Zeus Anti-Snore Device - Non-invasive Electrical Stimulation
Zeus Anti-Snore Device - Non-invasive Electrical StimulationZeus Anti-Snore Device - Non-invasive Electrical StimulationZeus Anti-Snore Device - Non-invasive Electrical StimulationZeus Anti-Snore Device - Non-invasive Electrical StimulationZeus Anti-Snore Device - Non-invasive Electrical Stimulation

Zeus Anti-Snore Device - Non-invasive Electrical Stimulation

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Zeus Replacement Adhesive Gel Z-PadsZeus Replacement Adhesive Gel Z-Pads
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Morgan IAT

We're very pleased to introduce the Zeus anti-snore device by Morgan IAT which is placed under-the-chin to provide non-invasive electrical stimulation to target some of the common causes of snoring - the tongue and throat area.

Hope2Sleep Charity's Comments:-

We really are delighted now that the Zeus is available for sale, at this stage for Snorers only, but the product is still in development by the the manufacturer, Morgan IAT, and the next stage will be a clinical trial to hopefully develop a 2nd version of the Zeus if proven to treat Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA) and our charity will be helping with this research.

The Zeus has been in careful development for several years by the highly reputable UK manufacturer, Morgan IAT, who originally worked on the  technology at Guy's & St Thomas' NHS Foundation with Professor Joerg Steier (Professor of Respiratory/Sleep Medicine, Medical Advisor of our Hope2Sleep Charity and President of the British Sleep Society). The technology was successfully trialled for OSA in the Non-invasive Electrical Stimulation 'Tesla Trial' and a further trial is due soon.

You can also watch our webinar with Professor Joerg Steier and Morgan IAT by scrolling down to the bottom of this page, for information directly from the mouths of the experts, or on our YouTube Channel.

At present the Zeus is not listed as a medical device which is why it should only be used by snorers who have not been diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnoea, and therefore, at this time VAT relief cannot be given. However, subject to outcomes of the next clinical trial this will hopefully change. If you are unsure if your snoring is a sign of sleep apnoea then please ask your GP for a referral to your local sleep clinic for a sleep study, or you can even take our private sleep apnoea diagnostic home sleep study.

Hope2Sleep Charity's Evaluation of the Zeus

Although the Zeus has been manufactured to treat snorers where the cause is from the tongue and throat area, we at the Hope2Sleep Charity were keen to volunteer to work with Morgan IAT in recruiting snorers to take part in some testing of the device before it was available to purchase, and without knowing what type of snorers had volunteered, we were very pleased with the outcome of the  testing which resulted in the following:-

  • 82% of participants experienced reduced episodes of snoring with 63% of participants experiencing a significant difference in the number of snoring episodes.

  • 82% of participants stated they had better quality of sleep or the device had no impact to their quality of sleep.

  • 64% of participants experienced little to no disruption falling asleep when the stimulation commenced on Night 1 of use and that increased to 91 % by Night 7.

  • 55% of participants experienced a decrease in their snoring volume levels.

  • 27% of participants stated that they could identify a difference to their alertness through the day whilst wearing the Zeus device at night for only 7 days.

  • 40% of partners noticed a reduction in their partner’s snoring.


This was a random evaluation of snorers, there was no pre-selection as to cause, which meant that it was highly probable that Zeus would not be effective for all participants as proved to be the case with 22% of the participants gaining no benefit from the device. However, the result that 82% of participants did experience some reduction in their snoring is extremely encouraging and shows that the clinical theory behind the Zeus technology is valid and very effective.

The fact that 27% felt that they could detect an improvement in their daytime alertness is particularly significant as Zeus was only used for 7 days. (If this is the case, then there's a very good chance that with longer usage in the testing, a higher percentage would have felt more daytime benefits as the body began to experience more refreshed restorative sleep without the snoring).

The overall conclusion is, therefore, that Zeus will be an excellent anti-snoring device for many snorers. 

The full results can be downloaded by clicking here.

Hope2Sleep Charity's Tip

The Zeus has been manufactured with simplicity in mind, so there is no need to use any apps. However, you may wish to monitor your snoring and check for improvements whilst using the Zeus. There are several apps available for this and one free one we would recommend is by leading ENT surgeon specialising in snoring and sleep apnoea, Dr Vik Veer, which contains no adverts. You can find this in the app stores and it's called 'Snore Doctor.'

Morgan IAT say:-

Zeus the Snoring Solution

  • Zeus is small, unobtrusive, reusable and attaches underneath the chin with disposable adhesive stimulation pads.

  • Treatment is carried out by the application of mild electrical stimulation to the pads attached under the chin.

