SoClean CPAP + BiPAP Sanitiser Cleaner
SoClean CPAP + BiPAP Sanitiser CleanerSoClean CPAP + BiPAP Sanitiser CleanerSoClean CPAP + BiPAP Sanitiser CleanerSoClean CPAP + BiPAP Sanitiser CleanerSoClean CPAP + BiPAP Sanitiser Cleaner

SoClean CPAP + BiPAP Sanitiser Cleaner

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Part Number:  SC1200
Brand:  SoClean

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The new SoClean 3 model is now out, but unfortunately it's not ready for the European market yet for sale. We will still be stocking all replacement parts for the SoClean2 though.

We are an official distributor of the SoClean 2 Machine, which provides an opportunity for us to have the same disinfecting and sanitising process currently used in hospitals in our homes. 

All of our current trustees who have sleep disordered breathing actually now own a SoClean to use for their own CPAP or Non-Invasive Ventilators, and whilst it's not cheap, it is certainly worth considering saving up for if you are prone to respiratory infections. 

Reviews of the product are very high, and it is a convenient way of sanitising the machine as it can be set up to 'go and forget' every morning.

SoClean, the world's first automated CPAP Cleaner and Sanitiser is now here in the UK, giving an opportunity to have the same disinfecting and sanitising process currently used in hospitals in our homes.

SoClean kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria in the mask, hose and humidifier tank with no disassembly, no water and no chemicals. Thereby resulting in a safer, healthier way to breathe cleaner air.

The SoClean uses activated oxygen to eliminate any mould, bacteria, and viruses that may be lingering in the CPAP system, and is the same process used in hospital sanitising, water purification, hotel housekeeping and produce handling. To see a demonstration of how it works, see the video below:- 

Patients using a Resmed CPAP machine, please click on the 'Important Information' tab to read Resmed's latest statement.

Hope2Sleep Charity have trialled the SoClean on Philips Respironics, Resmed + Drive Devilbiss machines and so found it certainly appears to be doing its job well, in that the air in the machine feels much fresher than with regular sanitising.  In fact all our trustees who use CPAP or Ventilation actually now own a SoClean themselves.  It is easy to operate after the initial setup, and can be left connected for easy frequent use. We cleaned the facial oils off the mask as usual with the CPAP Wipes after putting into the SoClean, but this is personal choice, and apparently doesn't matter which way around it is done, according to the manufacturer, but it is better for the mask to be completely dry before placing into the SoClean.

The reviews are very positive, and especially for people with sinus issues and who are prone to repeated respiratory infections, nasal stuffiness and allergies.

Some of the Important Questions relating to the use of the SoClean are below, and there are somemore on the manufacturer's website:


Will the SoClean work with my heated hose?  

Yes, but you will need an adapter (as listed below).


What size mask fits the SoClean?

The chamber has a 5” X 5” opening and is 7” deep. Any mask under that size will fit. The Philips Respironics' FitLife Total Face Mask WILL NOT FIT inside the SoClean 2 Machine.

Does the SoClean get rid of facial oils from my mask?  

The SoClean will inhibit facial oil build-up, but it WILL NOT remove the oils as despite the name 'SoClean', this is primarily a sanitising machine!  For people who use CPAP Wipes these will still be needed or your preferred cleaning method will still be necessary).  Although the SoClean will sanitise and kill any viruses, bacteria or fungi on your mask some inert residue can be left behind.

What if I do not use a humidifier - can I still use SoClean? 

Yes the SoClean works with a humidifier or without out one. If you do not use a humidifier then the SoClean will sanitise the hose, mask, and headgear.

Are there any studies proving that the SoClean works?

Yes - you can download the reports here:  SoClean Lab Reports.

When and why do I need to use the SoClean Neutralising Prewash Solution? 

The pre-wash is intended to be used on all parts of the CPAP equipment (mask, hose and water chamber) BEFORE using the SoClean for the first time.  It is also important to use the pre-wash solution everytime you get a replacement new mask, hose or resevoir. 

The pre-wash is a fragrance-free hypoallergenic cleaning solution and it neutralises any pre-existing odours from detergents, and removes any residue from the manufacturing process.  (Many people find this SoClean Solution an amazing product even if they don't have a SoClean machine for soaking their masks, as it really does a fabulous job of cleaning).

Do I need to replace any SoClean parts? 

Yes - around every 6 months or so (depending on run times), the check valve and the filter need to be replaced.  These items are sold together in a kit.   The machine is programmed to tell you when these are needed.


Can I keep the SoClean permanently attached to my CPAP machine, or should I detach the SoClean each night and then plug in my CPAP hose?

You should not have to disconnect anything – that is the wonderful thing about the SoClean. Once you have it set up, you can leave it until you have to replace your CPAP hose. In some cases when used with a heated hose adapter, you may have to disconnect the water chamber to fill with water.


If necessary, can I position the SoClean on a shelf below my CPAP machine?

Preferably the SoClean cleaner and sanitiser should be level with your CPAP so the flow is easier, but you can put it on a shelf below your CPAP. You will have enough hose length. If you do put it below your CPAP unit, we ask that you periodically look at the check valve assembly to make sure there is no water in the clear tube, as this can harm you SoClean unit. If you do see water, you should replace the check valve assembly.


