Sleep Apnoea Home Screening Service

Sleep Apnoea Home Screening Service

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Sleep Apnoea pre-diagnostic Screening Test for people who suspect they may be suffering from undiagnosed Sleep Apnoea.  This test is NOT for people already on CPAP, as for accurate screening it would require not using CPAP for the test, which isn't recommended without the approval of your sleep doctor.


Due to the fact this sleep screening test is very popular, sometimes there is a delay before we can send a device out, but you will be informed via email when it has been sent with a tracking number provided.

Please note that our charity have been fortunate in raising funding for new equipment, so you will be sent the upgraded model (PolyWatch) to that shown  in the images.  The website will be updated soon.

This SleepView Screener is a pre-diagnostic Sleep Apnoea Screening Test for adults who suspect they are sufferers of Sleep Apnoea.  It will provide evidence for people as to whether they need to take further action in arranging a full Sleep Study, and/or for their GP's to refer them to a sleep clinic/hospital for an official diagnosis and treatment via the NHS.  Apnoeas, hypopnoeas, low oxygen desaturations and pulse rate will be recorded but this test is not intended to identify the difference kinds of Sleep Apnoea, as below.

It is always advisable people are treated under the supervision of a registered sleep clinician, as there are different variations of Sleep Apnoea which often require more than just a straightforward CPAP machines for good therapy:-   

  • Obstructive Sleep Apnoea which is caused through obstructions when the airways relax.
  • Central Sleep Apnoea which is when the brain fails to send messages to breathe.
  • Mixed or Complex Sleep Apnoea (which is a mixture of both Obstructive and Central Sleep Apnoea).

Also, other underlying health conditions can often determine which type of machine people require, which is another reason to be treated by a qualified registered sleep clinican!  (An an example, Kath Hope of Hope2Sleep was started on CPAP, moved to APAP followed by ASV (Adaptive Servo Ventilation) and is now currently on VPAP,  so she is very grateful for being under good care by the NHS).  Therefore, it is not our charity's recommendation that people undertake online sleep studies and purchase machines.  It should also be noted that CPAP machines require prescribing by a qualified sleep clinician.

For people who only wish to check on oxygen desaturations please see the alternative screening test hire which is suitable for people already using CPAP.

This particular test is more accurate for detecting Sleep Apnoea than just a Pulse Oximetry test alone, due to it measuring nasal and mouth breathing, as using pulse oximetry alone as a pre-diagnosis is not always accurate, due to the fact that oxygen desaturations can also happen for other reasons.  Also, not all apnoeas/hypopneas cause oxygen desaturations as often the body fights hard to keep oxygen levels maintained.


  SleepView Sleep Apnoea Testing Device  


The SleepView device is worn on the wrist and a finger probe is attached to check for oxygen desaturations and pulse rate. 

A respiratory nasal/oral cannula is also worn which measures breathing (capturing if breathing stops or partially stops during sleep, known as apnoeas and hypopnoeas).

It also stores snoring statistics.






The device is sent out on loan for one night's use, and you are paying for the hire of the equipment, the subsequent data to be downloaded and the report compiled and issued with recommendations for your next action to be taken.  You can see a brief sample of Page 1 of the report below:-

SleepView Sleep Screening Report



Due to the fact this sleep screening test is very popular, sometimes there is a delay before we can send a device out, but you will be informed via email when it has been sent with a tracking number provided.

  • This Sleep Screening Test is for Adults only.
  • You DO NOT need a prescription for this test.
  • The results of the test are confidential, and shall not be shared with anybody else.
  • This particular test is NOT recommended for people already on CPAP as it would require coming off the treatment, which should only be done under guidance of your sleep clinicians. 
  • You can hire the equipment for extra nights with separate reports created, but this should not be necessary if you are already aware you are struggling to breathe most nights.  Do bear in mind though, that separate nights recordings would rarely show up the same results, as Sleep Apnoea varies from night to night, depending on medications taken, certain foods eaten, alcohol consumption, body temperature, allergies, and nasal stuffiness etc.
  • Please ensure you use and then return our device promptly, as this slows down the process and is unfair on those waiting.
  • You are paying for the loan of the equipment only, and the subsequent reports which will be sent to you, and it must be returned to us via the stamped-addressed recorded delivery packaging provided.  Failure to send back the kit promptly may incur extra charges before the results are sent! 
  • We do not ship this item out of the United Kingdom.
  • It is always advisable to ensure you are treated under the supervision of a registered sleep doctor for your Sleep Apnoea!
  • As stated previously, this is a pre-diagnostic screening test and for any signs of sleep apnoea you will be advised to seek a referral from your local sleep clinic for further investigations.  Whilst several members of our charity's trustee and medical board are qualified to diagnose, our intention is that you be seen face-to-face wherever possible by a sleep qualified doctor.
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If you have even a slight concern - do this test!!
Saturday, 29 December 2018  | 

My sister was visiting from Oz and we were talking about her recent diagnosis for sleep apnea. My daughter suggested I needed it checked too. I had already spoken to my doctor but he just suggested I lose weight!

