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Dual Band Vertical Lift  Anti Snore and CPAP Chinstrap
Dual Band Vertical Lift  Anti Snore and CPAP ChinstrapDual Band Vertical Lift  Anti Snore and CPAP ChinstrapDual Band Vertical Lift  Anti Snore and CPAP ChinstrapDual Band Vertical Lift  Anti Snore and CPAP ChinstrapDual Band Vertical Lift  Anti Snore and CPAP ChinstrapDual Band Vertical Lift  Anti Snore and CPAP Chinstrap

Dual Band Vertical Lift Anti Snore and CPAP Chinstrap

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Part Number:  DB-Chin-Prem-W-M
Brand:  Knightsbridge Sleep Solutions

  (31 Reviews)

Knightsbridge Sleep Solutions

We're excited to share this latest chinstrap which should give success to many patients where other chinstraps may have failed, due to its vertical lift to prevent the jaw from receding further back.

Update April 2023

The manufacturer of the popular Dual Band Chinstrap has now added a cheaper version of their chinstrap called the 'Plus' and has re-named the original one to the 'Premium.' The difference is that the cheaper one is made of 100% Indian Manta Cotton which is a high quality breathable cotton material. This does not affect the way this vertical lift chinstrap works, but due to the number of components needed being lowered from 21 for the Premium Chinstrap to 15 on the new Plus Chinstrap, it is cheaper to manufacture. The Dual Band Premium will obviously be the more luxurious of the two!

The image below shows the difference between the Plus and Premium:-

DualBand Plus vs Premium

DualBand Chinstrap Sizing


Image of the Dual Band Chinstrap showing the vertical alignment of the jaw

Vertical lift chinstrap


Hope2Sleep's Observations:-

We're pleased with the feedback both via our genuine website reviews and directly to us at the charity since we've been selling the original Dual Band Chinstrap. There will, of course, never be a chinstrap (or any other product) that will suit everyone, but just like masks, getting the 'right' chinstrap is a challenge - especially as most chinstraps tend to pull the jaw backwards which defeats the object of wearing a chinstrap, as it is supposed to encourage the mouth to stay closed without  causing discomfort and jaw pain. The unique vertical lift of keeping the jaw supported and aligned is the unique selling point of these chinstraps.  However, it is crucial to measure for the correct size so please scroll down the page for the sizing chart. The only drawback is this will not suit people with a latex allergy!

  • The Dual Band Chinstraps hold and support the jaw in the correct position to ensure the jaw does not recede further back (like other chinstraps can cause, and especially with people who already have a receding chin).

  • Due to the jaw being correctly aligned, it should help prevent a gap forming at the lips and air escaping which can affect the actual CPAP or non-invasive ventilation therapy and also cause disturbed sleep.

  • The vertical lift will help prevent mouth breathing with the consequent dry mouth this causes, and nasal breathing will be encouraged (although anyone aiming to nasal breathe must also make sure this is comfortably possible and address any nasal congestion, as healthy nose breathing can only be achieved with clear nasal passages).

  • Another benefit for having the jaw aligned correctly is that it is less likely to cause jaw discomfort which can even lead to pain to the Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ).

  • An added bonus we discovered when testing, is that due to this chinstrap needing a cap for stability and the mask headgear going over the top of the cap, it should also help people who get discomfort from the mask headgear straps - most of which will be no longer in direct contact with the head or skin.  In fact, we tweaked it and placed the cap further back so that the back neck strap of the headgear also went over the cap material.  Therefore, the CPAP headgear can go either underneath or over the top of the chinstrap.

  • The Dual Band Chinstrap is also suitable for snorers who are not diagnosed with sleep disordered breathing, to be used without a mask.
  • There are 3 sizes in both the Plus and Premium versions to allow for the perfect fit.

Image of DreamWear Nasal Mask over the Dual Band Premium Chinstrap

Chinstrap on DreamWear Nasal Mask

Hope2Sleep Charity's Testing Results

The following chart shows some testing carried out with a CPAP user wearing his full face mask who is on good therapy with an AHI (apnoea hypopnoea index) of below 5, but leakage was not in good control.  As you can see on the left of the chart, the leakage was fairly high. 

The CPAP user then used the original Dual Band Premium Chinstrap (previous chinstraps tended to cause more leakage with this patient due to his jaw receding further with other chinstraps on).  He changed to a nasal mask but with little 'hope' tried the Dual Band Premium Chinstrap. Much to his delight with the nasal mask and Dual Band Premium Chinstrap his AHI lowered to less than 1 breathing event per hour and no leaks were recorded (see right of the chart). 

Not only does he feel better during the day due to nasal breathing, he has now ordered a nasal mask from his clinic due to the positive change in his therapy.