Can I use the SoClean CPAP Cleaner and Sanitiser with two CPAP machines?

The SoClean is designed to stay connected to one CPAP machine. You can clean two CPAP machines; however, you will need to disconnect and reconnect your CPAP equipment. This would be extremely cumbersome and not recommended.

If I wash my CPAP mask before putting it into the SoClean, does it have to be completely dry?

It is better to run the SoClean when your CPAP mask is completely dry.


Will I still need to replace the water in my CPAP reservoir while using the SoClean? Or should I just add water as needed?

It really is a personal decision; however, you can be assured that each time you run the SoClean, you are sanitising the water in the humidifier.

Video Instructions


  • Sleek design and tiny footprint of just 11 inches x 11 inches
  • LCD display
  • Indicator lights throughout the cycle
  • Left or right hose insertion option
  • Easy filter cartridge system
  • 1 Year Warranty and *30 day money back guarantee for extra peace of mind!  

​*In the unlikely event of you not being satisfied with the SoClean, returns are accepted only with the original packaging and in the same condition it was sent in.  Buyer is to pay return postage to us and the cost of the SoClean and any adapter will be reimbursed upon receipt.


The SoClean Machine is supplied with a UK plug and contains a cartridge which requires replacing approximately every 6 months, depending on usage.  The machine give a warning when this is necessary.  There is a complimentary small starter bottle of the SoClean Neutralising Pre-wash which needs to be used on all equipment when placing in in the SoClean machine for the first time.  (The solution itself is a marvellous product for cleaning the masks, even for people who don't use the SoClean Machine and larger bottles can be purchased on this link SoClean Neutralising Solution).

Most machines are compatible with the SoClean, but if in doubt please contact us.



If your CPAP or BiPAP machine DOES NOT have an attached heated humidifier then you DO NOT need to purchase an additional adapter.

When placing your order we have added the most common machines as to whether an adapter is necessary, but the following should help too.

Philips Respironics' Machines:-

All Philips Respironics machines WITHOUT a humidifier, do not need an additional adapter, except for the travel-sized DreamStation Go.

An additional adapter is needed for all the Respironics' machines when used with a humidifer. 

Drive Devilbiss Machines:-

No additional adapters are needed with any of these machines.

Resmed Machines:-

All Resmed machines WITHOUT a humidifier, do not need an additional adapter, except for the travel-sized Air Mini.

An additional adapter is needed for the Resmed machines when used with a humidifer.

Fisher & Paykel Machines:-

All Fisher & Paykel machines will require the appropriate adapter, whether or not a humidifier is used.

For any machines not listed above and you need help, please contact us and tell us which machine you are using, whether you have a humidifier and if you are using a heated hose. 

Click Here to download Manual

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Started out great
23 September 2021  | 

I was thrilled with the Soclean system, it really takes the strain of clearning your mask, hose and water tank. It worked flawlessly to begin with but a week ago it started making an odd sound, kind of like a dripping tap. What is odd is that it does not start until somewhere after 3am, but once it starts it makes a 'dripping sound' everytime I exhale. I've disconnected it from my CPAP machine and the sound has gone so it must be something to do with the SoClean machine. Sadly it is loud enough, well, repetitive enough (every exhale) to wake myself and my wife - we're still flummoxed as to why it only start early morning. I will see if I can find out what is causing it and update my review when I do.

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Sorry to hear this Chris and we'll try to help with this unusual problem that's cropped up. Please check your emails.

Great.. but mind the lid!
05 April 2021  | 

This is my second machine, after the lid on the first one broke and you cannot order a replacement part. The only set back of having a small plastic clip that holds the lid in place. Other than that it's a great machine hence why I ended up buying another one.

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The reason SoClean won't supply a replacement lid is due to safety, as if not fitted correctly it could cause Ozone leakage. Fortunately we've only come across 3 broken lids in years of selling the SoClean - sorry you were one of the unlucky few, but glad you do like it 😊

19 February 2021  | 

Very pleased with my new soclean easy to set and use and fast delivery from hope to sleep very good advice given over the phone

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Peace of Mind
23 January 2021  | 

Its fabulous as each morning I put my face mask in and at 10 am it starts the cleaning process which last a couple of hours but it does machine, face mask and tube altogether. it gives me peace of mind that my machine is being cleaned daily . My one regret is I only wished I had bought this a lot sooner. It was very easy to assemble so I would definitely recommend this machine.

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Undoubtedly fantastic
21 January 2021  | 

I am over the moon with this piece of apparatus. Would give it 5 stars instead of the 4 I have given it, except that I would have liked a standby light to show me that the apparatus is turned on and waiting. Would recommend to anyone. Thank you x

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Good service
24 September 2020  | 

Very quick delivery of my SoClean machine. I set it up immediately and so far have been very pleased with it.
It was easy to set up and I have not smelled any ozone smells on using my mask. Altogether a good experience.

