Home Sleep Study for Diagnosing Sleep Apnoea
 Home Sleep Study for Diagnosing Sleep ApnoeaHome Sleep Study for Diagnosing Sleep Apnoea 

Home Sleep Study for Diagnosing Sleep Apnoea

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Sleep Apnoea Diagnostic Home Sleep Study for people who suspect they may be suffering from undiagnosed Sleep Apnoea.  This test is NOT for people already on CPAP, as for accurate screening it would require not using CPAP for the sleep study, which isn't recommended without the approval of your sleep doctor.



Your order guarantees you a place on our waiting list which does vary on demand, and before your place comes up we will contact you with the relevant forms we require completing before sending the equipment.

Please Note:- We do not offer any sleep studies without the use of nasal cannulas to check for sleep disordered 'breathing', as we have too many people who come to us having to pay for a repeat sleep study, due to the fact that sleep study equipment from other companies that do not use a nasal breathing cannula have failed to diagnose or have underdiagnosed them!

The sleep study polygraphy devices for diagnosing sleep apnoea we send out will either be the Stowood Black Flash recording monitor or the S-Med Resp Eco - both of which are worn around the waist with a finger pulse oximeter attached to the finger and a breathing cannula which is an accurate way of checking for sleep disordered 'breathing' (sleep apnoea being the most common form).

We need to contact you before sending out this expensive equipment to ensure you are available to take the test immediately and will be in to receive delivery which requires a signature, so please ensure you give us both an email address and telephone number where we can reach you quicker. If we cannot get hold of you we will contact the next person on the waiting list until you reply to our email or voicemail. If you have not heard from us within a couple of weeks please check your spam in case your email provider has sent our email there in error.

Our screening test is a Diagnostic Sleep Apnoea Screening Sleep Study  for adults who suspect they are sufferers of obstructive sleep apnoea, and the diagnosis is carried out by a qualified NHS Sleep Consultant with many years of experience in diagnosing and treating patients with sleep apnoea.

This sleep study is not a diagnosis for UARS (Upper Airway Resistance Syndrome), and in fact no home sleep study equipment can do that, even based on RERA's (respiratory effort related arousals)  which some equipment provides, although the sleep consultants manually scoring our results can often see if UARS is suspected.  The gold standard diagnosis for UARS is Esophageal Manometry (Pes) or at the least a Drug-induced Sleep Endoscopy.  It should also be stated that many people who believe they are suffering from UARS are surprised to discover they actually have sleep apnoea, so a sleep study is certainly worth investigating first.  Please see our information page on UARS (Upper Airway Resistance Syndrome).

The results will will be manually scored, and not based on automatic analysis like some equipment is, and will be scored by a qualified and highly regarded independent registered Sleep Consultant, who will provide a clinical diagnostic report. Full advice and recommendations will be given by the Sleep Consultant on the clinical report, or if sleep apnoea does not show up, advice will still be given based on the findings.  You will also be given free support by our charity throughout this process and will also receive the full clinical results reports.

Once you have the results of your sleep study and, if sleep apnoea shows up, you can take the results to your GP who should then refer you to your local sleep clinic.  The diagnostic equipment we use is the same diagnostic equipment used in many UK sleep clinics, but depending on the sleep clinic they may still want to do a repeat sleep study, although many NHS sleep clinics are happy to use the results from our private sleep study. However, do bear in mind that a private sleep study will rarely result in being jumped up the queue of a sleep clinic's waiting list. I

If the local sleep clinic's waiting list is long or you choose to treat the sleep apnoea privately, if obstructive sleep apnoea is diagnosed and CPAP is recommended by the Sleep Consultant, due to CPAP being a prescription item, you can purchase the equipment yourself, for which we are more than happy to help you with as we stock several different brands of CPAP machines.  For an example of costs, see this page on our website for the CPAP machines www.hope2sleep.co.uk/cpap-machines and you will also require a suitable mask - again we will do our best to advise you on the type of mask you would need.  You can also book a free appointment for a CPAP set-up and mask fittings after diagnosis. If you did take this private route, we would still advise you to be referred to a sleep clinic when you are able to, so that you are treated and monitored under the supervision of qualified sleep clinicians.