This was an amazing test for this CPAP user, and in no way are we implying it will be the same for everyone, but we were too encouraged by it not to share.​

Knightsbridge Sleep Solutions say:-

The Reason for the Invention of this Dual Band Vertical Lift Chinstrap vs Traditional Chinstraps:

Traditional chin straps come in two varieties, linear and split. Both work on the same principle. They are made of a single elastic material (usually neoprene) and wrap around the tip of the chin. Notice the straps wraps around the tip of the chin and the force is directed towards the ear, and the jaw joint is located just in front of the ear. So almost all the force applied by a traditional chin strap is directed into the jaw joint.

Image of a typical traditional chinstrap

Traditional chin straps are intended to immobilise the jaw by increased friction in the jaw joint. This is problematic since sufficient force can be painful and long-term use can cause damage to the joint. What is needed is an upwards force, but almost none of the force applied by traditional chin straps is useful in rotating the jaw upwards.



By holding jaw closed tongue pulled upwards + forwards for clearer airway

  • DUAL BANDS:  Non-elastic blue band prevents jaw from lowering. Elastic white band provides gentle upwards force. Compound elastic and non-elastic force allows pressure to be minimized whilst still effective.

  • VERTICAL LIFT:  Bands lift from under jaw and attach at the temples to produce vertical force.  (Unlike standard neoprene chinstraps which wrap around the tip of the chin and push the jaw directly into the jaw joint.)  Vertical lift works with the natural rotation of the jaw.


Dual Bands and Vertical Lift
for maximum comfort

Man laid down in Dual Band Chinstrap

  • Vertical lift works with the natural rotation of the jaw.
  • Non-elastic blue band prevents jaw from lowering.
  • Elastic white band provides gentle upwards force.
  • Compound elastic and non-elastic force allows pressure to be minimized. Therefore, comfortable and effective.
  • Finally stop or reduce snoring or CPAP mouth leaks.
  • Get the restful, restorative sleep you need!

Mesh Cap Material on the superior Premium version only

Mesh Material

Image of original Dual Band Premium

Cap Front and Back


  • The elastic and non-elastic straps produce a compound force curve that allows the pressure to be minimised.

  • Since a full cap is required to balance the vertical forces at the front, and because it needs to fit heads of various sizes and shapes, the cap is constructed of three panels and has a rear size-adjustment strap.

  • Due to the cap and a portion of the Velcro (which is a somewhat stiff material) covers the ears, there is an interior soft grey felt lining to make that comfortable, and to provide comfort for wear over months or years, the entire perimeter of the cap is also lined.

Usage Tips:-

Many people find it most comfortable to leave a gap between the upper and lower teeth such as you normally have when awake and your mouth is closed and jaw relaxed. The Knightsbridge Dual Band is unique in that it can be easily adjusted to achieve this. To do so use two hands (one on the strap, one on the cap) to attach the blue non-elastic band so it is fairly snug, and then add just the slightest additional force via the elastic band.

Pass the straps under the jaw near the front of the jaw, and attach the straps near the front of the Velcro patch. This provides the most vertical orientation of the lift.

The three layer net-mesh of the Premium Dual Band Chinstrap and the breathable indian manta cotton of the Plus Dual Band Chinstrap are designed to provide a cap which is light and breathable, this will inherently result in some degree of heat retention so it may, therefore, be helpful to slightly lower room temperature or blanket thickness. Ensure that your bed clothes are also made of a breathable fabric (this is advisable for controlling body temperature with or without this chinstrap).

Nasal dilators are devices that are placed in the openings of the nose to widen the air passage, and nasal strips also help widen the passage by placing on the nose - thus make nasal breathing more comfortable, so worth considering when using this chinstrap. The nasal strips work better than dilators with a CPAP mask and the nasal strips we supply at the charity contain no latex. A natural nasal spray like Sterimar, which can be bought in the chemist, can also help with nasal congestion. It is not advisable to use many over-the-counter nasal sprays as most should only be used for a short time or they can make things worse - especially when trying to come off them, which is known as the rebound effect. Please read the labels.


The Dual Band Chinstrap Premium (original) comes in either White or Black and is available in 3 sizes - Medium, Large or XL.

The Dual Band Chinstrap Plus (new cheaper one) comes in White or Black and is available in 3 sizes - Medium, Large or XL.

It is very important that you measure your head before selecting your size as shown on the following chart, which is why we've duplicated this chart:-

DualBand Chinstrap Sizing


Washing Instructions and Materials:-


PREMIUM Cap Outer Net: 60% Polyester / 40% Cotton
PREMIUM Cap Inner Nets: 100% polyester

PLUS Cap: 100% Indian manta cotton

Cap Grey Inner Trim: 80% cotton, 20% polyester

White Elastic Strap: 62% polyester, 38% latex

Blue Non-Elastic Strap: 90% cotton, 10% polyester



Contains latex, so please do not purchase if you have a latex allergy.

