Evora Full Face Minimal Contact Mask
Evora Full Face Minimal Contact MaskEvora Full Face Minimal Contact MaskEvora Full Face Minimal Contact MaskEvora Full Face Minimal Contact MaskEvora Full Face Minimal Contact MaskEvora Full Face Minimal Contact Mask

Evora Full Face Minimal Contact Mask

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Part Number:  EVF1XMLU
Brand:  Fisher & Paykel

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Fisher & Paykel

Pleased to introduce the Evora for mouth breathers, which is the newest minimal contact full face mask to the market, and will be welcome to people who can't use the minimal contact masks from other manufacturers due to magnetic clips, as the Evora has traditional manual fastening clips.

A Fitpack version is available for patients new to the mask, and the single size packs come at a special price with an extra cushion.

We have two options of the Evora mask, so for patients who have not used this mask before it is advisable to purchase the 'Fitpack' the first time containing all the cushion sizes, and for patients who have tried the mask previously, the other option at a special price is to purchase the size you use and these come with an extra cushion in the same size.

Hope2Sleep Charity's Observations:-

The Evora Full Face Minimal-Contact Mask is yet another welcome addition for mouth breathers who prefer less mask on their face and with the option of easily wearing reading glasses. Some benefits we've observed on first impressions are:-

  • There are no magnetic clips on the Evora, which is a huge bonus for patients concerned about magnetic interference with hearing aids, cochlear implants and even pacemakers etc.

  • There is a strap which clips to the front of the mask cushion which is part of the headgear, so when washing the headgear, this strap can be removed without having to undo the side velcro, meaning you can wash the mask and keep the headgear adjusted in the position how you know it fits well. (Sometimes a slight tweak can be needed after washing though).

Frame Clip

  • The headgear comes with Fisher & Paykel's unique 'VentiCool' technology to prevent overheating which can also help prevent hair getting greasy.
  • It is very easy to take the mask apart for cleaning and reassembling it.
  • Due to there being no contact with the nose bridge, the mask will appeal to those who are more susceptible to nose bridge sores and people who like to wear reading glasses with the mask on.
  • There is a Fitpack option which contains all three different sized cushions to experiment with properly at home in your own bed as it's so important to be laid down and using the machine to get the best fit. In fact, if ordering the mask online without being able to try the sizes, it is highly recommended to purchase the Fitpack the first time. Once you know which cushion size you are, then replacement cushions can be bought separately as they all fit the same standard size mask frame.
  • The mask frame and cushions have been been designed with 'wing' shapes which support the nose well, and due to it's supportive 'wings' can also help prevent leaks from the sides of the nostrils.
  • The mask cushions are soft to help with comfort.
  • The exhale vents are designed not to blow onto the bed partner and are aimed downwards.

Exhale Vents

Fisher & Paykel say:-


The next generation of Dynamic Support Technology™

The F&P Evora Full mask features are uniquely designed to optimise performance throughout the night. Dynamic Support Technology combines Stability Wings with the Floating Seal to allow for freedom of movement while keeping the mask comfortably in place.

Evora Wings and mask on lady

Secure Comfort

The decoupled seal accommodates for movement while the soft silicone gently wraps under the nose for a comfortable night's sleep.

Removable Clip Frame

Enables the headgear settings to stay in place during fitting and cleaning.

Evora diagram

Patient Trial Outcomes

93% of trial participants never or rarely experienced unintentional air leak into  their eyes while using  the Evora Full mask.
96% of trial participants 
were able to sleep in  their preferred sleeping position while using the  Evora Full mask.
98% of trial participants never or rarely felt claustrophobic whilst using the Evora Full mask.

Mask Content Options:-

The mask can be bought as follows:-

  • Fitpack containing all 3 cushion sizes (XS, S/M and L) which is highly recommended when first purchasing the mask
  • Size XS (extra small) with spare XS Cushion
  • Size S/M (small to medium) with spare S/M Cushion
  • Size L (large) with spare L Cushion

Standard Headgear is supplied with all mask options, but Large Headgear is also available as an additional option.

All mask parts can be bought separately as and when required (on separate listings).


  • Be careful when cleaning, not to pull on the smaller mask tubing and use the solid end of the tubing at the mask end to remove it. Take this solid end between your fingers and rather than pull, slightly turn to disconnect (see the fitting video below).

  • The white small swivel at the hose end of the smaller mask tubing often stays inside the end of your larger machine's hose, and this does require cleaning to allow it to swivel freely, so if it is in your larger hose it will need removing.

  • When disconnecting the mask cushion from the frame, hold the firmer parts of the mask cushion, which will cut down on accidents to the mask cushion.

Click to download Manual

Click to download Patient Trial

Fisher & Paykel Healthcare now have Apps available to help with their newest masks.  To download for the iPhone visit the App Store or for Android mobiles visit the Google Store.

Introduction to Evora Full Face Mask

Fitting Evora Full Face Mask

Cleaning Evora Full Face Mask

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Best mask so far
13 June 2023  | 

This mask is so much better for me than my other F&P Simplus full face mark that was always marking my face / difficult to get a good seal. With this one I can also put my glasses on / have it running in bed before going to sleep. Would recommend to anyone.

