Sleep Apnoea Home Screening Service

Sleep Apnoea Home Screening Service

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Sleep Apnoea Diagnostic Screening Test for people who suspect they may be suffering from undiagnosed Sleep Apnoea.  This test is NOT for people already on CPAP, as for accurate screening it would require not using CPAP for the test, which isn't recommended without the approval of your sleep doctor.



We have now been able to re-start our sleep study service, but due to extra safety precautions that are now in place to protect both you and us against any COVID-19 risks, there may be a few days delay issuing your results after your sleep study due to our quarantine procedures when equipment is returned.

Your order guarantees you a place on our waiting list which does vary on demand (approximately a week or two under normal circumstances or longer when demand is high), and once your place comes up and we are able to send a testing device to you we will contact you  with the relevant forms we require completing before sending the equipment.

PLEASE NOTE:-  The sleep apnoea screening device we send out is the Stowood Black Flash recording monitor which is worn around the waist with a finger pulse oximeter attached to the finger and breathing cannulas.  We need to contact you before sending out this expensive equipment to ensure you are available to take the test immediately and will be in to receive delivery which requires a signature, so please ensure you give us both an email address and telephone number where we can reach you quicker.  If we cannot get hold of you we will contact the next person on the waiting list until you reply to our email or voicemail.

Our screening test is a Diagnostic Sleep Apnoea Screening Sleep Study Test for adults who suspect they are sufferers of obstructive sleep apnoea, and the diagnosis is carried out by a qualified sleep consultant.

This is not a diagnosis for UARS, and in fact no home sleep study equipment can do that, even based on RERA's (respiratory effort related arousals) which some equipment provides, although the sleep consultants manually scoring our results can often see if UARS is suspected.  The gold standard diagnosis for UARS is Esophageal Manometry (Pes) or at the least a Drug-induced Sleep Endoscopy.  It should also be stated that many people who believe they are suffering from UARS are surprised to discover they actually have sleep apnoea, so a sleep study is certainly worth investigating first.  Please see our information page on UARS (Upper Airways Resistance Syndrome).

The results will will be analysed by a qualified and highly regarded independent registered Sleep Consultant with many years experience, who will provide a clinical diagnostic report with recommendations, or if sleep apnoea does not show up, advice will still be given.  You will also be given free support by our charity throughout this process.

Once you have the results of your sleep study and, if sleep apnoea shows up, you can take the results to your GP who should then refer you to your local sleep clinic.  The Stowood equipment we use is the same diagnostic equipment used in many UK sleep clinics, but depending on the sleep clinic they may still want to do a repeat sleep study, although some are happy to use the results from this private sleep test.  Alternatively, and especially during this COVID-19 pandemic we are facing, if obstructive sleep apnoea is diagnosed and  CPAP is recommended by the independent sleep consultant and you are struggling to get a referral to a sleep clinic, you can purchase the equipment yourself, for which we are more than happy to help you with.  For an example of costs, see this page on our website for the CPAP machines and you will also require a suitable mask - again we will do our best to advise you on the type of mask you would need.  If you did take this private route, we would still advise you to be referred to a sleep clinic when you are able to, so that you are treated and monitored under the supervision of qualified sleep clinicians.

If you've not already seen our page on the signs and symptoms of sleep apnoea, please go to this link on our website where you will also see that untreated sleep apnoea is most certainly a big risk factor to a person's health, hence why we offer this service.

CPAP machines are a medical device requiring a prescription/diagnosis for a very good reason which is why they should only be purchased following a sleep study like this one we provide, with a diagnosis by a qualified sleep consultant.  There are different types of CPAP machines needed for different patients, depending on many factors, so purchasing the wrong kind of machine can actually make the sleep apnoea worse on some occasions, or may not even resolve the problem.

For people who only wish to check on oxygen desaturations please see the alternative pulse  oximetry screening test hire which is suitable for people already using CPAP.  Please note that the alternative pulse oximetry test is not foolproof for diagnosing sleep apnoea as it will only show whether you are having oxygen desaturations during the night, for which there can be other causes.   


Due to the fact this sleep screening test is very popular, sometimes there is a delay before we can send a device out, but you will be added to our waiting list and informed via email or telephone when to expect it and also sent given a tracking number.  

  • This Sleep Study is for diagnosing Obstructive Sleep Apnoea in Adults only.
  • You DO NOT need a GP referral for this test.
  • Any personal details which are required in order to take this sleep study will not be shared with anyone else, apart from the registered independent sleep consultant, in order to diagnose or report back to you with the results.
  • The results of the test are confidential, and shall not be shared with anybody else without your instructions.
  • This particular test is NOT recommended for people already on CPAP as it would require coming off the treatment, which should only be done under guidance of your sleep clinicians. 
  • You can hire the equipment for an extra night which is actually advisable, with separate reports created, as do bear in mind that separate nights recordings would rarely show up the exact same results, as the severity of sleep apnoea often varies from night to night, depending on medications taken, certain foods eaten, alcohol consumption, body temperature, allergies, and nasal stuffiness etc.
  • Please ensure you use and then return our device promptly, as this slows down the process and is unfair on those waiting.
  • You are paying for the loan of the equipment only, and the subsequent report(s) which will be sent to you, and it must be returned to us via the stamped-addressed recorded delivery packaging provided.  Failure to send back the kit promptly may incur extra charges before the results are sent! 
  • We do not ship this item out of the United Kingdom.
  • It is always advisable to ensure you are treated under the supervision of a registered sleep doctor for a diagnosis of sleep apnoea, and we always advise this where it's possible.
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Home Screening Test
Monday, 23 May 2022  | 

I took the 2-night screening test. The kit was fairly easy to use (though a video would be nice). One night didnít really show up anything, though only part of the night was recorded for some reason. The second showed up borderline mild apnoea (or possibly just UARS) . The results came back quickly and included a couple of suggestions to improve my sleep. Early signs are positive and my partner certainly thinks the suggested mandibular device has helped, but it will take a while before I really know if things really have improved. Note: I would recommend doing a two night study rather than a single one and using new batteries for each night just for peace of mind.

