Somnifix Mouth Sleep Strips
Somnifix Mouth Sleep StripsSomnifix Mouth Sleep StripsSomnifix Mouth Sleep StripsSomnifix Mouth Sleep StripsSomnifix Mouth Sleep Strips

Somnifix Mouth Sleep Strips

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The Somnifix Mouth Strips are a safe way for helping with nose breathing by keeping the lips closed but with a breathing vent for any difficulties, and can even result in people being able to change to a nasal mask from a full face one, providing the nose is clear from congestion and it's possible to easily nose breathe.

The Somnifix Mouth Strips are a safe way to keep the mouth closed, as there is a breathing vent for times if nasal breathing becomes restricted to enable mouth inhalation and exhalation. Please note that we never recommend mouth taping with no vent as it can be dangerous. 

Nasal breathing is the healthiest way to breathe for many reasons, although difficult for people with nasal obstructions, congestion, stuffiness etc., but for people able to breathe through their nose and need encouragement to keep their mouth closed, the Somnifix Mouth Strips are a good solution.

Somnifix on lady

Benefits for everyone, irrespective of whether your are diagnosed and treated for sleep apnoea:-

  • Helps promote nose breathing if you have a clear nasal passages.
  • Reduces open mouth snoring.
  • Helps reduce a dry mouth which is usually caused through mouth breathing and can lead to gum disease and tooth decay.
  • Can help re-train the body to nose breathing, as long as there are no nasal obstructions or stuffiness.

Added benefits for CPAP and non-invasive ventilator users:-

  • Can help reduce mask leaks caused by mouth movement.
  • Could be successful in enabling people to change from a full face mask to a nasal one, if nose breathing is possible all night with the mouth closed.
  • CPAP and ventilator therapy will be more well-treated by minimising mouth breathing when using a nasal mask.
  • Helps prevent drooling in the mask by keeping the mouth closed.
  • It is quite possible that lower automatic CPAP pressures could happen and the humidification level be adjusted lower with successful nasal breathing and a closed mouth.
  • If successful results happen with the above, more restful and uninterrupted sleep could be achieved.

Somnifix with CPAP mask


Directions for Use:-

Package Contents:-

The Somnifix Mouth Strips with breathing vent are supplied in a box of 28 individually wrapped single use strips.

They are both gluten and latex-free free, along with being hypoallergenic due to the silicone-based adhesive which is very gentle on sensitive skin and lips.

Tips and Advice:-

Some people can easily adapt to nose breathing, but for others it will be a struggle, and if it is too difficult to maintain clear nasal passages then it is not advisable to use any kind of mouth strips.

The Somnifix Mouth Strips can be used in combination of other methods, such as our latex-free nasal strips, chinstraps, Dr Dakota neck cushion, prescribed or natural saline nose sprays and in-nose dilators (always check for quality CE-marked dilators as there are many cheap ones of bad quality on the market). 

Some FAO's from Somnifix

Will Somnifix stick to the lips on people with beards or moustaches?
Adhesion quality depends the amount of facial hair. The strips stick well for facial hair thats 10-14 days long. If you have a moustache but no facial hair under the lower lip, you will experience good adhesion. If you have a full beard and moustache, the strips may not adhere as well.

What if my nose blocks up in the middle of the night?
Our strips feature a patented breathing vent that allows for limited oral airflow if necessary, so you can rest easy knowing there is always a mouth breathing option available.

My mouth strips falls off in the night. What am I doing wrong?
Prior to application, ensure that you diligently wash and dry the lips and surrounding area, making sure that the area is void of any balms or moisturizers. Once the lips are dry, the strip will stick. Our specially-engineered adhesive is the first of its kind to be created for lip adhesion—but it is very gentle, so any lubricants will compromise the adhesive.

I can't breathe through my nose. Will Somnifix help with this?
We only recommend our mouth strips for individuals who can comfortably and consistently breathe through their nose. If you are not able to do so, we suggest consulting with your healthcare provider.

Can I use Somnifix instead of my CPAP?
No. Our Mouth Strips are not an independent solution for sleep apnea and should not be worn on their own if you've been diagnosed. They can, however, be used in combination with your CPAP to help improve compliance.

Can I use Somnifix with a full face CPAP mask?
Yes, you can use it with a full face mask, however for best results we recommend using it with a nasal mask or nasal pillows because pressure is typically lower on nasal vs full face masks. However, we do have some users who have had success using it with a full face mask!


Important Information + Warnings:-

Somnifix should NOT be used if the following applies:-

  • Do not use if you have nasal breathing difficulties.
  • Do not use if you have a BMI of 35+ unless you are also using a CPAP or ventilator at the same time.
  • Do not use if you have very low blood pressure.
  • Do not use if you have severe heart or breathing problems.
  • Do not use if you have a cold or sinus infection.
  • Do not use if your have severely chapped lips or non-intact skin around the mouth.
  • Do not use if you have consumed alcohol or taken sedatives.

We NEVER recommend mouth taping with any kind of tape without a breathing hole for emergencies when mouth breathing is required, as this can be very dangerous for some people. This is not a sales tactic - it is a genuine safety concern! Furthermore, certain glues on the back of tape can be toxic for inhaling!

Somnifix are not approved for use on children at this time.

Always ensure you apply the Somnifix with the breathing vent in the middle of your lips.

CPAP Patient Explaining how the Somnifix helped him

How to apply the Somnifix Mouth Strips

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Ok But Smaller Than Expected
Monday, 30 August 2021  | 

I find these quite small. They aren't wide enough to cover the whole of my mouth so have to put an extra bit of tape on the edges to complete the cover. I'm also unsure about how effective the air inlet is as it is very small. Having said that, to those of us that need to find a way to mouth seal, it is an answer and I will continue to use them. But, I much preferred the Sleep Seal Valve and will change to them when they go on sale.

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That's a shame Richard and it is a pity they don't supply different sizes. Glad it's still helping a little 😊


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