Dr Vick Veer, ENT Consultant for Snoring, Sleep Apnoea and UARS
agreed this Dual Band Chinstrap was a great one!


Average Rating (31 Reviews):  
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Dual band chin strap
19 March 2024  | 

CPAP user.
Overall, a good product. Bought in vain hoping that it might prevent mouth falling open (which it did) and stop air escaping through the lips (which it didn't). It is easy to fit and not uncomfortable to wear. It can make your head a bit hot though. When washed it does take quite a while to dry enough to wear again: this may be improved if you have an airing cupboard, or some such thing, to assist.

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Helped my sleep significantly!
03 January 2024  | 

I only have mild apnea and do not require CPAP, and yet when I sleep on my side, I still occasionally experience disruptions in my sleep or dry mouth. This product put an end to that. Thanks to this chinstrap, my sleeptime has become far more productive.

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Dual Band Vertical Lift Anti Snore and CPAP Chinstrap
21 November 2023  | 

The service is great; I ordered the chin strap and it arrived the next day. I bought it because I cannot use my MAD (Mandibular Advancement Device) whilst I am having orthodontist treatment. The chin strap is no substitute for an MAD and I should have sought advice before I bought it.

Was this helpful to you?  Yes  /  No

This review has not been appraised.


Glad you were pleased with our service, but you're correct that any chinstrap isn't a substitute for MAD or CPAP. Hope your treatment goes well 😊

Finally, success!
08 August 2023  | 

I have been using this chinstrap for several months now and I couldn't be happier. Having tried several different ones without long term success before deciding to buy this one I finally have a chinstrap that works for me.

I don't know if my situation is unique, probably not, but it certainly felt like it. I have misaligned teeth with what my dentist calls an open anterior bite. That means there is always a large gap between my upper and lower teeth when I put my teeth together which I rarely do because it can be painful especially as I have a clicky jaw from time to time. This is because I have a slightly smaller lower jaw and was a dedicated thumb-sucker as a child so my lower teeth are pushed slightly backwards and the top ones slightly forwards although none of this is actually noticable to other people as I don't have a receding jaw. It could have been corrected when I was a child but now (at 67) it isn't. correctable.

Closing my mouth at night when I relax into sleep just doesn't happen so you can imagine how excited I was when I read the info and learnt that this chinstrap pulls the jaw forwards and up - exactly what I needed.

I considered it for some time before deciding to go for it because it's pricy and I was afraid I'd be disappointed as it wouldn't work and I'd be wasting my money. But I'm so glad I did.

Within a week of wearing it my leakage had gone from spikes of 20-30L to zero and my mask seal stays firmly in place (full face mask) with only an occassional leak. I thought the fabric would make me feel hot but it doesn't. Even on the hottest nights I'm comfortable. I have long hair so tie it back at night and have no problem with my hair getting caught on the velcro plus my mouth is a lot less dry.

It's been such a relief to finally find a solution and if I could give it more than 5 stars I would.

Was this helpful to you?  Yes  /  No

3 of 3 people found this review helpful.


Thank you for such an in-depth review and the added information of why you needed the 'right' chinstrap. We're so pleased it's working well for you 😊

Excellent device and comfortable.
25 July 2023  | 

When I sleep my jaw relaxes and falls open, which, as I'm using CPAP is not ideal for maintaining pressure. I decided to try this.
It did take me a few nights to adjust it properly to get the level of comfort without it being too tight or too loose. I suggest persisting with it for a few nights and keep adjusting until you get it the right fit. It's very secure and keeps everything in place once set up. Honestly, I wouldn't sleep without it now and it has definitely contributed to better sleep quality.

Was this helpful to you?  Yes  /  No

2 of 2 people found this review helpful.


Love that you've said 'persistence' Louisa, as this is true for most products. Some will work instantly, but others do have to have a few nights to tweak things.

Cap with dual band, premium black.
05 June 2023  | 

I tried the cap several times, I did get used to the fit, I bought the smallest one and it was quite snug I have a slightly larger head than normal. It stayed were it was supposed to and took a little getting used to. Getting the chin straps at the best place without marking my neck took a few nights. Although it kept my mouth shut I feel it was important to not have it too tight because this effected my jaw slightly. Unfortunately it did not stop me snoring, I am really sorry because I wanted to stop making the noise that sometimes led to my better half using the other bedroom. A suggestion was made to me that it could be my adenoid's, I am at a loss. It was a lot of money to lay out but if it had worked it would have been worth it. Thank you for the opportunity of trying a well made item that actually kept my mouth shut, if not stopping the snoring .

Was this helpful to you?  Yes  /  No

This review has not been appraised.


