Kath Hope's Personal Story with Emma Cooksey of Sleep Apnea Stories

12 January 2024  |  Kath Hope

Kath Hope, Founder & CEO of the Hope2Sleep Charity enjoying a lovely chat with Emma Cooksey as she tells her personal journey to her diagnosis and treatment of severe sleep apnoea, and how/why she started the charity.

Emma is a podcast host and writer - originally from Scotland and now living in the USA. She was diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnoea at the age of 30, after more than a decade of unexplained health problems. Once diagnosed, she felt alone whilst navigating life with sleep apnoea and adjusting to CPAP therapy (just like Kath did when she got diagnosed).

In 2020, Emma began hosting a weekly podcast, “Sleep Apnea Stories.” By sharing her journey and encouraging others to tell their stories, Emma has been breaking down stereotypes of sleep apnoea whilst also raising awareness of symptoms and treatment options.

The full version can be watched on YouTube below or on Emma's channel

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If you'd like to follow Emma at "Sleep Apnea Stories" you can find her on the links below:-

Website www.sleepapneastories.com
Podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/sleep-apnea-stories/id1523358819

Instagram: www.instagram.com/sleepapneastories
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/@sleepapneastories