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Why Buy From the Hope2Sleep Charity?

Just a few of the reasons are:-

  • A big part of our charity funding comes from our sales, as well as kind donations, which helps us to continue with our important free support and awareness work we are so passionate about.
  • All the products have been trialled by us and, apart from masks which is a very individual experience, we only stock products which have been proven to help a minimum of 50% of patients.  As seasoned users of mask wearers will testify, there is no such thing as a 'one-fix-solution' for everyone.  We are more interested in helping our fellow sufferers, so even if a product gives very little financial gain to our charity, we will stock it if it helps at least 50% of people!
  • All reviews on our website are from genuine customers.
  • Our sales team are all experienced CPAP and Ventilation users or have a family member who is a mask user, and can help and advise with your purchases if you are unsure.  We would never knowingly sell you a product for the sake of making money - our sole mission is always to help you get the comfortable safe sleep you deserve!

Thank you for purchasing from us and supporting our Hope2Sleep Charity ��