10th Year Anniversary and Raffle

1 January 2020  |  Kath Hope

10th Anniversary

It's so hard to believe that 2019 was our 10th Anniversary which started off in humble beginnings in Kath and John's home - her on the sofa on the laptop and telephone, and John in the spare bedroom processing orders (in between his own shifts on the railway.  Kath was also very busy making sure food was still on our table whilst continuing running Hope2Sleep as an unofficial non-profit, by keeping up with teaching her piano and keyboard pupils (which she still keeps her hand in today, but on a much smaller scale).  Never did they expect Hope2Sleep to grow so rapidly, when their sole passion was to help those people struggling to get comfortable sleep in a mask due to Kath's own initial struggles.  The support needed for people was phenomenal but hearing of the constant success of people we supported whose lives were changed when compliant with their CPAP and non-invasive ventilator therapy is what spurred them on......

.....Fast forward to 2016 when Kath and John were truly on overload and beginning to struggle in keeping up with orders and support..... finally with help from close friends, family and many of our existing trustees, Hope2Sleep was registered as an official charity with Charities Commission.

These 3 years as a charity have whizzed by and on our last count 2 years ago, we were supporting more than 12,000 people.  We haven't had time to do a more recent count (we're too busy to care about numbers as we focus on the true work of the charity) but it must surely be around 15,000 at least.  No way could this be happening without our trustee board, staff and volunteers, who you can view on this page 


Every single one of us, plus regular volunteers, have the same passion and mission - to raise powerful awareness of sleep apnoea and support and improve the lives on those with all forms of sleep disordered breathing, and especially those on CPAP and non-invasive ventilators.

We are grateful to everyone for their support - customers, supporters, hospitals, companies, clinicians, other charities etc., and cannot express our thanks enough for loyal customers who purchase our products (our main source of funding) and those who give us regular donations, as without this we couldn't continue.  Bless you all heartheartheart



In celebration of our 10 year anniversary, we held a raffle with prizes donated from the following who we are also very grateful to:-

  • ATOM Battery Power Pack (suitable for all CPAP machines) and Remote Waterproof LED Light - kindly donated by Powapacs.
  • Choice of DreamWear full face, nasal or pillows mask - kindly donated by Philips Respironics.
  • Choice of Joyce One nasal or full face mask - kindly donated by Löwenstein Medical.
  • Choice of various Resmed masks to 5 lucky winners - kindly donated by the Oxford  Sleep and Ventilation Services Clinic.
  • A free night's hire of our new BlackShadow Sleep Apnoea  testing equipment which can be sent to a suspected sufferer (friend or family) - with thanks to people who have donated to us enabling us to purchase these new devices, and with help and support from  the UK manufacturer, Stowood. 
  • CPAP Travel Pack, comprising CPAP Hose Lift, Travel Bedside Table , pack of  dry mouth remedies (Xylimelts).
  • Silent Night Mask Liners and set of Hope2Sleep's Fleece products, comprising single and double strap covers and a hose cover to 2 lucky winners.
  • Set of CPAP Cleaning Wipes, CPAP Spray, Travel Wipes and Hose Hanger to 2 lucky winners.
  • Set of  Snoreeze Nasal Strips in 2 sizes,  Lozenges,  Throat Spray and Nasal Spray -  kindly donated by  Passion For Life Healthcare.
  • Set of Dr Steven Park's Books - 'Totally CPAP' and 'Sleep Interrupted'  for 2 lucky winners.


***Whilst there are no cash alternatives for any of the prizes, if someone wins something unsuitable then a free night's hire of our sleep apnoea test can be nominated to a friend or family member***

.....and the winners are:.....

Atom Battery Power Pack - Kevin Duffield

Choice of DreamWear Mask - Linda Daniels

Joyce One Mask - Judith Dean

Resmed Mask - Christine Rose,  Melanie Milnes,  Trevor Entwistle,  Peter Sheppard, Marjorie Morgan

Free Sleep Apnoea Test - Peter Sheppard

CPAP Travel Pack - Jacqueline Bathgate

Pack of Liners and Fleece Straps Covers + Hose Cover - Sarah Thomson and Peter Hudson

Mask Wipes, Spray and Hose Hanger - Carol Kell and Karena Mullane

Snoreeze Pack - Elizabeth Webster

Dr Parks Books - Jeanette David (could be Davis) and Stella Havard

Well done everyone and thanks to all who bought tickets.  A total of £634 was raised for our 2020 Campaigns, less 10% costs to the Zaffo raffle company who hosted the online raffle for us.

Looking forward to supporting you all in 2020 and beyond......