FitLife Full (Total) Face CPAP Mask
 FitLife Full (Total) Face CPAP MaskFitLife Full (Total) Face CPAP Mask 

FitLife Full (Total) Face CPAP Mask

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Part Number:  1089994
Brand:  Philips Respironics

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Philips Respironics

This unique FitLife Full (Total) Face Mask has come to the rescue of many mouth breathers who struggle with facial marks and/or nasal bridge sores.

(The other mask from Philips Respironics also helping people with this issue is the Amara View which avoids the nasal bridge area too!).

It's worth knowing that people who have a Paypal account, can apply for Paypal Credit for purchases over £99.00 to spread the payments over 4 months with no added interest (0%).  The agreement is via yourself and Paypal who will pay our charity the full amount upon purchase, and more details can be found here

This FitLife Mask now comes in 3 sizes Small (for children and petite adults), Large or XL (for larger width + length faces).  As well as the addition of the XL size to the range, the mask has recently undergone some other improvements to ensure an even better experience.  These improvements are:

FitLife Improvements

Although the FitLife looks like a large bulky mask, it has so many features that draw people to it.

Hope2Sleep's Observations (from Personal Experience):-

  • No marks across the front of the face from the mask or straps, due to it sealing around the edge of the face where there is less pressure-sensitive areas.
  • Especially helpful for people who have trouble with nasal bridge sores and discomfort.
  • Clear line of sight, as some masks can push the skin underneath the eyes, therefore, causing the eyes to half close.
  • Skin moisturisers etc can be used again (apart from at the very edge of the face), as the mask makes no contact with the skin, and therefore 'normal off-the-shelf' skin products will not damage the mask. (Always check any skin moisturiser is safe for breathing though when wearing an mask, as contents containing petroelum jelly are not!  See our Help Section).
  • Easy to re-adjust on those problem nights where you may toss and turn more and lose your seal, or after those night trips to the bathroom.
  • Can be used for side sleepers (the preferred position for sleep apnoea sufferers) by sleeping at the edge of your pillow (See our Help Section regarding pillows).
  • Easy to clean due to no small fiddly parts (the cushion is attached to the mask).
  • Minimises air from blowing on and annoying bed partner.
  • No worries of whether your mouth falls open in your sleep, and doing so will not cause loss of mask seal. (Whilst this mask is not actually designed to be worn under the chin, Hope2Sleep's personal experience is that wearing it this way seems to be even more comfortable and actually pulls the chin forward rather than back (like a lot of other masks do).  PLEASE NOTE - This is a personal choice only and NOT MEDICAL ADVICE!

Philips Respironics' Description:-

FitLife Features...

The FitLife total face mask was originally designed to provide hard-to-fit patients with the comfort they deserve, and is easy to fit, use and seal.

A Comfortable Mask with Attractive Features...

  • The FitLife offers a robust seal around the less pressure-sensitive perimeter of the face to avoid disrupting the wearer's view.
  • Its advanced headgear with easy-to-use snap clips and EZ Peel tabs simplify application and removal.
  • Due to the fact that pressure and flow inside the mask are equalised, eye irritation is minimised.
  • The built-in radial diffusion leak ports deflect exhaled air away from the bed partner and provide quiet operation.

The Right Fit for the Most Challenging Patient Needs...

This easy-to-fit mask provides the seal and comfort people need to work toward compliance - something so often thought of as difficult for patients who present fitting challenges.


Available in 3 sizes - Small, Large and XL.)

The Small size is suitable for children or very petite adults.

The Large size tends to fit small adults or those with slim faces.

The XL size is for adults with long slim, or wide 'chubby' faces.

Click to download Sizing Gauges for size Small + Large ONLY, as Respironics' have not provided an XL one.

Click to download Fitting Guide.

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Great mask
12 April 2022  | 

I recently purchased this mask as I was having a hard time with the mask supplied with my cpap machine. It fits quite well with some good adjustments and does the job.
The only thing Iíve found is if your a side sleeper it can be slightly uncomfortable but on your back itís great.

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Best mask I've used so far
19 October 2021  | 

As a relative newcomer to CPAP therapy, I've tried numerous masks, which have all resulted in nose bridge sores. Being a mouth breather and not being able to tolerate air being blown up my nose, I thought the Fitlife would fit the bill.

I find the mask to be very comfortable at the relatively low pressures I have set. Though, anything much above 13/14 and I have to tighten the headgear considerably for it to continue to make an effective seal. This isn't exclusive to this mask as I've experienced exactly the same issue with other masks. However, this mask has eliminated my nose sores and only leaves minimal marks around the perimeter of my face after use.

I see a lot of people asking if there are issues with air blowing into the eyes. I haven't experienced this at all.

Others mention potential claustrophobia. Again, I don't have a problem with this. The clear front has a good field of vision and when you're wearing it, it arguably feels more natural than a full face mask as you're breathing in and out into a larger space than a full face mask that only covers your nose and mouth.

