Whoop! We're a Charity

6 July 2016  |  Kath Hope

Hope2Sleep Charity

I'm sat here writing this first post whilst this new website isn't live yet, knowing that I'm speaking to myself at the moment (I do that a lot anyway laugh).  It's been a long drawn-out process to convert Hope2Sleep into an Official Registered Charity, but today we finally got the news we've been waiting for, whoop whoop!  Although we now have our Charity Number  there is still lots to do - like create this new website for starters which, even when released, will be a continuous 'work in progress' as it will eventually be packed full of information and help for both undiagnosed and diagnosed sufferers of Sleep Apnoea and Sleep Disordered Breathing.

We can't wait to share our news with you, and by the time you're reading this we'll have made our announcement.  We know that many of our regular customers, followers and subscribers will be celebrating with us once we make the news public, and we know we can count on your support too in the work we are aiming to do.  At this stage any donations you are able to give us, either a one-off donation or small monthly payments via our JustGiving Page will help us get our campaigns moving quickly (there are links on the right of this article where you can donate).  Just as importantly, continuing to share our posts via social media will help us get the word about that Sleep Apnoea in particular is a very common condition, ruining peoples lives!

Why do we care about putting in all this effort, and why do you care enought to join us in this work too?  Once we get diagnosed with Sleep Apnoea in particular or UARS, most of us can trace back the signs and symptoms over many years and in lots of cases right back to childhood.  Had we known this was at the root of many of our health and even emotional problems, most of us would have had a better quality of life.  When we look back down our family line at loved ones who departed this earth years ago - in particular those who suffered heart attacks and strokes, we can so often see the signs and symptoms in their lives too, when Sleep Apnoea wasn't even known about.  I lost my own mother to a heart attack when she was just age 49 - many years ago when there was no awareness and little knowledge.  No, we can't change the past and living with regrets isn't awfully helpful or healthy, but we CAN and WILL change things for future generations and for the masses out there who are currently struggling through life right now - unaware sleep disordered breathing is quite possibly having a devastating effect on their lives!  This is why we care, and why so many of us are passionate in reaching out to help others.   Whilst there's breath in us and with your help and support, we'll continue this work......... 

Best Wishes for Good Sleep

Kath Hope

!To know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. This is to have succeeded."