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So pleased to hear you've found the mask that works best for you 😊

09 June 2023  | 

This mask is a dream come true, it's very comfortable and I can now wear my glasses while having my mask on in bed at night. Very easy to take apart and clean, and no more sores on the bridge of my nose. Three different mask sizes (depending on what option you buy) allows you try what size suits you best, this was the game changer for me. Without the help of Kath Hope I would probably still be stuck with my old mask.

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So pleased you've now found the 'right' mask for you Christine 😊

So comfortable
03 May 2023  | 

This is my first ever cpap mask and I am pleasantly surprised. The seal is perfect (even though I have a beard) and it's really comfy. I thought I'd need a hose connection on the top of my head because I toss and turn in my sleep, but I really don't. I'm really happy with this product.

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So pleased that your first mask proved to be such a perfect fit for you, and especially with the beard 😊

Love it...But...
18 March 2023  | 

I love it, but sadly it is making my cheeks sore. I have tried all three sizes and the small suits me, but whatever size I use it hurts and causes sores to my face. I did loosen the straps but then that causes leaks. Unsure how to combat the soreness.
It is fantastic for not having a sore bridge on the nose. I can't win.

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Aw it's a shame it's not perfect, but an improvement for you regarding the sore bridge. It would now be worth trying a Silent Night mask liner to see if that helps the soreness, unless the soreness is coming from the mask straps, and in that case the mask strap covers should help 🤞

Evora full face mask
10 March 2023  | 

Using the large size still feels small, donít like the small nostril hole.
Itís does fit well and is secure, I would recommend trying it though to see if it does work for you.

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It's taken a while..
10 February 2023  | 

Its taken me a little while to get used to the mask. I've tried all three provided, and eventually settled on the large mask, and I'm now coming to terms with it after approx 10 days.

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Yes, it can certainly take a while to get used to a new mask and especially when trying the different sized cushions. Glad you're getting used to it now.

Great fit and first no leak mask
06 February 2023  | 

Iíve tried various masks and had a number of issues. This mask is comfortable mask and fits with no leaks without needing to be tightly fitted. Worn for three weeks and have had 0 leaks each night which is brilliant.

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Great result with no leaks 😊

Evora full face mask
23 January 2023  | 

Super service and really good mask that fits well.

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Third time lucky
06 December 2022  | 

I am very happy with the Evora mask. I am a side sleeper, severe OSA, prominent nose and small chin. This mask fits my facial profile really well. I prefer it to the Amara full face which blew the airstream straight at your nose and exhale vents up at your eyes. I found the fit much better than the Dreamwear full face which is flexible and had significant leaks side sleeping. Also the nasal opening for the Dreamwear seemed narrow and would suck up against my nostrils which made me feel my airflow was cutoff. Overall Iím very satisfied with the Evora and it is now my mask of choice. You can clean mask without altering your headgear fixings which is helpful. Like another reviewer I have had issues with the hose connector easily popping open when I turn over. I guess Iíll have to now invest in a hoselift to see if that really is the answer.My AHIs with this mask are my lowest compared to the other two masks from >60 down to

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4 of 4 people found this review helpful.


Thanks for your detailed review and glad to hear the mask is working so well for you. Fisher & Paykel take notice of customer observations though and have already implemented improvements regarding the smaller hose sometimes disconnecting.
I'd definitely try a hose lift though as they help prevent the drag of the hose on the mask and have other benefits too 😊

Pretty good
07 November 2022  | 

I have been trialling this mask for a month now. Having seen online reviews and demonstrations for it I contacted my sleep clinic to ask if they have it in stock as I was beginning to feel very claustrophobic with the Simplus mask, which I've been using for the best part of six years.

I am a side sleeper and a mouth breather. I use a chin strap and I also use the hose hoist and your nice pink cover for the hose, which makes the bedroom feel less like a hospital. I also use mask liners.

One of the problems I'd experienced with the Simplus was the air blowing in my eyes - not good for a somebody with dry eyes. I'm glad to say that I've not experienced that at all with the Evora full face.

I was provided with the Fitpack and initially chose the medium as that was the size mask I was used to with the Simplus but after the first night I switched to the large. I do not have a small elegant lady-like nose. It is not so much that I have a large nose overall but I have a broad nose at the point of the nostrils. The large size gave me a better fit.

There have been occasional problems with leaks as I got used to it but my main gripe is with the attached small hose, what F&P call the breathing tube. I simply don't see the point of it. With the Simplus there is a swivel connection between mask and hose which is easy to redirect when turning over. But the breathing tube adds length to the hose and doesn't have a swivel connection, so it is harder to manage when turning over, particularly because I'm having to manage a longer overall breathing tube and hose and my sleep can be disturbed in the process. Plus, the connection between that and the mask is so tight and small that I've not yet managed to detach it.

There is a good fit around my mouth and nose, fairly tight but comfortable and I don't have the claustrophobic feeling that I have with the Simplus. I no longer feel like the man in the iron mask.

Overall, I like it and will continue to use it. I've docked one star only because of the annoying breathing tube.

I was given the reps model which had been provided to the sleep clinic to try and I'm their first patient to do so. So I don't know if they will be stocking it but, if not, I will buy replacement parts from Hope2Sleep.

Was this helpful to you?  Yes  /  No

3 of 3 people found this review helpful.


Thanks for the in-depth review Susan and hope your clinic do end up stocking it. If not, we do have all the replacement parts.

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