I ordered the sleep test for two nights! The device is so simple to use. The instructions are easy to follow and I was able to sleep with it. I chose the two night option, as I wanted to be very sure of the results.

Just got my results and I will now be going back to my doctor with the results in hand - as I most definitely have a problem!

I can HIGHLY recommend this service. I will be interested to see what my GP has to say! But I now feel fully armed to get something done!

So if you are concerned - order this service. It will either ease your concern or arm you with evidence!

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Glad to have helped you Jeanette and interesting about your sister's diagnosis and sleep apnoea definitely runs in families. Furthermore, untreated sleep apnoea can actually cause/excacerbate weight gain and when people are put on treatment for the sleep apnoea they find it much easier to lose weight. Good Luck!

An invaluable service
Thursday, 29 November 2018  | 

I cannot recommend this service highly enough. The device was effective and easy to use with clear instructions. Communication was excellent. Most importantly, I have a report to take to my GP that will hopefully get me a sleep study referral. I am hugely grateful for this service.

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We were so pleased to be able to help you Jon, and hope you soon get the CPAP therapy you need, which should make a huge positive difference on your health and well being 😊

helping hands
Thursday, 8 November 2018  | 

I was worried about not sleeping and was reassured and given good advice and wonderful assistance in selecting the correct product - it was sent out so quickly the instructions were clear and the results were due back in only a few days - great folk to deal with and so helpful.

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It was our pleasure to help you Liz 😊

Sleep Apnea Home Screening
Thursday, 25 October 2018  | 

The service is more cost effective than others available in the marketplace. Whilst the equipment is relatively compact, I did find that it disturbed my sleep and I also had some issues with the finger sensor losing contact several times. This meant that I had quite a poor sleep with long periods of wakefulness. Consequently, I'm not 100% confident in the details of the output. That said, I think the overall conclusion of the report is correct and will support my upcoming referral to a sleep specialist. As others have said, it may be better to have 2 nights rather than just the 1 that I had.

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Yes, it can be hard trying to sleep normally with the equipment on, which is exactly the same issue some people have with the hospital sleep studies. Hopefully, if you undergo a further hospital study, it will help you sleep better now you know how it feels. Good luck with your clinic appointment.

Just what I needed
Friday, 12 October 2018  | 

After struggling for months with tiredness and being depressed and lack lustre all round, it was my last option to find out a cause. I stumbled across hope2sleep on Google and found this device!

It's small, light weight and I slept perfectly fine with the monitor attached. It's easy to set up and it's very user friendly.

With on 2 days of sending the machine back I had my report!

Customer service at it's best!

Thank you hope2sleep

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Pleased to have helped you find what is likely to be at the root of your tiredness and depression Kirsty, and good luck in the next step in your journey of getting diagnosed and treated.

Great service
Saturday, 16 June 2018  | 

Efficient service, very detailed report

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Excellent services
Monday, 28 May 2018  | 

I really wasnít sure what was the cause of my sleep issues.

Iíve spoken to Kath a lot of Facebook and she was very helpful. I just wish Iíd got the study sooner.

As a bonus my clinic has said they will honour the study 😀

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Fabulous news Julian and hope you can finally get the CPAP therapy you need and start to feel the benefits soon 😊

Quick results & do easy to use!
Monday, 14 May 2018  | 

After an unsympathetic visit to my GP, the home test confirmed my condition & I have now been successfully referred to a sleep clinic. Very easy to use & I highly recommend the 2 night option.

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Good to hear our screening device has helped speed up your journey to a diagnosis and better health!

Easy to wear
Saturday, 12 May 2018  | 

I got this for 1 night. I found it easy to wear (Iím such a bad sleeper I didnít expect to nod off but I did). Make sure the mouth bit pokes the right way to count your snores!
It measures snores, pulse, sats and the the apnoeas. Couldnít believe I stop breathing for 1.5 minutes often! I scored 14.9 (almost moderate). Spoke to gp who liked to see the copy of the printout to send off to the respiratory doc. So they take this device seriously!
Canít wait to get to the clinic and so relieved to find out that this is whatís been causing me misery in the form of constant tiredness, low mood, palpitations, migraines (Iím only assuming my lack of sleep had caused this but seems likely).

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Easy to use. Speedy report!
Tuesday, 1 May 2018  | 

The monitor instructions are easy to follow & the monitor easy to use. The results of the report were emailed to me in a matter of days with lots of detail & links to research to pass on to my GP, who has made a referral to a local sleep clinic for further tests. Thank you so much to everyone at Hope2Sleep!

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Very happy to help you Rowena and hope you get your diagnosis and treatment soon 🙂

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