Prisma SmartMax APAP and SoftMax CPAP Machines by Lowenstein
 Prisma SmartMax APAP and SoftMax CPAP Machines by LowensteinPrisma SmartMax APAP and SoftMax CPAP Machines by Lowenstein 

Prisma SmartMax APAP and SoftMax CPAP Machines by Lowenstein

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Part Number:  LMT31980-1210
Brand:  Lowenstein Medical

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Lowenstein Medical

These are the top of the range Prisma SmartMax APAP (auto pressures) and SoftMax CPAP (fixed pressure) machines by Lowenstein Medical. These 'Max' versions come with a built-in modem for remote telemonitoring by clinics or healthcare providers.

We are pleased to be an official UK distributor of their high quality range of CPAP machines, masks and accessories, as Lowenstein Medical UK are very supportive of our charity.

These are the top of the range Prisma SmartMax APAP (automatic pressures) and Prisma SoftMax CPAP (fixed pressure) machines by Lowenstein Medical (previously known as Weinmann) who are a quality German manufacturer of CPAP, anaesthesia workstations, neonatal ventilators, ICU-ventilators, sleep diagnostics and high quality masks (also available on our website). Lowenstein do have a big range of different CPAP and non-invasive ventilator models and it is these 'max' series which are the white machines in the Prisma line.

For ease of understanding the difference between the machines, the 'SMART' relates to the APAP machines (which means they operate at auto pressures, depending on a patient's need to treat 'automatically') and the 'SOFT' is referring to fixed CPAP pressures which need to be set via monitoring/titration by a sleep consultant or sleep clinician. Both machines look identical with just the different names printed (Prisma Smart or Prisma Soft).


CPAP and APAP Therapy with Fully Integrated Connectivity

Both the Prisma SoftMax (CPAP) and Prisma SmartMax (APAP) have modern, reliable CPAP and/or APAP therapy featuring integrated connectivity with diverse interfaces (SD, PSG, LAN, internal Bluetooth, internal modem), precise event detection and a high level of patient comfort. (The Prisma SoftMax can only be run at fixed CPAP pressures, but the Prisma SmartMax is mainly run on automatic pressures, but has the option to run on fixed CPAP mode as well).

(To help with any confusion of Prisma CPAP models on other websites, Lowenstein also have the white Prisma SoftPlus and SmartPlus versions but the Plus versions do NOT come with a built-in modem for remote telemonitoring for clinics or other healthcare providers to be able to remotely access the CPAP therapy results' This is why we only supply the Max versions - SoftMax and SmartMax machines which come with a built-in modem).

Both the SmartPlus and SmartMax, as well as having the built-in modem, also have integrated Bluetooth for data transmission to the Prisma APP for patient self-management which is available for both IOS and Android.

Screenshots of App Examples

App Screenshot

App Screenshot2

The Prism App is simply one of the best and with these both these SoftMax and SmartMax CPAP and APAP machines, you are even able to control some comfort features from within the app. More information and download links are available by CLICKING HERE.

The most important features at a glance:-

  • Two dynamic options for pressure adjustment in APAP mode (Prisma SmartMax APAP machine only)

  • Deep sleep indicator Prisma RECOVER for evaluation of sleep quality

  • Several convenience functions such as autoSTART, softSTART, pressure relief softPAP

  • Detection of periodic breathing, RERA, snoring, hypopnoea, apnoea and flow limitations

  • Reliable differentiation of obstructive apnoea from central apnoea, thanks to FOT (Forced Oscillatory Technique)

  • Extensive range of Prisma accessories

  • Diverse interfaces (SD, PSG, LAN, internal Bluetooth, internal modem)

  • For 22 mm and 19 mm breathing tube systems (both with 22 mm standard cuffs)

  • Unheard-of silence

Prisma Aqua Humidifier (Optional)

Prisma Aqua Humidifier

The Prisma Aqua Heated Humidifier for people who experience a dry mouth or nose can be purchased at a special price with the machines or can be purchased separately at a later date if necessary. 

