Hybernite Heated Hose for Lowenstein Prisma  & universal with most CPAP. Comes with both UK & EU Plugs and PowerPal Switch
Hybernite Heated Hose for Lowenstein Prisma  & universal with most CPAP. Comes with both UK & EU Plugs and PowerPal SwitchHybernite Heated Hose for Lowenstein Prisma  & universal with most CPAP. Comes with both UK & EU Plugs and PowerPal SwitchHybernite Heated Hose for Lowenstein Prisma  & universal with most CPAP. Comes with both UK & EU Plugs and PowerPal Switch

Hybernite Heated Hose for Lowenstein Prisma & universal with most CPAP. Comes with both UK & EU Plugs and PowerPal Switch

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Replacement Hybernite Heated HoseReplacement Hybernite Heated Hose
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This Hybernite Superday Heated Hose Tubing will work with the Lowenstein Prisma CPAP machines we sell, and is universal so can be used with most CPAP machines that don't have the facility for heated tubing. 

There are 2 power plugs included - UK and EU so perfect for holidays in the respective countries without the need for an adapter. Also included is the Hybernite PowerPal Switch to connect to the Hybernite, which most people will find more convenient to switch the heated hose on and off, rather than having to plug and unplug it from the bedroom wall socket.

The Hybernite Superday Heated Breathing Tube 'Rainout Control System' by Plastiflex is suitable for the Lowenstein CPAP Machines, Drive DeVilbiss and most CPAP machines or non-invasive ventilators that don't have a specific heated hose system built into the machines to use with the humidifier.

What is 'rainout' and what does this Hybernite Heated Hose achieve?

  1. The purpose of heated hoses is that sometimes people find the air pumped into the mask from CPAP or non-invasive ventilator feels cold, and especially on the nose and up the nasal passages. (Note, the temperature of the air is dependant on the actual temperature of the bedroom, so the colder the bedroom, the colder the air will feel). A heated hose, in combination with a CPAP humidifier, will warm up the air and most humidifiers have a temperature setting to adjust this further.

  2. 'Rainout' is another problem that can occur, in that water can collect in the hose and often enters the mask, and is caused by the heated water from the humidifier reacting with the cold/cooler temperature in the bedroom. This is an annoying problem, and to try to fix this issue, patients tend to turn down their humidifiers making the dry mouth and nose worse. One of the main solutions is either a Heated Hose that is available for some brands of machines, or a Hose Cover which will insulate the hose. (Please note that a Hose Cover must not be used with this Hybernite Heated Hose due to risk of over-heating). Therefore, adding the Hybernite Universal Heated Hose can certainly be a successful solution!

  3. Some manufacturers already supply a heated hose to work with their machines, but the Hybernite Heated Hose is for machines where this facility is not provided for, so gives the option for most machines to have the facility of a heated hose working with their own CPAP or non-invasive ventilator's humidifier. The only difference is that the Hybernite Heated Hose works as a stand-alone heated hose and needs to be powered separately, which is why there is a power adapter supplied (with both a UK and EU plug). Occasionally, patients find the heated hose supplied by the manufacturer of their machine isn't adequate, which is another reason some patients opt for this Hybernite Heated Hose. (This Hybernite Heated Hose will not work with the Fisher & Paykel machines though, but Fisher & Paykel are the world leaders in humidification anyway, so patients shouldn't struggle with problems on their machines).

  4. The heated hoses are particularly good for very cold bedrooms or countries with colder climates. It should also be pointed out that some patients do find the heated hoses too hot for the breath, so only use them in the winter. 

Using its own, medical grade power source, the copper wires embedded in the walls of the Hybernite tubing uniformly heat along the length of the tube to maintain the temperature inside the tubing and prevent the humidified air from condensing as it travels from CPAP and humidifier to the mask.

Box Contents:-

Our starter pack comes with the following:-

  • Hybernite 6 ft long Heated Hose (19mm diameter with 22mm cuffs)

  • 12V Power Supply

  • UK 3-pin Plug

  • EU 2-pin Plug

  • Hybernite PowerPal Switch (to save the need from unplugging the power from the wall socket for turning off the Hybernite Heated Hose)

The warranty for the Hybernite power kit is 2 years from purchase.
The warranty for the actual hose is 30 days, based on 8 hours usage per day (although it would be unusual for it not to last for such a short time without accidental damage).

Hybernite Box Contents


The Hybernite can be used with most machines that accept a 19mm standard tube and has a humidifier attached. (Sometimes manufacturers describe these as 22mm wrongly, as it's the cuff ends that are 22mm and the diameter is usually 19mm).

The Hybernite can be used with the following Lowenstein machines without the external power plug, but it does need the external power supply for the Prisma SmartMax and SoftMax which we sell at the charity:- Prisma 20C/20A, 25S, 25S-C, 25ST, 30ST, CR, Prisma LAB with tube heating option, and Prisma VENT devices.

The Hybernite CANNOT be used with machines that use a smaller slimline diameter (15mm or 12mm) hose.

The Hybernite CANNOT be used with the older System One REMstar CPAP devices with software versions EARLIER than 1.24. (The version of software flashes on the display screen when the machine is first turned on).


