames. How do I choose the right size?

Always start with the medium frame. If the mask is too small, the frame will sit too close to the eyes. If the mask is too big, it will sit too close to the ears. Please refer to the quick start guide or instructions manual for pictures and a thorough description. In most cases, it will be obvious if a different size frame is needed. However, if there are leaks at night or the mask seems to move too much, a different size frame and/or cushion should be tried. 

How do I clean the mask?

If you remove the headgear, cushion and swivel, the frame is essentially one tube. This can be cleaned the same way the short tubing on other masks or the longer CPAP tubing is cleaned. Wash with warm soapy water, it can be rinsed through the swivel connection as well. Set to dry and if there happens to be any remaining moisture in the tube before therapy is started, connecting it to the CPAP with pressure can help to remove this.  The mask may also be cleaned in the dishwasher once a week. The non-fabric parts can be washed on the top shelf of the dishwasher and air dried.  Please refer to the instructions manual that came with the mask. 

What are the cushion sizes?  Does it size the same as DreamWear under the nose nasal cushions?  Does itt size the same as Amara View? 

DreamWear Full Face cushions come in four sizes: small, medium, large, and medium-wide.  The full face cushion, whilst covering both the nose and mouth, is sized based on the nasal opening, just like the under-the-nose cushions.  The nasal opening is the exact same design and shape as the DreamWear under the nose cushion which means, there is  a direct correlation between DreamWear full face and DreamWear under-the-nose sizing – a medium in the full face is a medium in the nasal, etc.  However, the DreamWear full face nasal opening is a different design and shape than the Amara View opening and the two masks size differently.  Therefore, there is not a direct correlation between DreamWear full face and Amara View.  

How can you tell the difference between cushion and frame sizes? 

The cushion indicator is on the front of the cushion next to the arrow that points to the arrow on the frame for the connection. The frame size indicator is on the top of the frame behind the elbow connection.  

Why are there 2 exhalation ports?

The split exhalation design enables the exhalation airflow to be dispersed and therefore isn’t as strong coming from just 1 exhalation port.

What mask does this replace?

DreamWear Full Face is our premium full face mask offering.  It is not intended to replace any Philips mask. 




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The Best
Tuesday, 10 May 2022  | 

A really good experience, probably takes a couple of nights to get use to it, and the correct adjustment of the straps to get a good seal. Otherwise its really good and easy to use.

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Nice concept
Wednesday, 6 April 2022  | 

I like most things about this mask. the port at the top of the head is very sensible and it also is extremely light on my face because the lack of Tube around the front of the face. I like the fact that you have two tubes one either side of your head, so one may get blocked but the other will have a free flow. however I felt that the noise was something I couldn't get used to. If I persevered with that I'm sure it will be a perfect mask but after about 3 days I was about ready to give up. Might retry one day.

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Thanks for a thorough review Wayne with the positives. Hope you do go back to the mask again as amazingly after a few nights most of us don't even hear it as we become desensitised to it.

Night and day
Wednesday, 19 January 2022  | 

I had a standard mask with a beard and leakage was insane, around 20% to 30% fit. Well every night for the last 10 days has been 100%

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That's great to hear which also means your CPAP therapy will be better without the leaks 😊

Need to persevereÖ.
Friday, 3 September 2021  | 

The mask sizing is not so simple; as with the Amara mask I tried two mask interfaces before settling on one.

Really easy to put on, the magnetic clips simply clicking in place to the bottom of the mask.

When you first put the mask on, itís comfortable, no leak and quiet. You then put your head on the pillow to sleep and it whistles & blows until you sort of push the mask round a bit then in settles.

Yet to have a night where it hasnít moved significantly to create a noisy leak round the mask or whistle from the top of head mounted tube connection point. Towards morning, I feel the mask fit needs tightening to stop the air leak; may be the head gear or mask expand with heat?

Occasionally tube gets stuck between pillow and head board, the full tube connector coming away completely from the mask on one occasion. Having said that, that can happen with any mask.

Most masks have an exhalation port around the mask itself, but worth noting this also has one where the tube connects to the mask.

Ití is very comfortable with unobstructed vision and the head mounted tube connector is fab. It gets better each night, so perseverance is my advice till you get to like each otherÖ

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Thanks for such a detailed review.

Game changer
Wednesday, 9 June 2021  | 

I canít think why everyone doesnít make this style.
Ingenious. Hose comes from the top of head. No more tangles or strangling . Closes with magnets.
Fair to say Iím a very big fan

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We've said this many times too at the charity much more convenient with the hose at the top of the mask 😊 Glad it's working well for you.

The noisiest mask I've ever had
Tuesday, 2 March 2021  | 

I've been an Amara View user for around five years and have been very happy with it - no mask is perfect, but the Amara was as good as it gets, for me.

When I required a new part, my local heath service (Gloucestershire) informed me that the Amara was no longer available and that they would supply a new DreamWear Full Face mask, which I picked up a couple of days later.

This mask is so noisy, it kept both me and my wife awake until, at about 3 a.m., I put my old Amara View back on. Ahh, welcome back old friend!

I suspect that no-one, who actually has to wear this mask, has tried it in real life, or has ever had an alternative with which to compare it. In my opinion, the exhaust vents on the front of the mouthpiece are either too small, or too few in number to cope with the amount of air pressure I require.

In its defense, the seal around the mouth and nose is good and I like the hose attachment at the top of the head, allowing unrestricted head movement when wearing. The magnetic clips seem to work well too.

In summary, maybe if you're able to use PAP at less than around 7 (Philips Respironics Remstar), the noise might be bearable. But, buy with caution, this isn't going to work for everyone.

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Judging by your review you didn't purchase the mask from us, but you are still welcome to contact us for help.
If the mask is noisy like you describe then it's either fitted incorrectly or you have been given the wrong size (see the other genuine reviews too).
The side frame is as important size-wise as the mask cushion. I personally use this mask with a BiPAP pressure of 25 and it's very quiet. Don't hesitate to contact us. Kath

Comfortable and worth the extra
Thursday, 4 February 2021  | 

I breath through my mouth, so this mask was a good choice. Also, not knowing what size mask I would need meant buying the multi-size option meant I could experiment and get it right. The hose coming out of the top of the head means no tangling when turning over. A1 can't fault.

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Works a treat
Tuesday, 12 January 2021  | 

As long term user of cpap I am always looking for different masks.
This mask is great. Fits well. Comfortable. Does not make loud noises ie burps when leaks. Seems to leak less often. My nose occasionally gets sore so I change to regular mask on occasions to give nose a rest. I am very happy with mask. Only question is how long will mask last before needs replacing? So far very impressed

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Good to hear the new mask is going well, and regarding your question about how long it will last.....the good thing about the DreamWear is that it's not necessary to replace the whole mask as every part can be replaced only as and when needed.

Monday, 4 May 2020  | 

The mask I have bought off you is not doing the job, the top air hose leaks and keeps us awake, I am unable to fit the excellent swivel connector I use on my other face masks bought from you. please help the rest of the mask looks very good.

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James, we've emailed and tried ringing but can't get hold of you. If you see this review please contact us 0300 102 9711 so that we can help.

Excellent service
Monday, 30 March 2020  | 

Product was exactly as advertised and arrived on due delivery date.

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