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Dual Band Vertical Lift  Anti Snore and CPAP Chinstrap
Dual Band Vertical Lift  Anti Snore and CPAP ChinstrapDual Band Vertical Lift  Anti Snore and CPAP ChinstrapDual Band Vertical Lift  Anti Snore and CPAP ChinstrapDual Band Vertical Lift  Anti Snore and CPAP ChinstrapDual Band Vertical Lift  Anti Snore and CPAP ChinstrapDual Band Vertical Lift  Anti Snore and CPAP Chinstrap

Dual Band Vertical Lift Anti Snore and CPAP Chinstrap

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Brand:  Knightsbridge Sleep Solutions

  (8 Reviews)

Knightsbridge Sleep Solutions

We're excited to share this latest chinstrap which should give success to many patients where other chinstraps may have failed, due to its vertical lift to prevent the jaw from receding further back.

We're pleased to add the Knightsbridge Dual Band Chinstrap to our charity's shop and are optimistic for good feedback as time goes by due to its unique vertical lift of keeping the jaw supported and aligned.  The only drawback is this will not suit people with a latex allergy!

Vertical Lift Dual Band Chinstrap

Vertical lift chinstrap


Hope2Sleep's Observations:-

  • This Dual Band Chinstrap holds and supports the jaw in the correct position to ensure the jaw does not recede further back (like other chinstraps can cause, and especially with people who already have a receding chin).

  • Due to the jaw being correctly aligned, it should help prevent a gap forming at the lips and air escaping which can affect the actual CPAP or non-invasive ventilation therapy and also cause disturbed sleep.

  • The vertical lift will help prevent mouth breathing with the consequent dry mouth this causes, and nasal breathing will be encouraged (although anyone aiming to nasal breathe must also make sure this is comfortably possible and address any nasal congestion).

  • Another benefit for having the jaw aligned correctly is that it is less likely to cause jaw discomfort which can even lead to pain to the Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ).

  • An added bonus we discovered when testing, is that due to this chinstrap needing a cap for stability and the mask headgear going over the top of the cap, it should also help people who get discomfort from the mask headgear straps - most of which will be no longer in direct contact with the head or skin.  In fact, we tweaked it and placed the cap further back so that the back neck strap of the headgear also went over the cap material.  Therefore, the CPAP headgear can go either underneath or over the top of the chinstrap.

  • The Dual Band Chinstrap is also suitable for snorers who are not diagnosed with sleep disordered breathing, to be used without a mask.
  • There are 3 sizes (and 2 colours) to allow for the perfect fit.

Image Showing DreamWear Nasal Mask Frame Over Top of Chinstrap

Chinstrap on DreamWear Nasal Mask

Hope2Sleep Charity's Testing Results

The following chart shows some testing carried out with a CPAP user wearing his full face mask who is on good therapy with an AHI of below 5, but leakage was not in good control.  As you can see on the left of the chart, the leakage was fairly high. 

The CPAP user then used this Dual Band Chinstrap (previous chinstraps tended to cause more leakage with this patient due to his jaw receding further with other chinstraps on).  He changed to a nasal mask but with little 'hope' tried the Dual Band Chinstrap.  Much to his delight with the nasal mask and Dual Band Chinstrap his AHI lowered to less than 1 breathing event per hour and no leaks were recorded (see right of the chart). 

Not only does he feel better during the day due to nasal breathing, he has now ordered a nasal mask from his clinic due to the positive change in his therapy.

Knightsbridge Sleep Solutions say:-


By holding jaw closed tongue pulled upwards + forwards for clearer airway

  • DUAL BANDS:  Non-elastic blue band prevents jaw from lowering. Elastic white band provides gentle upwards force. Compound elastic and non-elastic force allows pressure to be minimized whilst still effective.

  • VERTICAL LIFT:  Bands lift from under jaw and attach at the temples to produce vertical force.  (Unlike standard neoprene chinstraps which wrap around the tip of the chin and push the jaw directly into the jaw joint.)  Vertical lift works with the natural rotation of the jaw.

  • COMFORTABLE:  Washable.  Light, breathable net-mesh cap.

Dual Bands and Vertical Lift
for maximum comfort

Man laid down in Dual Band Chinstrap

  • Vertical lift works with the natural rotation of the jaw.
  • Non-elastic blue band prevents jaw from lowering.
  • Elastic white band provides gentle upwards force.
  • Compound elastic and non-elastic force allows pressure to be minimized. Therefore, comfortable and effective.
  • Finally stop or reduce snoring or CPAP mouth leaks.
  • Get the restful, restorative sleep you need!

Mesh Cap Material

Mesh Material


Cap Front and Back


  • The Knightsbridge Dual Band uses 6 materials plus Velcro and is an assembly of 22 different pieces.

  • All six materials and the full cap design are necessary to provide the vertical lift and compound elastic and non-elastic pressure functionalities, and also be comfortable.

  • The elastic and non-elastic straps produce a compound force curve that allows the pressure to be minimised.

  • For the cap to be durable yet also light and breathable, it has the three-layer net-mesh construction.

  • Since a full cap is required to balance the vertical forces at the front, and because it needs to fit heads of various sizes and shapes, the cap is constructed of three panels and has a rear size-adjustment strap.

  • Due to the cap and a portion of the Velcro (which is a somewhat stiff material) covers the ears, there is an interior soft grey felt lining to make that comfortable, and to provide comfort for wear over months or years, the entire perimeter of the cap is also lined.