Frequently Asked Questions:-

What happens if I connect the mask-end cuff to the humidifier and the humidifier end cuff to the mask? 

The Hybernite System works exactly as if the tube was connected correctly (mask cuff to mask and humidifier cuff to humidifier). However, for safety reasons and to ensure maximum comfort, connect the tube as described in the user’s manual. 

Can I use the tube without a power supply? 

Yes, the tube will then works like a standard tube for respiratory therapy devices. Respiratory air condensation can however form in the tube. 

When do I have to replace the tube? 

The tube must not be used for longer than 12 months. If the tube is damaged or a leak or malfunction occurs, then the tube should be replaced immediately. (The actual power unit will last a lot longer than 12 months).

Which humidifier or flow generator can I use the Hybernite System with? 

The cuffs of the Hybernite have the same diameter as standard tubes for respiratory therapy systems. Therefore, you can use the tube with all humidifiers that are intended for the connection of a standard tube

How do I get maximum comfort from using the Hybernite Rainout Control System? 

The maximum comfort will be different for every patient. The patent is advised to change the settings of the humidifier to find the zone of optimal comfort. It can be advised to increase the settings of the humidifier to the mid or top third of the range (e.g. setting 3, 4 or 5 if the range is from 1 to 5 or settings 4, 5 or 6 if the range is from 1 to 6). 


A fleece or material Hose Cover MUST NOT be used with the Hybernite due to risk of overheating.

DO NOT use the actual heated breathing tube longer than 12 months under any circumstances. (Replacement hoses can be purchased separately without the power packs, as the power pack itself should last a lot longer and is under warranty for 2 years).

Replace the heated breathing tube immediately if any damage is noticed (including any holes, kinks, tears or exposed copper wires).

Only use the Hybernite Heated Breathing Tube with the included power supply. DO NOT use with any other power source.

DO NOT use the Hybernite V12 Power supply in an oxygen enriched environment or in an area with anaesthetic gases.

DO NOT use the Hybernite V12 Power supply at height higher than 2000m above sea level.

Always use the Hybernite System in combination with humidification to avoid an elevated airflow temperature.

DO NOT use the Hybernite System when the room temperature exceeds 30°C (or 86°F) in order to avoid an elevated airflow temperature. 


Click to download Instruction Manual


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    heated hose
    15 May 2024  | 

    I bought this because I was getting a shower when I moved my head. It stopped all of that and
    just have to remember to turn it on!
    I like it.

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    Nice product
    28 March 2024  | 

    It does the job of eliminating water condensation.
    Thank you!

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    This review has not been appraised.

    Game changer
    09 November 2023  | 

    Expensive but helped stop my uncomfortable dry mouth and cold air. Recommended if you have these issues, not just rainout.

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    This review has not been appraised.

    Essential if you use a humidifier
    17 August 2023  | 

    I was recently diagnosed with mild OSA, and due to personal reasons I couldn't use a mandibular device so I was prescribed CPAP. I have found the adjustment to using CPAP easy enough, but I was experiencing a dry nose/throat on waking as such a humidifier was added which was a game changer as it significantly increased my comfort levels. An unfortunate side-affect of using a humidifier is "rainout" where condensation collects in the tube and the tube begins to gurgle. The gurgling is surprisingly loud, and so disrupts sleep.

    Adding the hybernite heated hose immediately resolved the rainout issue for me, allowing effective treatment of my OSA via CPAP and optimal comfort levels with the humidifier added.

    Souring the hybernite hose was not easy, I found hope2sleep while searching extensively. They were one of the only places listing the item at a reasonable price, other places that had it available were marking it up significantly.

    Hope2sleep got the hybernite out to be the very next day, barely 24hrs after I'd ordered the hose was with me and available for use the next night.

    I couldn't be happier with the service hope2sleep have provided here, I'd highly recommend them to anyone suffering with OSA or other sleep related disorders.

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    1 of 1 people found this review helpful.

    Fantastic product
    21 March 2023  | 

    I have an unusual set up but the H2S team were able to advise that this hose may be suitable.
    It's fantastic, does exactly as hoped by preventing rainout. It is a little less flexible than my non heated hose and the ends are solid plastic not rubbery, but his does not impact its use. I would highly recommend this.

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    So pleased to hear that we were correct with your unusual set-up Helen and that the Hybernite is preventing the rainout 😊

    Fixed Rain Out but Humidifier not working properly
    16 November 2022  | 

    So it did the job of fixing the rain out, no more water going in so that was amazing. The issue was I now wake up with dry mouth again, which I was getting when I initially started the sleep therapy, but the humidifier fixed that problem. So it seems with the heated pipes the humidifier is either not working any more properly or is losing water quicker in the night.

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    Glad the heated hose has helped, but sorry to hear you have a problem with your actual humidifier. Your hospital should be able to help with this though.

    Heated Hose
    05 September 2022  | 

    Speedy delivery, great product & thanks for all the advise

    Was this helpful to you?  Yes  /  No

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    You're very welcome and glad the heated hose is working well for you 😊



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