Update of of our Official Open Day - Sleep Apnoea Awareness + Support Event

18 August 2017  |  Kath Hope


Our final announcement in connection with our successful open day, are the results of the raffle, which was extended to our online support community.  Well done to all the winners, and thanks to both the CPAP Manufacturers/Suppliers (Respironics, Fisher & Paykel, Dolby Vivisol and Silent Night who kindly donated the prizes) and of course to all of you who bought tickets.  The winners were as follows:-

Julie McMillan - SoClean CPAP Sanitiser
Philip Rentell - Philips Respironics' DreamWear CPAP Mask
Shaun Rusling - Philips' Wake-Up Alarm
Tom Walker - Fisher & Paykel Simplus Mask
Owen Kent - Fisher & Paykel Eson 2 Mask
Sebastian Michnowicz - Fisher & Paykel Brevida Mask
George Whitelaw - Avantek White Noise Machine
C Birt - Pack Silent Night Liners
Neil Stockdale - Pack Silent Night Liners
Martin Robertson - Pack Silent Night Liners
Amanda Denny - Pack Silent Night Liners
Pete Austin - Pack Silent Night Liners
Jackie Restall - 'Totally CPAP' Book
Carys Vaugham - 'Totally CPAP' Book
John Hedley - 'Totally CPAP' Book

Thank you everyone for coming to support us on our landmark day of the official opening of our premises in Hull, and for those who couldn't travel to be with you who couldn't be with us on the day we are still grateful for your encouragement and hope we meet you all one day!  We were all in awe of the fact that people travelled from all over the country to support us or receive support themselves.  We were very relieved it was a fine day, as we had to put chairs outside to accommodate everyone.

The Lord Mayor of Hull performed our official opening ceremony and he came with his own surprise (even to the Hope2Sleep Team) as you can see on the video below and I promise it wasn't a set-up as we were not prepared for what the Lord Mayor revealed to us:-

Our Lord Mayor has even given us his blessing to share his own story to helps us raise awareness of sleep apnoea. 

We had people coming to find out more about sleep apnoea, and several of these are now visiting their own GP's to be referred to their sleep clinics. 

Many people struggling with their CPAP therapy had appointments with our chairman, Wendy Douglas (sleep and ventilation specialist nurse) and people brought their own masks to help with fitting in correctly and were able to try other masks too on our in-house bed.  Wendy worked hard all day and people were truly grateful for her kind compassionate help.

The Hope2Sleep Team with the Lord Mayor of Kingston Upon Hull

Our In-House Bedroom for Mask Fittings

In-house Bedroom at Hope2Sleep

Fabulous day welcoming people we've supported a long time and never met, as well as those suspecting they may suffer from Sleep Apnoea, and are asking for referrals to sleep clinics from their GP's.


     Balloons ready for Lift Off to spread the word....         Slimming World to enjoy food and still lose weight!


         Even the children enjoyed the day!                                     Thank you everyone for your support ��


Last, but not least........ Ricky Phull is one of our avid supporters and has already raised a huge amount for our charity when doing a recent 10K Run (something he could not have achieved before being diagnosed and treated for his Sleep Apnoea).  On the same day we were celebrating in our new premises Ricky couldn't be with us because he was climbing Mount Snowden and taking our flag to the top.  What an amazing momentum, and thank you Ricky.  There's no stopping you now........



Open Day Poster

We warmly welcome you to our Official Open Day of what we believe is the UK's first high street Sleep Apnoea & Sleep Disordered Breathing Support Centre and Shop, where people can come for advice, support and purchase products to help them sleep more safely and comfortably.

We are honoured that the Lord Mayor of Hull will be conducting our Official Opening Ceremony in our new premises at 85 Ings Road, Hull, East Yorkshire, HU8 0SD.  Our Open Day, on Saturday, 23rd September 2017, will commence at 10.30 am until 4.30 pm.  There is even an entrance to Hull's famous and beautiful East Park just 20 footsteps away to take the children or dogs for a stroll.

We are busy with the preparations and this announcement will be amended as our plans are put in place, but will comprise of the following:-

  • Celebrating the Official Opening of our new premises conducted by the Lord Mayor of Hull - the base from where we will be stepping up the delivery of powerful campaigns to raise awareness of Sleep Apnoea, and continuing our free support to those suspecting a diagnosis and those already diagnosed, and on CPAP or other forms of therapy.
  • 10 minute free consultation with Wendy, our Chairman and Adult Sleep and Ventilation Specialist Nurse.  It is advisable to pre-book these slots as we envisage high demand.
  • 10 minute free mask fitting on our in-house bed (you can bring your own mask or try the range we have for sale, and CPAP machines will be there to check masks at the correct pressure).  There won't be time to have a nap on the bed though laugh
  • Advice from Vicki Dawson, our Paediatric Sleep Practitioner, who also founded the Children's Sleep Charity, to discuss general sleep problems in their children, which naturally affect the whole family.
  • CPAP Comfort Advice and purchase products on the day.
  • CPAP Manufacturers on hand for advice.
  • Slimming World Consultant to advise on healthy eating, which can improve Sleep Apnoea and sometimes even cure it!
  • Refreshments, Raffle, Activities for the Children

For any enquiries or to book a slot with our Adult Sleep Specialist Nurse, please call our local office on 01482 374181 or email events@hope2sleep.co.uk 

We'd be most grateful if you are hoping to come to our Event if you could please send us a quick email to say 'Yes' or 'Maybe' as we would hate to run out of refreshments if demand is higher than we envisage.  The email address for this is events@hope2sleep.co.uk

We look forward to seeing you on the day smiley

Thanks to the Hull Daily Mail for promoting our event, and already we're getting enquiries from people suspecting they may have the common condition of Sleep Apnoea, along with diagnosed patients requiring our free support.