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Piece of mind
03 August 2020  | 

Ordered this as just wanted to make sure the equipment is properly clean. I have tried lots of cleaning methods, but this is the easiest and most reliable.
Ever so easy to set up and use. It is a bit noise, but it is only 7 minutes, then you leave everything in for 2 hours. There is a little smell, not unpleasant, just strong, but once the equipment is out, I turn the PAP machine on, for 10 minutes and it 'flashes' the smell. Yes it is expensive, but definitely worth it.

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SoClean Sanitiser
29 July 2020  | 

I love love love the SoClean machine. It’s simplicity itself to use; Open lid, bung everything in the chamber, close lid. That’s it, nothing more, sorted. The only downside is the noise it makes for the first 7 mins of operation. It’s not loud but louder than I expected. All this is insignificant when you consider the benefits of having sanitized equipment on a daily basis without the usual daily faff. It’s like the difference between hand washing and getting your first washing machine. Bliss. The set-up was very straightforward although the machine comes with several adapters which I hadn’t been expecting and hadn’t noticed when unpacking and there is also extra equipment that wasn’t required for my res med AirSense 10 so I did a bit of head scratching when it didn’t fit anywhere. Basically I just needed to attach the long narrow hose to the new lid of the humidifier “New lid” came with SoClean. It’s preset to start at 10am and run for 7 mins for the first part of its cycle and then 2 hours of silence for the rest. These timings can easily be altered but if you really do have a phobia about technology just plug it in at midnight and your ready to go. There’s also a manual button if you just want to close the lid and press a button rather than having everything automated. You’ll need to allow 2hrs 7 mins before you can use your equipment. I know this is a very expensive piece of kit but it does save a lot of time and effort. I wouldn’t want to be without it now. A special Thank you to John at ‘Hope to Sleep’ for your help and advice.

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Great hearing how much you're loving your SoClean Linda, and will pass on your thanks to John too 😊

19 November 2019  | 

very easy to you I would have given it 5stars but it does make a noise when you initiate the cleaning process until the light turns yellow.There is a slight smell must be the ‘cleaning gas’’. The whole process is easy one of the negetative points is that it is quite big and not suitable for taking on holiday so is restricted to home use only. If they produced a more compact machine which was easy to put in a small bag it would be perfect

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Soclean 2
25 October 2019  | 

I have been using this for a couple of weeks now.
My thoughts.
1. It is very noisy.
2. It is big, twice 5he size of my Cpap machine.
3. Easy to use.
4. It takes 15-20 minutes of running the cpap after cleaning to clear the ozone smell.

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2 of 2 people found this review helpful.


Thanks for taking the time to review the SoClean. Just to address point 3 that the SoClean has to be that size in order to accommodate all the masks, and sadly for people who use the total face FitLife Mask it will not fit inside it.

Read all 46 customer reviews...



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It is very important to use the SoClean Neutralising Pre-wash Solution the first time any CPAP mask or part is sanitised with the SoClean.

For safety with the use of ozone, you must follow the instructions carefully, and it is especially important to leave the mask inside the SoClean for a minimum of 2 hours after sanitising, before wearing the mask.  Ideally, sanitisation would be carried out in a morning or several hours before bedtime.



On the 8th January 2020 Resmed released a statement saying that if any damage is caused to a Resmed CPAP machine by the use of an ozone sanitiser they will not honour the warranty.  This only affects a new CPAP machine purchased after the 1st February 2020.   Resmed are not stating people should not use an ozone machine and say the choice is for the patient to decide, but in the unlikely event of any damage occuring the warranty will be void.

We are puzzled by this statement and no other manufacturer has released one, and over the years and 100's of customers purchasing the SoClean, Hope2Sleep Charity have never come across any customer reporting damage to a CPAP machine after using the SoClean.  We are aware of many cheap chinese ozone cleaners invading the market and wonder if these have caused the problems, and furthermore, would never recommend one of these cheaper alternatives that may not have had the rigorous testing carried out on them - or indeed may not have had the relevant safety checks.  You can download Resmed's statement by clicking here.  Whilst we have no evidence ourselves of a problem, we have to report this in fairness to everyone and cannot be held responsible if any damage did happen to occur.

SoClean themselves have also made a statement in response to Resmed's which we have copied word for word from their website as of today's date (25th April 2020):-

ResMed has recently raised concerns about the use of ozone devices with ResMed CPAP AirSense™ 10 devices, indicating that increased motor noise is the result of using ozone devices with the ResMed AirSense™ 10 device. SoClean stands by its product and are so confident with its performance that we are issuing a warranty Policy to cover AirSense™ 10 devices for claims of increased motor noise when used with a SoClean device, as long as the ResMed device is still within the two year warranty period.  The details of that Policy are below. Simply put, we want to make it clear to our resellers and SoClean customers that using a SoClean device will result in no practical change to your two year warranty on your AirSense™ 10. Effective May 1st, 2020, for ResMed AirSense™ 10 units, if a ResMed customer is no longer able to submit a warranty claim for increased noise due to use with a SoClean device, SoClean will cover the costs of repair.

Please click here to download SoClean's own warranty for Resmed Airsense CPAP Machines.