Hope2Sleep's Free Online Webinar

22 November 2020  |  Kath Hope

Hope2Sleep's Free Online Webinar

So COVID-19 has prevented us from travelling the country to raise awareness and support patients, so we're holding our 1st Online Webinar (hopefully the first of many) and warmly invite you to attend.

There is no software to download and after registering you will be emailed details and a link to join.  Your camera or microphone won't be live on the webinar, but you can type questions for the speakers or general comments during the webinar.


Speakers and agenda:

Professor Joerg Steier
• My day-to-day role (A day in the life of Professor Steier)
• How I support Hope2Sleep as a Medical Advisor
• Sleep-disordered breathing during COVID-19

Kath Hope
• Background to Hope2Sleep
• The charity team and our premises
• Our mission and ambitions
• How you can support us

Samantha Backway
• How to achieve good sleep hygiene and therapy
• The importance of therapy compliance (especially during COVID-19)

Q&A session with the speakers.

The webinar will be moderated by Tim Brown (Hope2Sleep Vice Chairman)

This webinar is free to attend, however, any contributory donations towards our Zoom subscription required to run it are gratefully received https://www.paypal.com/gb/fundraiser/charity/209249