The Dual Band Chinstrap comes in either white or black and is available in 3 sizes - Medium, Large or XL (Extra Large).  It is very important that you measure your head before selecting your size as shown on the following chart:

Measuring Chart


Washing Instructions and Materials:-

Cap Structural Interlining:  100% cotton
Cap Outer Net:  60% polyester, 40% cotton
Cap Inner Net:  100% polyester
Cap Grey Inner Trim:  80% cotton, 20% polyester
White Elastic Strap:  62% polyester, 38% latex
Blue Non-Elastic Strap:  90% cotton, 10% polyester


Contains latex, so please do not purchase if you have a latex allergy.


Average Rating (8 Reviews):  
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Can't wear it all the time.
Wednesday, 15 September 2021  | 

I'd recommend the seam stitching in the cap to be on the outside, it was very scratchy, I had to use a nylon wig cover to stop my scalp getting sore, if you're a bald man you would probably end up bleeding.
The under chin straps to work for me had to be very tight, this left sore red weals under my chin and across my neck. Plus it restricted my breathing, leaving me feeling like I was choking and I didn't feel like it pulled my jaw forward at all, all it did was stop my mouth from opening.

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Sorry your experience wasn't good 😕

A good product
Monday, 9 August 2021  | 

I have been using the Dual Band for a couple of months now. I had previously tried nearly every other chinstrap on the market to keep my jaw shut. I used my Full Face mask to start with, and when I didn't get dry mouth and the readings looked good, I progressed on to a nasal mask. So far, so good. I measured 22 1/8" so I bought the Large. This is actually too big for me. The straps are too long and the cap feels baggy. Should have got the Medium. Sometimes the straps feel a bit uncomfortable and scratchy around the chin but otherwise it is fine. As others have said the angle of the straps is totally different and it pulls your jaw upwards and not backwards.
I am going to visit my sister overseas shortly, where the temps are hitting 40c (no aircon!) I think the Dual Band may be too warm so I'm taking Full Face and will be using Xylimelts temporarily.

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This review has not been appraised.


Although not the perfect size, it's good to hear the concept of this chinstrap is working well for you and expected to be even better in the future with the slightly smaller size.

It works
Monday, 28 June 2021  | 

My jaw slackens at night and breaks the seal of my CPAP mask. This is like some sort of Victorian contraption but it does work. It feels a bit bulky when you lay your head on the pillow where the straps start and finish, but I no longer wake up a dozen times a night with that air rushing sound from around my mask. Due to elastication of one of the bands I am still able to breath through my mouth when needed (I have narrow nasal passages and allergies). It does not seem to overheat me.

I wish there was a strap that could fit to the mask straps to keep my mouth from sagging, but until that day this will certainly do.

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Dual Band Vertical Lift Chin Strap.
Wednesday, 23 June 2021  | 

This chin strap is excellent, it is much more comfortable than the conventional chin straps that are available, most of which actually cause your jaw to be forced back making your condition worse, this one sits under your chin and works as it supposed to.

The only problem I have had with it is, in this hot and muggy weather lately it makes me sweat more, because it is more like a bathing cap than a chin strap, but I would still highly recommend it.


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Brilliant Chin Strap
Monday, 21 June 2021  | 

Ive tried many chin straps over the years to help with my CPAP therapy. None have worked as well as this one did for me. The added bonus with this one apart from less jaw ache is a real positive - far less strap pain from the CPAP mask straps, the head cover dissipates the strap loads more evenly reducing neck pain, well done, excellent product

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1 of 1 people found this review helpful.


Great to hear this Nigel 😊

No from me
Wednesday, 16 June 2021  | 

Bought the dual band vertical lift with high hopes but unfortunately this just did not work for me. By the time I adjusted the straps on my full face mask to accommodate the band I was unable to get a proper seal on the mask. I twiddled and tweaked but there was no way the mask was ever going to have a proper seal with the band on. The concept is great but the negatives out-weigh the positives. Resorted to taping my mouth. Hopefully the Dr Dakota neck cushion will be available soon as another option to try.

Was this helpful to you?  Yes  /  No

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It's such a shame to hear this Joan and most people are finding the new chinstrap so helpful, but as we know 'what suits one person doesn't always suit another.' The only thing we'd add is please don't completely tape your mouth closed as it can lead to co2 retention if nasal breathing becomes difficult. We should shortly have proper safe mouth seals for this problem.

Really Want to Like This But Doesn't Work On Me
Monday, 24 May 2021  | 

I really want to like this product as it seems to be a really good alternative to traditional chinstraps but I can't get it to work for me. Although the headpiece is made of a breathable fabric, I found it to be too warm and the velcro patch on the right ear is not breathable and feels uncomfortable. I have tried using it in short spells as well as overnight but just can't get it right.

For background, I use a nasal mask, I use mouth tape to prevent air leaks and a chin strap which helps manage a build up of air in my mouth. The principle of this device which keeps the mouth firmly closed with added upward pressure from the elasticated strap should be ideal but, for me, it just doesn't seem to work

Was this helpful to you?  Yes  /  No

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That's such a shame Richard as surprisingly we're not hearing from people finding the cap too hot, although summer coming may change this. Please don't completely tape your mouth closed though as it can lead to co2 retention if nasal breathing becomes difficult during sleep. We hope to have a solution for this very soon.

Very pleased as I can now use a nasal mask
Saturday, 24 April 2021  | 

It's not often I'm first to write a review, but needed to as this Dual Band Chinstrap is the best I've tried and so successful that I now have no leaks and have been able to change to the DreamWear Nasal mask instead of the DreamWear full face. Very impressed and surprised too the cap doesn't cause me to feel hot. 5 stars from me!


This review has not been appraised.


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