If you've not already seen our page on the signs and symptoms of sleep apnoea, please go to this link on our website https://www.hope2sleep.co.uk/sleep-apnoea-information.html where you will also see that untreated sleep apnoea is most certainly a big risk factor to a person's health, hence why we offer this service.

CPAP machines are a medical device requiring a prescription/diagnosis for a very good reason which is why they should only be purchased following a sleep study like this one we provide, with a diagnosis by a qualified sleep consultant. There are different types of CPAP machines needed for different patients, depending on many factors, so purchasing the wrong kind of machine can actually make the sleep apnoea worse on some occasions, or may not even resolve the problem.



Due to the fact our sleep study service is very popular, sometimes there is a delay before we can send a device out, but as soon as your order is received you will be added to our waiting list, and when you are nearing the top of the list you will be contacted to complete the questionnaire for the Sleep Consultant, and after receipt of the questionnaire, as soon as we have a device available we will contact you via email or telephone when to expect it and also given a tracking number.  

  • This Sleep Study is for diagnosing Obstructive Sleep Apnoea in Adults only.
  • You DO NOT need a GP referral for this test.
  • Any personal details which are required in order to take this sleep study will not be shared with anyone else, apart from the registered independent sleep consultant, in order to diagnose or report back to you with the results.
  • The results of the sleep study is confidential, and shall not be shared with anybody else without your instructions and permission. This includes your own GP or the DVLA.
  • This particular test is NOT recommended for people already on CPAP as it would require coming off the treatment, which should only be done under guidance of your sleep clinicians. 
  • You can hire the equipment for an extra night which is actually advisable, with separate reports created, as do bear in mind that separate nights recordings would rarely show up the exact same results, as the severity of sleep apnoea often varies from night to night, depending on medications taken, certain foods eaten, alcohol consumption, body temperature, allergies, and nasal stuffiness etc.
  • Please ensure you use and then return our device promptly, as this slows down the process and is unfair on those waiting.
  • You are paying for the loan of the equipment only, and the subsequent report(s) which will be sent to you, and it must be returned to us via the stamped-addressed recorded delivery packaging provided.  Failure to send back the kit promptly may incur extra charges before the results are sent! 
  • We do not ship this item out of the United Kingdom.
  • It is always advisable to ensure you are treated under the supervision of a registered sleep doctor for a diagnosis of sleep apnoea, and we always advise this where it's possible.
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Fantasic piece of kit
15 May 2024  | 

I did the two day sleep study and turned out I had extermely severe sleep apnea. The kit was easy to use and the instructions were spot on. Also the report that you get back is very detailed and my Dr's were happy to use.

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So pleased to hear your Dr was pleased to use our consultant's diagnosis to get you on CPAP very quickly due to the severity of your sleep apnoea. This is a relief to hearand we were pleased to help 😊

Incredibly helpful
14 May 2024  | 

The sleep test was not invasive. A small box taped around your torso and a pulse oximeter on your finger. I fell asleep quite quickly. The pressure of the finger pulse oximeter did hurt a little after a while so I just changed fingers in the middle of the night. The results that came through were thorough and Kath Hope and her follow-up is excellent. Highly recommend this product.

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We wre pleased to help you Suzie 😊

Great service, easy to use and report helpful!
09 May 2024  | 

I have been struggling with sleep for a long while - and I often woke myself up. I thought I had sleep Apnoea but my GP just thought it was menopausal symptoms. I decided to hire a kit and I'm glad I did. I now have a fantastic full report to give to my GP. At least that provides evidence on the struggles I have especially in the morning.

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We were very pleased to help you get the evidence you needed 😊

Excellect support and smooth process
29 April 2024  | 

The equipment arrived on the date expected. It was well packed and cleaned. Instructions were clear but did have one issue connecting the data to the SDCard. It had come out in transit but once I realised that all was good to go.

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An honest review
18 April 2024  | 

I researched private studies after being referred by GP to our local sleep clinic as they were unable to give me any timescales - after looking online and seeing some horror stories for delays in some counties I decided it was worthwhile going ahead.