Though it's one of the more expensive masks, it's not that expensive compared to trialling a number of masks....... just wish I'd tried this one first!

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So pleased to hear this, and although the FitLife is the largest and most expensive mask, it really does come to the rescue of many people, and especially those prone to face marks from the masks, due to the FitLife sealing around the edges of the face.

Fabulous mask but........
01 June 2021  | 

Itís the best mask Iíve purchased but it has one flaw. The vent, as with every other one, blows out straight onto my husband. Itís quite a substantial blow too. I wish all masks would come with lock in place vents and also a lock to keep air blowing into mask as you wish it to. I have to have the air blowing directly into my nasal passages or I end up congested. I spend hours moving tube into position throughout the night but if I could lock it, that would be great.

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There's always a compromise isn't there Yvonne. I used the FitLife for many years and used to put a pillow in between hubby and I 😊 Glad the mask is working for you though. Kath

Very useful
24 February 2021  | 

I needed a different face mask from my amara view as I was having extensive facial surgery for a cancer on my top lip. The FitLife Full (Total) Face mask seemed like a good alternative. I am not disappointed, in fact very happy with the mask.
I have tracheomalacia so use the CPAP machine to keep my chest clear and raise my oxygen levels. I would not be able to use the mask while I sleep as I sleep on my side but sitting in a chair for a couple of hours each day keeps my chest clear. The NHS could not help to obtain an alternative mask for me so I rang hope2sleep for help/advice. Excellent help and the mask arrived within 2 days. Thank you, you helped make major surgery manageable , I just need to recover from surgery without the need to worry about my other health problem.

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We're so pleased to hear this Jean, and you may hopefully find you'll be able to wear the FitLife laid down in bed like a lot of others do.
FYI Kath our founder also found the FitLife when she was due nose surgery many years ago which helped her post-surgery continue to use her CPAP and she still wears the FitLife years later from time to time, such as with a cold or toothache etc.

09 September 2020  | 

I m very happy . This mask is perfect. Doesn't blow in eyes and no leaks. I love it... Thanks!!!

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So very pleased to hear this 😊

Fit life Full face mask
18 May 2020  | 

I decided to buy this mask as it had such good reviews & I have found great difficulty with many other masks. Unfortunately after 2 nights I could no longer use it due to massive leaks despite adjusting straps etc & apnoeas shooting up to 32 AHI. I had downloaded the template guide for the correct measurement for my face before ordering. I will now have to try & sell the mask to try & recoup the very high cost.

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Sorry to hear the mask didn't work for you, which is always a risk when having to purchase a mask before trying it on. It's always sad when we hear this as we hate people spending money without success 😢The FitLife is such a good mask for many people, but unfortunately what works for one doesn't always work for another.

FitLife Full (Total) Face CPAP Mask
05 May 2020  | 

I bought this with high expectations but was disappointed. The straps couldn't be tightened enough, therefore, leakage galore. I still snored with enough power to vibrate my husband's pillow!!! Very expensive for a product that didn't work.

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Sorry to hear this Therese which is always a problem when purchasing a mask without having previously tried it. It would also be worth contacting your clinic about the snoring though as your pressure may need adjusting.

Product purchase
12 September 2018  | 

Ordered 4.00 pm, arrived 12.00 pm following day. Canít get better than tha.

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Best mask yet, but...
26 June 2018  | 

The Fitlife Full mask is the best one i have bought so far by a long shot, after wasting hundreds of pounds on other types. I suffer badly from nasal bridge sores so i cant have anything that touches my nose and i`m a mouth open snorer. This mask solves all those problems as it does not make any marks on my face and i can sleep with my mouth literally wide open and still get a good seal. the one problem i do have with this mask is that in the instructions it says to fit the mask so that it doesn't cause your skin to be ruffled/distorted with to tight a strap fit but if you have it too loose, if your cpap or auto pap like mine goes over ten in pressure the mask literally raises up like a hovercraft and makes a farting sound around the seal. the only option is to have the straps done up quite tight which feels a bit uncomfortable after a while. i chose the correct size mask as per the template so i`m sure its not the wrong size. All in all it is the best one for me ! its quite expensive but i wish i`d bought this one first instead of wasting time and money on other masks.

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Great to hear this Will, and the FitLife is one of my favourites. It may be worth trying the SoftCap Headgear too as I find I get an excellent seal with that, rather than the standard headgear. Kath

Full mask XL
20 September 2017  | 

Although it's stated as an XL it's not.
It's a great concept but not big enough.
I would imagine a normal person would find it great but my face is too big

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Sorry to hear this Paul. Whilst the XL does fit the majority of people, I agree an XXL would help lots of people and also a size medium as the jump for the children from the small to the large is a problem.
I would definitely try the mask with a liner to see if that helps. Kath

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