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CPAP Hose Lift

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Part Number:  CPAPHLv5.5
Brand:  Arden Innovations



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Arden Innovations

23/11/21 - The manufacturer has now been able to lower the price of the CPAP Hose Lift to us, which means we can pass those savings onto you.

This CPAP Hose Lift by Arden Innovations is the latest upgraded 5.5 version (June 2017) and really is, in many mask users words.... "an essential accessory" as it has so many different benefits for people requiring CPAP or a Ventilator for sleeping.   In fact a common response we get from customers is that they wish they had found the Hose Lift at the beginning of their therapy!

This latest 5.5 Version of the Arden Innovations' CPAP Hose Lift has all the same benefits as previous editions, but is now 12% lighter, 16% more compact and the base is 14% larger for even more stability.  When folded into its own bag, it weighs 5.5 ounces (156 g) and is only 2.1 inches in diameter by 7 inches in length (5.3 x 18 cm).  It is suitable for both daily home use and travel as well, due to it being very quick and easy to assemble.  It comes with a Travel Pouch with full Instructions and there are no worries about extra luggage when travelling, as it is so light and compact.

For people who prefer to not have the Hose Lift displayed in the bedroom when not using it, this is no problem as it dismantles in seconds!

The Hose Lift Base slips under and is secured by any and all mattress systems.  However, extreme care should be taken if using with an adjustable bed, bearing in mind the Hose Lift is designed to be secured by the weight of the fixed mattress!

Benefits of the Hose Lift with a CPAP or Non-Invasive Ventilator:-

  • Helps prevent mask leaks caused by the pulling/tugging of the hose when moving around in bed.
  • Suspends the hose above the head which helps both with prolonging the life of the hose, and also keeping it well out of the way, which in turn prevents people getting tangled up in their hose. 
  • The curly cord roller loop means the hose will easily rotate when turning over in bed, allowing freedom to toss and turn without disturbing the mask seal, hence helping minimise mask leaks.
  • Prolongs the life of the hoses which no longer lay across the bed, leaving them exposed to bending or being laid on.
  • Along with the insulating Hose Covers, the Hose Lift helps eliminate 'rainout' (water in the tube and mask from condensation issues with humidifiers) by having the hose elevated.
  • Protects the hose from damage, and especially from those mischievous cat paws that find hoses exciting to play with (dogs normally prefer eating masks!).

Helpful Tips:-

  • If you are using a humidifier your hose does need elevating and the humidifier needs to be lower than your bed.  This is due to the fact that any 'rainout' that finds its way into the hose should drip back down into the humidifier chamber, rather than the mask (due to gravity). 
  • Even without the use of a humidifier or the Hose Lift, it is advisable to have the machine lower than bed height as the machine could topple over and fall onto you if the hose is pulled too far.
  • Deciding where to place your Hose Lift will be a matter of preference. Some people like it at the side of the bed, like on the image, but many people prefer it behind them, centralised with where the pillow is placed.  It is worth trying both positions to see which you prefer.
  • Make sure you read the instructions fully or watch the video at the bottom of the page to see how to fix the cord tensioning on the base for extra stability.



As well as being lighter and more compact, this latest Version 5.5 Hose Lift also has the following improvements to its' predecessor:

  • The Hose Lift is designed of more expensive aluminium, so as to achieve nimble yet strong - compact and lightweight Dual Use: for Home and Travel.
  • The Hose Lift has a reversible double bend mast - allowing an optional slight reduction in height and increase in reach.
  • The Base is  tubular, of moulded fibreglass and aluminum, and it is integrally connected to the mast; 14% larger, with a redesigned deep socket mast connection, and a mast to base cord lock - it provides an even more stable platform in hose suspension support.
  • The first and only true original, with a Curly Cord “roller” incorporated onto the loop, easing movement of the suspended hose within.

A summer 2011 survey of the five existing CPAP Hose Management Devices was conducted by 'Talk About Sleep'. CPAP users were asked to trial and rank a set of performance and other criteria questions, to determine the overall best CPAP Hose management device.  The CPAP Hose Lift by Arden Innovations was determined to be the overall best and further surveys are likely to prove this new upgraded one by Arden Innovations will remain as the overall best!

Friendly Warning

We have been selling the original Arden Innovations Hose Lift since 2009 and there are now many copycats on the market which we've been approached to sell and declined, so please be very careful as some of them even look very similar but do not have the same exceptional features, quality and strength as this Version 5.5 Hose Lift by Arden Innovations and are not as lightweight for travel. This is not a sales tactic and some of them are even more expensive, but the truth is that all of us at the charity who use it have only ever replaced ours when each new version came along - not due to breakage, and we doubt even Arden Innovations can improve their existing Hose lift anymore than they already have over the years. Our genuine customer reviews speak for themselves!