Hope2sleep were kind enough to let me have the kit for 2 nights despite only initially ordering it for 1 - as a warning if you are a light sleeper or are nervous about your diagnosis you might find like me that you struggle the first night with it all attached, so personally would recommend going for 2 nights to be on the safe side.

I waited approx 3 weeks for the kit to be available and got my (very detailed) results roughly 3 or 4 days after I returned it. My NHS appointment ended up being a couple of weeks after the results and when I took the info in they were happy to use the details from it and arranged a CPAP appointment straight away, which saved having a duplicate test and the extra time taken for the results to come back.

Highly worth the money even if you're in an area like me where NHS timescales aren't too bad.

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We were pleased to help you with the diagnosis Stephen and glad that your clinic accepted the diagnosis from us and that you're now getting good safe sleep 😊

You raise a perfect example of why it's always better to have a 2-night study when possible, and we recently came across an excellent article from Sefam Medical explaining why multi-nights are better with references to some studies if you'd like to copy and paste this link:-

Unfortunately, most NHS clinics aren't able to do this due to waiting lists, but we encourage people who do have a one-night sleep study with a negative results, if they didn't feel the night of the sleep study was a 'normal' night's sleep for them and still feel they have the signs and symptoms of sleep apnoea, to ask if a 2nd night's sleep study would be possible.

Home Sleep Study for Diagnosing Sleep Apnoea
05 April 2024  | 

A massive thanks to all the staff at Hope2Sleep, the service was quick and effortless and the communication was prompt. The results were with me in just under a week. With the diagnosis I was given so much information and advice. I'm now looking forward to sleeping so much better.

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We were pleased to help and hope you'll soon be sleeping safe and with restorative sleep and improved health 😊

First rate service, and really helpful throughout
19 January 2024  | 

It all started when my Garmin watch started telling me how badly I was sleeping - I had a very low sleep score, and the pulse ox rating was saying that my overnight levels were lower than normal.

I am often quite tired at times during the day and I am aware I snore, and on googling the meaning of all this came across the hope2sleep website. The information on here made me realise that I might well have sleep apnoea, so I decided to do the home test. The communication from the hope2sleep team was superb - emails before the test equipment was delivered to ensure I would be in to receive it, clear instructions and guidance provided throughout, and a really quick turnaround time (I sent the equipment back on the Monday and had the results on the Friday of the same week).

The results are really detailed and tell me I do have mild sleep apnoea, with clear recommendations of what I should do now.

Thank you to everyone in the team for the work you are doing!

Was this helpful to you?  Yes  /  No

1 of 1 people found this review helpful.


You're very welcome Matt and we were pleased to help you.

Patient Experience
20 November 2023  | 

Hope2Sleep have helped me on two occasions to confirm what I have suspected, that sleep apnoea/heavy snoring is driving my chronic insomnia. The device for the assessment of sleep apnoea, was simple to use and Kath is a great support I believe, to the undiagnosed sleep apnoea community.

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We were very pleased to help you Jason, and you're correct that so many people don't realise the root cause of their insomnia is years of undiagnosed/untreated sleep apnoea.

Sleep Apnoea Testing
10 November 2023  | 

I would like to thank Hope2sleep for the very good service with providing my test equipment. I was kept informed and updated from the moment of ordering and the equipment arrived with all I needed to carry out the test. Thank you to all the team 😃

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Thanks for your kind words Jane and it was our pleasure to help you 😊

Amazing support!
16 September 2023  | 

Having grown increasingly concerned about my husband's sleep issues, and a GP advising that a referral could take 'months', someone suggested contacting Hope2Sleep and the response i got was amazing! It was such a relief to find people that understood and were eager to help!
the sleep monitors were delivered quickly, very easy to set up and use (lots of info provided). we received a report within 48 hours of returning the machine showing he had severe apnoea! such a relief to have a quick diagnosis, along with all the support and advice in order for us to move forward. We now have 'Hope'! thank you

Was this helpful to you?  Yes  /  No

1 of 1 people found this review helpful.


It's been a real pleasure helping you both Sally 😊

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