Raffle for Sleep Awareness Month

17 March 2022  |  Kath Hope

Raffle for Sleep Awareness Month

Sleep Awareness Month ends on a high with 20 lucky CPAP, Non-invasive Ventilator Patients and Snorers winning prizes totalling over £2,500, kindly donated by several manufacturers. The raffle will be drawn on Monday, 4th April and winners announced shortly after.

We are very grateful to some of the manufacturers who have generously contributed prizes for the raffle, such as:-

  • Powapacs for the Atom Battery which powers CPAP and non-invasive ventilators

  • Morgan IAT for the new Zeus under-the-chin electrical stimulator for snoring (and maybe in the future, sleep apnoea)

  • Signifier Medical for the eXciteOSA daytime therapy for snoring and mild sleep apnoea

  • Advanced Brain Monitoring for the Night Shift sleep positioning trainer device

  • Dom Joly's (our patron) signed book 'The Hezbollah Hiking Club: A short walk across the Lebanon'

  • Fisher & Paykel Healthcare - Evora, Brevida and Vitera CPAP Masks

  • Lowenstein Medical for JoyceOne one-size-fits-most CPAP Masks and cuddly lions

  • Knightsbridge Sleep Solutions for 2 x Dual Band Vertical Lift Chinstraps

  • CPAP Masks

  • CPAP Hose Lifts

  • CPAP Hose Covers

  • and more......

Raffle is now closed and drawn https://www.peoplesfundraising.com/raffle/hope2sleep-charity




Sharon Gunn      

Atom Pro Battery
Gareth Glover Night Shift Sleep Positioner
Irene Alexander eXcite OSA Daytime Therapy
Alan Salter Zeus anti-snore Electrical Stimulator
Trevor Entwistle  JoyceOne Nasal Mask
Linda Daniels JoyceOne Full Face Mask
Frances Gilmore Evora 'CapFit' Nasal Mask
Catherine Rodgers Brevida Nasal Pillows Mask
Nathan Silver Vitera Full Face Mask
Helen O'Connell DreamWear Full Face Mask
Peter Hudson-Gotham DreamWear Full Face Mask
Donna Jones DreamWear Nasal Mask
John Littlewood Wisp Nasal Mask
Phil Dallinger Dual Band Vertical Lift Chinstrap
Bob Preston Dual Band Vertical Lift Chinstrap
John Bunyan Signed Book Dom Doly 'The Hezbollah Hiking Club: a short walk across the Lebanon'
Donna Jones Travel Set - CPAP Hose Lift, CPAP Bedside Holder and CPAP Luggage Tag
Harry Cox  CPAP Hose Lift, CPAP Moisture Therapy Cream and XyliMelts for dry mouth
Ann Dallinger CPAP Hose Lift, CPAP Moisture Therapy Cream and XyliMelts for dry mouth
Norma Yeomans  Comfort Set of CPAP Hose Cover, Neck/Cheeks Strap Covers and 2 pairs Strap Covers

Thanks to all who supported our raffle and the manufacturers who donated the prizes which raised £1,344 (less costs to the raffle hoster)