Cann-Ease CPAP & Oxygen Nasal Moisturiser for Nose, Lips and Skin
Cann-Ease CPAP & Oxygen Nasal Moisturiser for Nose, Lips and SkinCann-Ease CPAP & Oxygen Nasal Moisturiser for Nose, Lips and SkinCann-Ease CPAP & Oxygen Nasal Moisturiser for Nose, Lips and Skin

Cann-Ease CPAP & Oxygen Nasal Moisturiser for Nose, Lips and Skin

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We have now added this Cann-Ease Nasal Moisturiser to our shop, and whilst it's primarily marketed for the nose and nasal passages, the manufacturer states it can be used on the lips, skin and ears.

This Cann-Ease Nasal Moisturiser is a popular product in the USA and is suitable for use in the nasal passages, lips and skin,  and oxygen users will find it helpful for any skin irritation caused by the cannulas.  There is nothing in the ingredients that is unsafe for breathing or mask and oxygen cannula damage.  In fact the product was developed by Dr. Tony E. Jones, Professor at the University of Colorado, who also formulated other branded products such as Blistex® and Clearasil® but this particular product is manufactured primarily for CPAP, BiPAP, non-invasive ventilator and oxygen patients.

The gel is water-based and the 1oz (25g) tube goes a long way and when applied inside the nasal passages it should not leave a sticky residue. 

For use in the nasal passages this is especially beneficial to people who use nasal pillows types of mask that go inside the nostrils, oxygen users and also for anyone troubled by the hairs in the nose causing a tickling sensation, to minimise this annoying irritation. 

It will also help people who get the 'dreaded itch' on the nose itself which is caused by the air pressure causing the very fine hairs on the skin to move - in which case it is advised to apply the cream liberally without rubbing it right into the skin. 

As well as moisturising and healing the skin, this is a safe product that can be applied to dry lips, with no risk that comes with petroleum jelly products products (like Vaseline or Vicks) which can lead to lipoid pneumonia - see this article on our website.... Why Petroleum Jelly (like Vicks and Vaseline should NOT be used with CPAP or Oxygen.

Cann-Ease say:-

Benefits of Cann-Ease™…

  • The ORIGINAL nasal moisturizing gel

  • Water based gel that does not contain oils, scents, artificial colors, petroleum based products, silicones or emulsifiers

  • Works on contact and provides immediate relief!

  • Improves patient compliance and the effectiveness of humidification devices

  • Alleviates irritation caused by friction from cannula 

  • Isotonic - Will not sting sensitive tissue when applied

  • Hypoallergenic

  • Specifically formulated to relieve discomfort of long term oxygen therapy

  • Effective on dry nasal passages caused by low humidity, nasal drying medications, infusion therapy and allergy remedies

  • Apply to lips to prevent and treat chapped-lips


Not just for nasal passages

Cann-Ease Nasal Moisturizing Gel is recommended for Adults and Children for:

  • Sore tender Nose and Nasal Passages for Oxygen Therapy Patients and CPAP, BiPAP and non-invasive ventilator masks
  • Stuffy itchy noses due to allergies, winter dryness
  • Epistaxis due to allergies, oxygen therapy, or thin nasal membranes
  • Irritation of nose, around ears and face caused by nasal cannula, CPAP / BIPAP masks
  • Dry, Crusted Nasal Membranes
  • Dry, Cracked Lips and to keep lips moist


  • Aloe Vera Gel... has a long, well developed history of topical protection from dryness and irritation.
  • Allantoin... increases the water binding capacity of skin, helping to protect tissue from desiccation. It also possesses the ability to debride necrotic ( ead) skin and scaly tissue.
  • d-Pantothenol... is a precursor to pantothenic acid, a vitamin of the B-complex group. Disturbed function of skin requires higher levels of this vitamin to resist further damage and speed natural repair of tissue.
  • Other Ingredients... are designed to buffer the pH to physiological range, stabilize ingredients, and preserve the product from bacterial contamination.  Please note that the product contains no artificial colors, perfumes or petroleum based ingredients and is therefore not contraindicated for use with plastics or rubber materials in nasal cannula tubing or fittings.
  • This product is not tested on animals.



  • Water-Based Gel – Normal breathing causes the cilia to move, exciting the muscles at the base of the cilia to excrete mucous. Water-insoluble ingredients like dimethicone and organic oils found in other products paralyze the muscles at the base of the cilia and normalmucous excretion is interrupted.
  • Oil Free –Products that contain oils are water-insoluble, presenting a risk of a patient developing Lipoid Pneumonia should the oil molecule reach the lung. Cann-Ease is Oil Free
  • Petroleum Free – Products that contain petroleum ingredients are water-insoluble, presenting a risk of a patient developing Lipoid Pneumonia should the oil molecules reach the lung.  Cann-Ease is Petroleum Free
  • Fragrance Free – Cann-Ease will not cause an allergic reaction to a fragrance.
  • No Coloring – Cann-Ease will not cause an allergic reaction to a food dye. Users prefer using a clear gel.


Directions for Use…

Apply Cann-EaseTM Nasal Moisturizing Gel as needed to dry, irritated areas of the nasal passages. Apply Often to keep areas moist until dryness improves.  Continue use as desired to prevent further dryness from recurring.