  • Pulses of stimulation contract the muscles in the throat associated with maintaining clear and open airways, but without waking the user.

  • Zeus is a sleekly designed anti-snore device developed in partnership with leading sleep doctors especially for throat snorers.

  • Comfortable and unobtrusive, Zeus gently stimulates the tongue muscles to open airways - the root cause of snoring, to aid blissful, uninterrupted sleep.

Man wearing Zeus in bed

  • Zeus is a sleekly designed anti-snore device developed in partnership with leading sleep doctors especially for throat snorers.

  • Comfortable and unobtrusive, Zeus gently stimulates the tongue muscles to open airways, the root cause of snoring, to aid blissful, uninterrupted sleep.



Sleep comes easy with Zeus

Zeus anti-snore’s compact design sits perfectly underneath the chin via skin friendly, gel adhesive stimulation pads.

Here’s the science bit…

Treatment is carried out by the application of mild electrical stimulation to the pads attached under the chin. These gentle pulses contract the muscles in the throat associated with clear, open airways - yet all without waking the user.

Zeus Benefits

  • Zeus Anti-Snore comes with 7 flexible, multilayer Z-pads with protective film. These pads are safe, hygienic and non-irritating to the skin, and are made of a soft and stretchable material which easily conforms to the Zeus device and all chin/jaw shapes.

  • Each pad sticks to the device and the wearer’s chin using medical grade biocompatible adhesive.

  • This hydrogel is designed for excellent electrical conductivity, low irritation and high adhesion.

Included in the Box:-

Zeus Device
Charging Dock
7 Pads which typically last one night each, so replacements will be needed
USB Charging Cable with 1 metre lead


The Zeus is for snorers only and is not marketed as a medical advice for. As previously mentioned, it is hoped that a Version 2 Zeus will be available after more development and research to be marketed as a medical device to treat obstructive sleep apnoea if proven.

The Zeus is not effective for sufferers of nasal snoring, as the device specifically targets the snoring caused by the tongue and throat areas.

The Zeus is not suitable for users who have long facial hair under the chin as this will prevent adherence with the hydrogel z-pads. (Short stubble should be okay, but beards typically will not hold the device well throughout the night).

Sadly, we are currently unable to sell or ship the Zeus into the USA due to FDA regulations. The FDA classify snoring as a medical condition and there are concerns that consumers with undiagnosed OSA (Obstructive Sleep Apnoea) may use Zeus rather than visiting their doctor, which leads to issues with insurance. Morgan IAT are undertaking clinical trials for OSA however, which will hopefully show Zeus’s efficacy against this condition.


  • Do not use in conjunction with metal implants in the head or neck region. (Fillings and dental implants are fine).

  • The device provides electrical stimulation of muscle, therefore the device is not suitable for users with pacemakers or heart arrhythmias (if in doubt, consult a medical professional).

  • Due to the range of different neck sizes in the population the Zeus unit may not be effective for all. Please contact us if you have any further questions regarding your suitability.

  • Do not use following a recent diagnosis for deep vein thrombosis (DVT).

  • Do not use if diagnosed with cancer, do not apply over or in proximity to cancerous lesions.

  • Do not use if suffering from recurrent seizures, epilepsy, alcoholism, leprosy.

  • Do not use on scarred areas following surgery for at least 10 months after or near areas in which muscle contractions may affect the healing process.

  • Do not use in conjunction with any medical devices including, but not limited to, TENS machine, electrical stimulation machine, electrocardiograph (ECG), Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) and electronic diagnosis scanners.

  • Seek medical advice prior to use for users suffering from mental illness, Alzheimer’s, dementia, or any other memory impairment.

  • Seek medical advice prior to use if suffering from abnormal blood pressure, skin conditions, loss of feeling in areas of the body, diabetes and acute disease/fevers. 

  • Do not apply to swollen, infected, inflamed areas or broken skin.

Age range: Adults
Frequency of use is recommended up to 9 hours per night, every night. 
Environment: Zeus is a device for home use.

Instruction Videos for using Zeus


Webinar Discussing the NHS TESLA Trials and Zeus Device
with Professor Joerg Steier of Guy's & St Thomas + Nigel Clarke of Morgan IAT

Average Rating (7 Reviews):  
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Hasnít worked for me
19 January 2023  | 

I bought the Zeus electro stimulation device and hoped it would be the solution, alas it is not. Itís easy to fit and adjust and I drop off to sleep no problem with the device on. You have to be clean shaven to get the best contact for the gel pads aswell. I hoped it would fix my snoring but my wife and the spare bed says it hasnít ☹️

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Very sorry to hear this Gary and thanks for the fair review. It sounds like your snoring isn't caused by the tongue and throat areas. It's worth looking into other products for nasal snoring like nasal strips or dilators, but if you've not had a sleep study, do consider this in case your snoring is actually sleep apnoea.