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That's great to hear the Dr's suggestion of the mandibular devices seems to be working well in your case.

Convenient, at-home sleep analysis
Wednesday, 9 February 2022  | 

I wasnít sure what to expect on ordering this, but what arrived was clean, easy to understand and simple to set up. It included a cannula sitting under your nostrils, a pulse oximeter fitting over a finger and the control box, which was small and flat that straps onto your chest. All fairly unobtrusive, given that youíre being wired up for analysis.

I did the two-night service, which turned out to be a good thing as one of my nightís sleep was so broken that I spent too few hours asleep. On sending it back, I received a detailed report of several different aspects of my sleeping, breathing, snoring, apnoea events, blood oxygen saturation levels, etc. This was fairly easy to make sense of although I did have to Google a few terms/acronyms. Sending the kit back was simple too as they provide the box and labels. Overall, a very good service.

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Glad your experience was good Douglas and it was our pleasure to help 😊

Video instructions?
Thursday, 1 April 2021  | 

It would be really helpful if a short video could be made for those of us whose brains arenít working terribly well at the moment! Brief instructions on setting up and using the equipment on the charity website would be good.

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Glad you benefitted from the sleep study (as per our conversation) and incidentally we intend doing video instructions when life gets back to 'normal' and it's safe to work together again at the charity premises.🤞

Great Support Service
Thursday, 11 March 2021  | 

You have to admire, respect and thank the entire team at Hope2Sleep. They helped me through every step of the way and thanks to them I am now getting the treatment I need. At a time when the NHS is stretched more than ever, Kath and her colleagues where there to aid and assist. Great service, support and feedback.

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We were so pleased to help you every step of the way in your exeptional need to be treated quickly. Wishing you improved health soon 😊

Great service - equipment a bit fiddly
Tuesday, 9 March 2021  | 

The Hope2Sleep staff were very helpful with advice and keeping me updated about when the monitor would be delivered - it took a long time but this was affected by Covid, to be fair.

The equipment is high quality and the output (doctor's report) was helpful. I found the equipment a bit fiddly to set up, with cables and tubes everywhere. The chest strap was too short but I had a separate one spare. However once I had it on my chest it was fine and didn't stop me sleeping.

Overall the service was good, and good value for money, all things considered, if you want to do a 'sense check' of whether you have apnoea before going to your doctor (where testing could take months).

Plus you're helping a positive charity!

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We were pleased to help, although we will edit our instructions to make sure people realise the strap can be adjusted as you obviously didn't notice this. Glad you managed though 😊

Home Screening Device
Thursday, 25 February 2021  | 

This came well packaged with clear instructions for use. It look quite a long time to set it up and I found the finger sensor a little uncomfortable. Although it was quite invasive to use, it was possible to sleep with it on and record all the necessary data.

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Great Service & Finger Sensor
Tuesday, 7 April 2020  | 

Recieved unit followed instructions and received 2 days results. I phone and asked a few qustions and received helpful answers. Overall great service. A point to note: On the first night I placed finger sensor on my 1st finger. On second night I placed the sensor on my 3rd finger sensor as it was a bit tight on my 1st finger but unfortunately it was a bit loose and this prevented fully readings. Perhaps a note on this point could be included in instructions.

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Thanks for the comments and glad you were pleased with our service.

Home screening device
Tuesday, 3 March 2020  | 

Really easy to use, great instructions for setting it up. Excellent after service with report received 2 days after the device was returned. Follow on referral necessary so I am very grateful for that knowledge.

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We were pleased to help you and good luck with the referral 🤞

Helpful & friendly
Friday, 28 February 2020  | 

My doctor would not look into my sleep apnoea until I brought proof of it... I tried getting my partner to video me but didnít find it very successful. I found hope2sleep & decided to give it a go... from that moment I was looked after by them... they called to advise when the device was being sent out to make sure I would be in. I had a bit of an issue with the device & advised them ... they ware great on the phone & got the problem sorted immediately... there was no stress at all. Their follow up was both friendly and professional. The device gave all the information I needed to go back to my doctors to get the help I needed. It was presented in a professional report... the doctor could not dismiss it. Thank you hope2sleep

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Sad that your GP insisted on proof, but glad we were able to help you Paul and hope you can soon get diagnosed and treated with an improved quality of life.

Well worth it.
Sunday, 19 January 2020  | 

Don't be daunted when you open the box, it's really quite straightforward. Strap the small box to your arm or chest, loop the thin plastic pipe over your ears and under your nose, clip the oximeter to your finger and you're ready to press the start button when you go to bed.
I had no trouble getting to sleep, I thought I would, and stopped the recording when I awoke. A few days later and I had a report full of all the data you could wish for including apnea and hypopnea events and, very usefully, what position you were in when they occurred. So useful to know I suffer from sleep apnea. Now I can do something about it!

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Glad to be of help and good luck for getting this sorted.

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