The humidifier attaches to the left hand side of the machine by removing the outer machine cover to expose the humidifier fittings.

Available Purchase Options:-

  • Prisma SmartMax APAP (auto pressures)

  • Prisma SmartMax APAP (auto pressures) with Prisma Aqua Humidifier

  • Prisma SoftMax CPAP (fixed pressure)

  • Prisma SoftMax CPAP (fixed pressure) with Prisma Aqua Humidifier


Included in the box for both machines are:-

  • 15 mm Slim Hose

  • Power Supply and 3-pin Power Lead (plus European 2-pin Power Lead)

  • 2 Spare Coarse Dust Filters (and 1 pre-fitted in machine)

  • SD Card

  • Carry Bag


Optional extras available separately:-

  • Fine Disposable Pollen Filter

  • Heated Hose

  • Prisma Aqua Humidifier

  • Plus other optional extras and replacement accessories.....

Basic Specifications:-

Dimensions (W x H x D) 170 x 135 x 180 mm
Weight 1.34 kg
Electrical Rating Max 40 VA
System interface 24 V DC max 5 VA
Power consumption in :       240 V             100 V

  • Operation:                    0.16 A            0.36 A
  • Standby:                      0.035 A         0.061 A

Mean Sound Pressure Level approx. 26 dB(A) at 10 cm H20
Pressure Range 4-20 cm H20
2 Year Warranty

Click to download Full Specification Brochure

Click to download Prisma SmartMax and SoftMax Manual


CPAP is a prescription item and we CANNOT sell one without signed approval from your sleep clinic, CPAP prescription or proof of diagnosis.  If you require a form to give to your clinic prior to or after ordering, please click on the following link to download the form:-

Click here to download Prescription Form

Please fill in your name and address on the downloaded form which can then be taken to, sent to or emailed to your clinic, as without approval we cannot release any CPAP machines.  If your clinic have instructed any specific settings, these will be set up before the machine is despatched to you.

Please email the completed form back to us as soon as possible after placing an order to so that we can arrange delivery to you.

Setting Up Prisma SmartMax and Prisma SoftMax

(Please note the video shows the black machines and it is the white 'Max' ones on this listing, but same setup)



Adjusting Comfort Settings on Prisma SmartMax and SoftMax

(Please note the video shows the black machines and it is the white 'Max' ones on this listing, but same setup)



Introduction to the Prisma App 

Important Note - please listen carefully as the video explains that only the white Prisma SmartMax and SmartPlus machines can be paired with the Prisma App due to their built-in modem. The black PrismaLine series and black Prisma Smart and Soft can only be paired with the Prisma App if they have an external modem attached. 





Click Here to be directed to a full series of Prisma App tutorial videos available on Lowenstein's YouTube Channel

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Easyset up and quiet
13 February 2024  | 

Purchased with additional humidifer for my husband. Machine easy to set up and connect to bluetooth for app, (did watch you tube to connect humidifer as diagrams on instructions were confusing). App is easy to use and has been really useful for the first few weeks when trying to get to grips with using CPAP. He prefers not to use autostart as found air pressure as soon as a breath is taken made securing the mask more difficult.

Machine is very quiet and does not cause any disruption. Only thing would change is the screen staying on which would be helpful for us but just check the app if mask starts to leak due to position. Would recommend for anyone new to needing auto CPAP so far.

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Made a massive difference
09 January 2024  | 

I want to chirp in and leave my review here, after about 3 weeks of use, I think this is long enough to at least give a cursory review.

Thankfully I live in Hull and was able to look at the machines in person as well as get help with mask fitting at the charity's shop. The staff have been unbelievably helpful, at a time when I was struggling to get help from the NHS. Hope2sleep took the time to advise me and send long detailed emails helping me along the whole process.