Thank you Christine for such a fair review, even though the chinstrap didn't help your snoring. Unfortunately, chinstraps won't help everyone, depending on the cause of the snoring, and we're going to email you with some extra help.....

Great service, great product but didn't work for me
24 May 2023  | 

I did a lot of research before I bought this. I looked at other sellers but their delivery time, price and service feedback did not match hope2sleep.
Buying was easy, it arrived quickly and well packaged. It's really well made. One of the attractions was that its a cap. I find other straps have so much velcro around that it sticks to my hair which looks a right mess in the morning. I've tried it several times but it doesn't keep my mouth closed. I have to pull it so tight which hurts in the night and I wake up with bright red patches under my chin. The only chin strap that I've tried that works is made of neoprene and after a few months it tears. It's so frustrating that you can't seem to buy something that works, is comfortable and long lasting. What I am going to try is taking the straps off the cap I bought from you and try using it as just a cap to stop the velcro sticking to my hair, although my husband tells me I look like a telly tubby in it ! I've asked for an email when the neck pillow is back in Stock and I'll give that a go. Its getting very expensive trying to find the right solution. I have ordered some other things from hope2sleep as it seems a really good company. Thank you

Was this helpful to you?  Yes  /  No

This review has not been appraised.


Thanks for your fair and thorough review Wendy, despite it not working well for you.

Dual band chin strap
20 April 2023  | 

I was alerted to this product by one of the YouTube videos by Vic Veer. It works well with plenty of adjustments through the two straps to control how tightly one wants the jaw clamped shut. I went for the slightly more expensive one in cotton thinking it would be lighter and more comfortable to wear. It has reduced my mouth leaks (using nasal pillows mask) but I still feel somewhat uncomfortable wearing a full head garment overnight. Note that ears are covered so not easy to read before sleep if you require glasses! It does not slip off like a single strap chin strap. The service from Hope2Sleep was efficient and delivery fast.

Was this helpful to you?  Yes  /  No

This review has not been appraised.


Sorry to hear it's not perfect, but good to hear it's reducing mouth leaks which a lot of chinstraps fail to do, due to pushing the jaw further backwards. Hope you find in time it proves more comfortable.

Great product
06 January 2023  | 

This strap has helped me breathe through my nose with very little discomfort. Still getting used to wearing it after one week but is definitely manageable.

Was this helpful to you?  Yes  /  No

This review has not been appraised.

Life Saver, Literally! Can't Sleep without it now!
05 January 2023  | 

I really wanted to write this review, as this Chin strap has changed my life and I can't sleep without it now (ordered x2)! I have been wearing this for nearly two weeks, at time of writing. After suffering an unfortunate jaw accident which aggregated what is (I am 100% convinced now) undiagnosed sleep apnea (due to overnight mouth breathing) which I have definitely suffered from all my life, explains a lot of my life feeling like walking dead everyday which I thought was just normal. After extensive research, how wrong I was! After many medical tests (some still ongoing), continuous self-studying (podcasts/medical literature) about all disadvantages of mouth breathing especially if unknown during the sleep (whilst it natural for jaw to drop causing mouth snoring, mine even more now since my jaw accident but mouth breathing means you will never be sleeping deeply/body never recharging/brain never fully sleeping not to mention oxygen level drops). Thus, I did not want to buy cheap amazon chin strap as I read the ergonomic placement of such strap goes across ears diagonally putting tremendous strain on the jaw condylar joint (circle joint by your ear) which I can not risk post-accident. This strap goes around shape of your head and if you follow their measurement guides will fit perfectly and tightly over night, no problems. The 2 straps (one rigid tight, the other more elastic) are a genius idea. It effectively keeps your mouth closed shut and forces nose breathing (please ensure for safety you can nose breathe though otherwise CPAP machine will be needed, strap can still be used though with CPAP). All I can say is, my God I have never slept so deeply, felt so refreshed and never yawned once during the day. My daily memory has improved, my love for life has grown, my gym sets have hit new personal bests and I actually feel truly human, for first time in my life. I highly recommend this chin strap in my own personal experience (cost is worth the 10+ health stealth you get over the population) as I learnt nearly 90% of the population has undiagnosed forms of sleep conditions causing havoc on day-day health (hence many morning coffee addicts), I have been telling everyone/anyone to try chin strap for 2 weeks, learn to breathe through the nose and you will never look back. I also want to truly thank the Charity hope2sleep for their item/work and they have been incredible in customer service. God Bless everyone and wish you all good health!

Was this helpful to you?  Yes  /  No

2 of 2 people found this review helpful.


Wow, what a fantastic review, and even more importantly to hear how the chinstrap has changed your life 😊 Thanks too for such a detailed account that will certainly help others.

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