Weak pulsation
03 October 2022  | 

Having tried this on the highest setting Iíve found it only helps partially if I sleep with the pillow pressed against device while on my side
If it was stronger Iím sure it would help so much more
I can barely feel it otherwise and once I change position it stops working
Iíve even tried extra tape to fix it more securely an pressed in more but to no avail
Even placed it in different places to make sure
Shame it canít be returned
But if anyone wants a 2nd hand one Iím happy to pass on

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1 of 1 people found this review helpful.

29 August 2022  | 

I bought this service to stop me snoring and provide alternative to CPAP device I use. And here is an interesting thing about it. It sometimes work and sometimes don't. This device will not work at it best if you consumed alcohol. Additionally the conductivity depends of how well hydrated you were through the day and before going to bed. I like to shower before going to bed and what I noticed that the device felt like stronger shocks on those nights compared to nights without shower. Over all it is good device if you are looking relief from CPAP.

Was this helpful to you?  Yes  /  No

This review has not been appraised.


Thanks for the review, and it makes perfect sense too that when alcohol is consumed the snoring and sleep apnoea will get worse, so the intensity of the Zeus won't be able to cope on those nights.
Interesting observations you've noticed on nights after a hot shower.
The Zeus isn't intended as a replacement for CPAP though, but hope the future trials will show it will help and we'll post the results when available.
Good to hear you're finding it beneficial most nights.

Zeus anti snoring purchase
18 July 2022  | 

A solid well made product, which does what it says what it can do, helps with snoring

Would recommend you purchase the extra sticky pads at the same time. I found it good to practice the placement in a good mirror before taking off the backing.
I found the device sometimes feel like it was stretching my skin. But in general when I got the placement correct it was fairly comfortable and was easy to forget it. Would recommend the website shows Inc vat as it's individuals that are buying it and not someone who would claim vat back.

Thank you this is really helping to stop my snoring.

Was this helpful to you?  Yes  /  No

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Great to hear the Zeus is working well for you and thanks for the tips to help others 😊

Did not work for me
29 June 2022  | 

Looks like I wasted £125 on this item. It certainly had no effect whatsoever. Tried a couple of times and different stimulation settings but still did not have any positive effect for me. So back to the CPAP

Was this helpful to you?  Yes  /  No

This review has not been appraised.


Sorry to hear this Steve, but the Zeus is clearly described as for snoring and not sleep apnoea (although there will be future studies on this in the hope it will treat sleep apnoea in suitable patients). We can understand your desperation to try the Zeus though if you're struggling with CPAP and please do contact us for support if this is the case.

It helps
20 June 2022  | 

I bought this having watched Vik Veer reviewing it on YouTube. It is a snoring not a sleep apnoea aid but it is helping both. I use it with a chin strap and nasal dilators but still average 80%+ snore time. Without it, Iím near 100% so even 20% is a win!
Not sure if itís my imagination but think it might also be having an affect on my turkey neck, it looks less obvious but maybe wishful thinking 😂!

Was this helpful to you?  Yes  /  No

2 of 2 people found this review helpful.


Great to hear you're making progress Eleanor and that the Zeus is helping with this 😊

Only product that's worked for me
26 May 2022  | 

The Gel Z-Pads can only be evaluated as part of the Zeus device.
I've gotten to the point where I'm attaching them correctly to the device (using the correct side) and to my chin.
It took a couple of nights to understand the directions and get the device to stay on.
Given that the anti-snore market consists of older people, Zeus should consider printing directions that don't need to be read with a magnifying glass.
There is a video review on the web evaluating the Zeus and I made all the same mistakes that the reviewer made: Not realizing the charger is part of the device, not realizing there was a tape that had to be removed before the device would charge, understanding what the instructions were referring to when they discussed the side of the tape with one hole vs two. Watching Vik's video that explains the Zeus again was helpful.

This is the only sleep device which has stayed on the enter night, that includes cpap, vpap, bongos, another nasal blocking device and a custom fitted dental appliance.
However, whether it is effective has yet to be determined.
My partner had moved into another room because of my snoring.
I'm going to need her come back to evaluate whether I am snoring less when using the Zeus.
If it is really working, it would be breakthrough for me.

Was this helpful to you?  Yes  /  No

10 of 10 people found this review helpful.


Thanks for your in-depth review and we really are pleased you've now found something that appears to be working well for you 😊



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