Inititally I had approached Hope2sleep looking for a chin strap to help with snoring, however Kath gently advised I should take a sleep apnea test. I was a little apprehensive to do so because a year earlier I had used a WatchPat sleep apnea test which came up negative for sleep apnea. Kath explained that this particular device is not always accurate... her hunch was right, after using a better device I was diagnosed right on the border of severe sleep apnea! (30 AHI)

After calling my local sleep clinic with the NHS, I was advised that waiting lists on CPAP equipment could be 6 months. By that time I was totally done with waiting. My day to day life which mostly involved staying in bed, never quite rested, was only possible because my job as a web developer allowed me to work completely remote. So even though this CPAP equipment was expensive, I went ahead and purchased this Prisma, I took a leap of faith as there is no real way to trial the equipment for free... if I'd waited for the NHS, perhaps I'd have been able to test and try. But I took the plunge.

I have been very happy with my purchase ever since. I could tell from the very first night that it was going to work, I felt the relief of getting extra air that I needed. There were some teething problems, at first the machine would ramp the pressure to high in the middle of the night and I'd wake up from it. But the staff helped with this and now I don't wake up with issues at all... just blissful sleep all night long until I wake up. My productivity has gone up greatly, my napping habit has reduced loads, I go to the gym most days again because I have the energy to do so. It's 3 weeks, so perhaps I'm in some honeymoon phase, I keep not wanting to jinx it, because I had tried so many sleeping supplements and gadgets before.... but what I got from Hope2sleep was a definite diagnosis of sleep apnea, once I had that, I knew there wasn't any other thing I needed to try, I knew to trust the team and get a CPAP as quick as possible. I hope that anyone reading this is encouraged by my review, for me this decision has been very much worth it.

I cannot compare this device to the others, but it was the best value option, I got it with the humidifier, it seems to have many features that make the device more comfortable to use. It is relatively easy to keep clean and most importantly it is treating my apneas. My AHI score was around 30 when I was diagnosed, I am now down to a score of anywhere between 0 and 4, usually 1 ever since adjusting the settings.

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Thanks for a lovely review Lucas. It's been our pleasure to help you go from trying to function with untreated sleep apnoea and to hearing of such positive changes in your life in such a short time 😊
More importantly, we're so glad you contacted us about purchasing the chinstrap in your desperation to get some relief, and that Kath's hunch was correct, that you did have sleep apnoea, and severe too, despite the WatchPat study not diagnosing with the previous study you had from a private company.

Excellent Machine
01 December 2023  | 

This is my second Lowenstein machine. My first one is still serviceable after 11 years of continuous use. The new machine is smaller, freeing up bedside table space and very quiet. I’m a very happy chap.

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Glad you're pleased with your 2nd Lowenstein CPAP machine - they're a great brand 😊

Experiences to date
13 November 2023  | 

My first PAP machine (the SmartMax APAP version) …and I’ve only been using it for a couple of weeks, so I’m not in a position to give any comparative views, but my experience of coming to this machine is.....

Exceptional finish, build quality and plastics. Extremely quiet (impossible to hear as my mask makes more noise). Discrete built-in carrying handle on top for moving it around and the shape and heft of machine means that it stays well planted when in use.

The machine seems equipped with all the usual features found on the newer CPAP machines and seems reasonably ‘connected’ offering a phone App via Bluetooth, connection to Lowenstein’s Cloud via its inbuilt wireless modem and a memory card.

In day-to-day use, it seems very straightforward - with AutoSTART on, wearing your mask starts the therapy session and taking it off stops it; no need to press any buttons or attend to the machine, so it keeps my evening routine simpler.

I’ve not used the Humidifier, in earnest, but it attaches to the machine with a reassuring thunk! When in use it considerably reduces mask noise levels. It seems easier to fill and clean than some of its rivals, with no hinges or odd shapes and has the same style convenient carrying handle as the main unit. It can be filled from both the horizontal and vertical positions, so no sloshing about of water. The ‘rod’ style heating element, can be unscrewed by hand for easy descaling and the other three larger component parts (water tray, integrated plumbing/water seal and external housing) can then be put in a basin for easy cleaning and then reassembled with a push and click fit. Each of these larger components are made of a single part and material, with no fiddly or breakable moving bits. I also found that using the humidifier with its more moisture laden air, dampened the noise of the mask and hose considerably - particularly the higher frequency noises.