Toxicity/Allergy Information….

The Ingredients in Cann-EaseTM Nasal Moisturizing Gel are virtually non-toxic.  To date there have been no reports of any unpleasant or adverse reactions.  In rare instances, a patient may manifest hypersensitivity to any of the ingredients. In those cases, discontinue use and consult a physician immediately. 



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Excellent Product
01 November 2023  | 

This is a first class product for people who are reliant on oxygen. Does precisely what it says. 5 stars if it had not been for the price but do appreciate that special products
are not cheap to produce.

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Good to hear the CannEase Cream is working well for you, and the price is mainly due to having to import it, but is well worth it when we hear such good reviews - plus a little does go a long way. We just wish the manufacturer would make bigger sizes.

excellent product
15 October 2023  | 

Had a sample in a previous order and when husband started to develop a sore area and dryness from the mask, this was perfect for instant relief. Have now purchased full size...only a little needed so will last a good while!

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Brilliant product
22 September 2023  | 

Thank goodness for a product that moisturises and stops that annoying itchy nose the moment you turn your machine on. Great to keep your nasal passages moisturised during the day. The gel is clear so not noticeable.

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Really good
31 July 2023  | 

I'm not sure if I've had bad hay-fever
(not suffered before) but for a few weeks my nose was dry and itchy causing me to keep sneezing and my eyes to run. I'd had a sample of this gel with a previous order so I tried it on a cotton bud and it really soothed my nose. It's not a miracle cure but I used it each time I had a sneezing fit and it definitely calmed it down. I suspect its not hayfever but the air drying my nose - I use a nasal pillow. I bought a tube but haven't had to use it yet as the free sample sorted the problem. As always it was easy to order and it came quickly. I do agree with others that it's really expensive but you do only need to use a small amount at a time

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Moisture cream helps night hay fever
27 June 2023  | 

I purchased this CPAP Moisture Therapy Cream
as I heard it was good to line the nostrils to catch the Hay fever pollen in the night.
It did work well and I had some good sleep.
Would recommend.

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Great tip there and especially as it's important to have a safe cream inside the nostrils due to the health risk of anything contain petroleum jelly like vaseline or Vicks. Hope this helps others too.

Great product
20 June 2023  | 

Yea received fast and great product

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Highly Recommend
20 April 2023  | 

I've tried all types of creams and this is the only one to work,seemed pricey but you only need tiny amount as it goes so far. Highly recommend.

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So pleased you've finally found a cream that works. It's a shame we can't get bigger tubes, but as you say a little bit really does go a long way 😊

Healed nasal passage
08 March 2023  | 

GP said to use Vaseline!!!! Worked wonders on broken skin inside nasal passage. Will continue to use at night time but great product. Think I will need a big tub of it!!

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Very relieved you knew the advise of using vaseline is incorrect and can even be dangerous!
So pleased the safe Cann-Ease cream is working well for you 😊

A must if your nose is easily irritated
06 March 2023  | 

A must if your nose is easily irritated. Previously to using this product I had been using a product called Ayr.Its an American Brand that cost about the same as this item but you got 30g. Anyway after a market place dealer on Amazon scammed me I decided I would no longer use that product. So I searched with the main ingredients and I was astounded to find that Hope2Sleep sold a similar product but for 10.99 as at the date of this review you get 100g! Yes 70g more for the same price. I wish i had seen this sooner. It made sense to use this going forward.

I suffer from an allergy to latex and silicone which makes my nose sting inside. It can be quite iritating during the night trying to move the mask to stop the itch. I use this product as a barrier inside the nose as i use the mask with the prongs Resmed Liberty. This helps me sleep and with the oxygen therapy it has helped because it doesnt contain petroleum that can react with oxygen and cause burns on the skin.

There are no cons to this product. I most certainly will be using this instead of Ayr going forward.

The Amazon Scam was 3 for the price of 2 for the Ayr Product. The person sends out just the one on purpose because you are in the UK and they are in the US. You end up with making a messy claim against the seller who keeps on protesting please send a photo of the packaging! Its the smallest envelope on the planet so no more that one could have gotten into that envelope. After doing some research on the seller and presenting this to Amazon they gave me my money back. The seller kept on putting a counter claim in so the refund kept on being taken from my account. As far as I know the seller was struck off the platform. The Amazon helpdesk told me a handy hint, if you dont want to deal with sellers on the marketplace then tick the box to the left hand side to say Amazon only! Because of this bad experience with Amazon I searched the net for the same ingredients and hey presto Hope2Sleep turned up as the first suggestion - a charity who I have used before on several occassions and had no issues with them and would highly recommend!

The Amazon seller had no links or connection to Hope2Sleep for clarification. I mention this incase others are conned by marketplace seller so that they come here instead because that is never ever going to happen to buyers here.

Thank you.

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So very sorry to hear you were scammed by an Amazon seller and thanks for warning others. However, it's great to hear that that you're finding the Cann-Ease is helping you and you will always be safe purchasing from us at the charity, as we treat everyone how we like to be treated ourselves 😊.

Moisture gel
22 February 2023  | 

This is a really good product which has helped my dry lips. Highly recommended.

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