Just a few examples are:-

Arden Innovations V5.5 Benefits Example of Copycat's Disadvantages

Made of aircraft Aluminium – light, strong, and more expensive. Permanent anodised colours.

Made of Steel – cheap and heavy.          Simply painted.

Unbreakable, as the mast to base connection uses fibre-glass reinforced nylon as the mast receiver.

Easy to break, as the mast to base connection is spot welded with a thin-walled steel tube as the mask receiver. 

Weight only 156g (5.5oz)

Weight 354g (12.5oz) so twice as heavy

Travel Size: 2” (5cm)  diameter x 7” (18cm) length. Fits within all standard CPAP machine cases.
Travel size: 13” L x 6” W x 2 H” (33 cm x 15 cm x 5 cm). Needs to be packed in suitcase.

Hook to hang the mask.

No hook.

Larger more stable base, with mast shock cord tensioning capability. 

Smaller less stable base, and no shock cord tensioning capability.

Before use please watch the video to ensure you assemble the Hose Lift correctly for stability

Average Rating (143 Reviews):  
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Don't know how I managed without this item
Monday, 23 May 2022  | 

I have had CPAP therapy since 2009. I always woke up with hose marks on my arms. This hose lift keeps the hose out of the way thus not waking up several times a night to unravel it.
It is light weight and easy to set up. Delivery was fast

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Great to hear you've finally found the hoselift and are experiencing the great benefits of it, having been on CPAP for 13 years! We've lost count of the people who have told us they wish they'd had it right from the start (us included) 😊

CPAP Hose Lift
Tuesday, 3 May 2022  | 

Well this product has improved my sleep by ten fold. The air flow seems to be so much better. I was slightly worried that it wouldn’t stay in place under my mattress but it hasn’t moved at all. I have mine at the top of the bed behind my pillows under the mattress, not at the side. I wish I’d purchased product long ago but better late than never. Thank you hope2sleep.

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So pleased you've found the Hose Lift and know exactly what you mean when it first arrives, as with it being so light it's hard to believe how well it works. We also recommending placing it centrally behind the head rather than the side of the bed 😊

So pleased!
Monday, 4 April 2022  | 

The best £15 I have spent recently. Light weight, truly portable and holds the hose away from the bedclothes all night, leaving my arms free.

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A great product
Wednesday, 30 March 2022  | 

A neccesity for keeping the hose away from your face, especially if you have a humidifier.
Great for travelling as well as it goes under the mattress. Shame they discontinued the bracket to fix to a cabinet to hold it.

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The bracket only worked with the older earlier edition of the Hose Lift David, although agree it was useful.

Very helpful item!
Wednesday, 23 March 2022  | 

Recently bought this hose lift from Hope2Sleep. I wasn’t going to as I have a post in my bed and had been hanging my hose over that. But decided to give it a try to see if it helps with mask leaks from turning over in bed and fidgeting etc! It has proved very helpful indeed. It holds the hose at just the right place and when I turn over I do it slowly and the hose lift seems to help keep the hose where I need it. Not a very clear explanation, sorry, but it does work very well! It fits under my mattress easily and I can put it under the top end of the mattress or to the side- but work equally for me. Child’s play to put together and folds into a small pack that would be great when travelling with a machine. Recommended. Good value for money, too!

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We know exactly what you mean Linda as we feel the same 🙂 Draping the hose over the bed head can help, but doesn't work as well as the Hose Lift due to the angle and the rotating coil.

Good purchase
Tuesday, 8 March 2022  | 

Supports cpap hose well and reduces any pull on mask and therefore helps prevent leakage

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Game changer.
Tuesday, 8 March 2022  | 

The hose lift is a simple yet brilliant addition to my CPAP therapy. It makes such a difference and has, in conjunction with the mask liners made going to bed with a mask on 100 times easier. My deep sleep has improved and just after 2 months on therapy I’m finally starting to feel the benefit.

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Lovely to hear how much better you're sleeping now 😊

Hose lift
Wednesday, 2 March 2022  | 

This really helps keeping the hose out of the way.

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Friday, 25 February 2022  | 

This is an excellent item, keeps the hose under control so that it doesn't drag, tangle or lie across your face. Used with a hose cover it goes a long way towards helping you to get a good nights sleep.
I wouldn't be without one.

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Great to hear - it's definitely the little things that can make such a huge difference to our sleep 😊

Hose Lift
Tuesday, 15 February 2022  | 

Excellent product very easy to use.

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