Control panel and menu system is a bit ‘old school’ with buttons rather than touch screen, but is fairly simple to navigate. I find it easier to use the (free) Lowenstein Phone App which integrates with this machine; I use the Apple version, but an Android version is available too The app allows all the controls for the Machine / Humidifier that you might need to use on a daily basis (leak test, ramp, EPR, humidity, start/stop) to be accessed via your mobile phone and is much more intuitive and less ‘cryptic’ than the machine’s ‘old-style’ control panel. It’s also much easier to set things up with the controls in your hand rather than on a machine at the side of you bed, particularly if already wearing a mask and ‘plumbed in’ for the evening.

The app also provides good summary information of your last nights sleep (therapy duration, AHI, leakage and deep sleep indicator) and maintains a simple calendar of your previous nights results. During a therapy session the app provides live information on session duration, mask leaks and current pressure. It seems quite polished, robust and easy to use - friendly, uncluttered and un-gimmicky. It was simple to download, install and pair with the machine.

For even more detail and analysis, data from the machine’s memory card can now be read into OSCAR - the open-source desktop software application widely used by apnoea and sleep disordered breathers for analysing and reporting on their PAP therapy. SleepHQ’s similar web-based application doesn’t yet support the device (as at Nov 2023). Lowenstein have their own comparable application called PrismaTS which is aimed more at clinics and health professionals.

The included soft padded carrying case is fairly basic and boxy in shape, but of a sufficient size to comfortably hold all the bits you would need when travelling - Machine, humidifier, power supply, hose, mask, hose lift, wipes, etc. It has both a handle and shoulder strap. Don’t forget to attach a H2S CPAP luggage tag - it’s easy to forget to pick it up when travelling!

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Thanks for the very thorough review, and glad you're pleased with the Prisma, and even more importantly to see how well it's treating you 😊

Prisma SmartMax
13 September 2023  | 

A lovely quiet machine, small and neat, easy to maintain, and reasonably priced.

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Very good machine
12 August 2023  | 

I’ve been using this machine since January and I haven’t had any problems with it, once I got used to it.
The Hope2sleep team are amazing especially Natalie who has helped me get sorted with everything I need after I was unable to get NHS help.
The app works very well too, sometimes it doesn’t register mask leaks when I feel there have been quite a few but otherwise no issues.
I would recommend this machine.

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Thanks for your kind comments which will be passed on to Natalie too who is very passionate at helping people 😊

09 June 2023  | 

This machine is extremely silent, very easy to set up and is pleasant to look at. All parts are easy to clean which for me is a huge bonus as I arthritis in my hands. If anyone was looking to buy a machine I would most definitely recommend this one.

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Excellant Product
24 May 2023  | 

I have severe sleep apnoea. I was comfortable on a previous old machine by Lowenstein (under the brand Weinman)

My machine was due for a change this year. And I got this new Prisma SmartMax which was excellent.

It was autostart and stop functioning with icloud services which is pretty impressive.

I do recommended this latest machine as its very comfortable and pretty intelligent machine.

Was this helpful to you?  Yes  /  No

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So pleased to hear you're delighted with your new machine and hope it gives you many years of good therapy.

Great piece of kit
03 May 2023  | 

Quiet, small, powerful. Great comfort settings. This is a good piece of kit.

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Prisma SmartMax APAP machine
10 March 2023  | 

Excellent machine, easy to set up and use, immediate game changer and yes it works 100% from night one, love it and it’s so quiet.

Was this helpful to you?  Yes  /  No

This review has not been appraised.


We're so pleased to hear how well you've adapted to CPAP and how amazing your results are now that you're on good treatment. Onwards and upwards 👍

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If you do not have an existing prescription we have a downloadable form on the link below.   Please fill in your name and address on the form which can then be taken to, sent to or emailed to your clinic, as without approval we cannot release any CPAP machines. 

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CPAP Masks are NOT a prescription item so no approval is needed.

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